Excursion to the University of Hradec Králové

Each ÚJOP study center has its own traditions. For the Prague study center, those are study trips to universities in other cities. The main purpose of such trips is to show that university life is not limited to Prague, and that other cities can also offer both comfortable accommodation and good-quality higher education. Last month students of Prague-Krystal went to see Pilsen and the University of West Bohemia, on our blog you can read about their visit to the Philosophical Faculty and the Faculty of Design and Arts. And this month, students of the Prague-Hostivař center, who are preparing for admission to economic programs, went on an excursion to the Faculty of Computer Science and Management of the University of Hradec Králové. There you can study programs like Applied Computer Science, Information Management, Economics and Management, Management in Tourism (with English or German).

By Czech standards, Hradec Králové is a large city, with population of over 90 thousand people. At the same time, it is rightly considered a student city: in addition to four faculties of the University of Hradec Kralove, Pharmaceutical Faculty and one of the Charles University’s faculties of medicine are also located here. There is also one faculty of the University of Defense (Brno).

The city itself is called the Parlor of the Republic – for its unusual architecture. Here, the architecture of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries is vividly represented, as well as the Gothic and Baroque styles. Many famous Czech architects have left their mark in Hradec Králové. Take a look at the video with the nice views produced by the City Hall to show that your student years here can be just as great.

Faculty of Computer Science and Management, FIM

Students of Hostivař arrived right at the faculty, where the vice dean Mr.Tomáš Kozel welcomed and conducted a short excursion for them.

And this is how the university students themselves see their faculty:

Then Mr. Kozel presented the possibilities of studying at the faculty. FIM offers the following study programs: 

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While in the case of the first two programs everything is clear thanks to their names, we probably need to say a few words about the third one. Information Management (Informační management) is an interdisciplinary specialty with an emphasis on studying economic theory, business economics, management, marketing and computer science. Bachelor’s degree programs’ graduates acquire the knowledge necessary to start and run a small company or serve as a low- or middle-level manager. They have sufficient knowledge for information systems administering and working with specialized software. An important part of learning is good training in English.

Benefits for the UJOP graduates

During his presentation, the vice dean noted that the faculty and the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies have an agreement that if our graduates pass the final math exam at UJOP and get a good result, it can be counted as an entrance exam in math at the faculty.

The same applies to the final exam in Czech: those who have received the UJOP certificate of Czech language proficiency at the B1 level with a grade of at least 86 percent are also exempted from passing this exam at the faculty. Note that UJOP students take the B1 exam at the end of the first semester already, and at the end of the course, most of them manage to pass the B2 exam (Read the article about the levels of proficiency in Czech).

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After the presentation, we took a little walk around the faculty building. Each floor has rest areas, and quite a few windows offer perfectly stunning views:

The view of the Scientific Library from the window:

After getting to know the university, the students had some free time to walk around the city. Who knows, maybe this is the place where some of them will spend the next 3 years of their happy student life.

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