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Czech Higher Education for International Students 

Study at the best Czech universities for free. According to the law, higher education in the Czech Republic (bachelor’s and master’s degree studies) is free for everyone, including foreigners. The only condition is that you have to study in Czech. But don’t be afraid! It is difficult, but possible. The chances of ÚJOP graduates to enter the best universities in popular specialties increase significantly. We have been successfully preparing foreign students for admission to Czech universities for over 60 years.

Work in the Czech Republic after University Graduation 

What are the advantages of a diploma received in the Czech Republic? First, you get free access to the Czech labor market - you do not need to go through complicated procedures, which are mandatory for foreigners that do not have a Czech diploma. 

The second important argument in favor of a Czech diploma is that your education is easily recognized in any country of the European Union. 

What can you do with an Applied Informatics degree?

Graduates of the Applied Informatics program will easily find a job at both commercial and public organizations. These include companies engaged in the development of information technology, insurance and banking firms. Graduates will be able to apply their knowledge as: 

  • business analysts 

  • information ystems analysts 

  • project managers 

  • application and IT infrastructure administrators 

Applied Informatics at Czech Universities

Applied Informatics at Charles University

Students are trained both in the field of applied informatics, particularly in the development of algorithms and programs for solving real life problems, and in the field of theoretical informatics, including a fairly wide mathematical apparatus. The Informatics program has six specializations, four of which are focused on practical use (Programming and Software Development, System Programming, Databases and Web, Computer Graphics and Game Design) and two focused on theory (General Informatics, Artificial Intelligence). 

  • The entrance exam. 10 test tasks that determine an applicant's ability to study at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (logical thinking, accuracy of the language use, knowledge of mathematics taught in secondary school). Each question has 5 possible answers. You are given 75 minutes to solve the tasks. You can get 10 points for each task. The pass mark is 40 points out of 100 possible. 

  • B2 or C1. Find out more about language competence  

  • The training takes place at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Charles University. See the detailed terms and requirements here. (updated 01.12.2022) 

Applied Informatics at Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT)

The Applied Informatics program is based on studying basic mathematical disciplines, basic physical disciplines and computer science fundamentals with a deeper studying of English in the context of these disciplines. Graduates acquire knowledge in the fields of traditional and modern forms of programming, mathematics, theoretical informatics, operating systems, network technologies, Internet tools and modern software used in computer science. 

  • Admission without any exams 

  • B2 

  • The classes are conducted at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of ČVUT. See the detailed terms and requirements here. (updated 01.12.2022).  

Preparatory course for Applied Informatics

The preparatory course includes intensive Czech language learning and training in special subjects, the knowledge of which you will need at the entrance exams and during your further studies. The course is also suitable for those who are starting to learn Czech from scratch. Our language certificate is recognized by more than 80 faculties of state universities, which means that you won’t need to take an exam in Czech when you apply to a university. 

During the course you will study: 

  • Intensive Czech language course (including professional vocabulary) 

  • specialized subjects: 

    • maths 

    • physics 

    • informatics 

    • English 

You can read more about the course here

The COMPLEX course includes

1200 teaching hours per year

Information center consultations (email/WhatsApp) 

assistance in obtaining a student visa 

consultant support during your studies

help with nostrification process 

career guidance 

connection to student Wi-Fi network  

Microsoft Teams license

access to the libraries of Charles University

certificate exempting from Czech exam at most of the faculties

textbooks for all subjects

no hidden additional payments

Step-by-step Instructions on How to Apply for the Preparatory Course

Find detailed instruction on how to apply for a preparatory course by clicking on the link

Video instruction

Student visa to the Czech Republic – step-by-step instructions

We provide you with consultations throughout the entire visa process and prepare all the documents that are necessary from our side. For your convenience, we have prepared step-by-step instructions from which you will learn: 1) how to schedule an appointment at the consulate; 2) what documents you will need to collect; 3) how to fill in the application form; 4) what questions you may be asked at the interview for your visa; 5) how long you should wait to get your visa, etc. 

You can find detailed instructions on the visa processing on our blog 

Consultations on education in the Czech Republic

In case you have any questions our InfoPoint ÚJOP UK is ready to help you 

Accommodation for International Students in the Czech Republic

Students of our courses can live in our dormitories.

Read more about our dormitories here

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