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Higher education in the Czech Republic is free for everyone, including foreigners. The only condition is that you need to study in Czech. Don’t be afraid! Within a year of preparation, we will teach you Czech from scratch to B1/B2/C1 level.

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Learn effectively and intensively. In our Czech language courses for foreigners you can expect interactive and methodically sophisticated teaching led by professionals. We teach Czech at levels from A1 to C1 as well as special courses for doctors.

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Study modern history, culture, and politics with respect to Czechia in Central European and global context.


Nearly 50 Ukrainian scholarship holders successfully completed a year of preparation for further studies

On Friday, 12 July, the preparatory courses organized by ÚJOP UK in Prague and Poděbrady as part of a scholarship programme for Ukrainian students finished. Forty-five promising young people were thus given the chance, despite their difficult situation, to educate themselves in the Czech language and specialized subjects so that they could successfully continue their studies at universities in the Czech Republic.

15 July 2024

Czech language students from Voršilská study centre also attended the certificate award ceremony

On Thursday, June 6, one hundred students gathered in the chapel of the historic Arnošt z Pardubic dormitory to receive certificates for their successful completion of the Czech language courses. The ceremony took place in a pleasant atmosphere and with clearly articulated speeches so that the speakers could be understood by all the awardees. The ceremony was bravely moderated without a microphone, which added authenticity to her speech, by the head of the study centre in Prague Mgr. Petra Landergott Kalvínská.

27 June 2024

Students from the Poděbrady centre were rewarded with certificates, music and a friendly farewell

On Wednesday, June 5, students from the Poděbrady centre received certificates for successful completion of the ÚJOP UK preparatory courses. They said goodbye to their school, teachers and classmates, with whom they had spent an intensive academic year, in a dignified and touching atmosphere of this unique moment at Poděbrady castle.

25 June 2024

The certificate award ceremony for ÚJOP students from the Krystal Centre went on in the spirit of friendship and memories

On Wednesday, 29 May, over a hundred students from the preparatory programmes of the Krystal Centre gathered in the Blue Auditorium of Karolinum, the historical building of Charles University, where also their inauguration two semesters ago took place. Now, having successfully completed their studies, they assembled here to attend the graduation ceremony and obtain their well-deserved certificates of successful completion of the preparatory programme before embarking on the next chapter of their study life. In addition, the best students received a reward.

10 June 2024
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