Translation of documents

If you need to translate your visa documents and don't know how to find a certified translator, we can help you with that.

We will have your documents translated by a qualified court translator!

ILPS CU fully guarantees the quality of the translation and its correspondence to the original.

We guarantee that your documents will be translated and delivered back on time by the agreed deadline.

If you are also waiting for other documents from ILPS CU (study contract, insurance, etc.), it is possible to send everything in one shipment and thus save on shipping costs.

How does it work?



(to the address of the study department: Vratislavova 29/10, 128 00 Prague 2).

Our study department will email you the price for the translation, which you will need to confirm.

After the price is confirmed by you, we will send the documents to the translator.

When the translation is done, we will send the documents back to you as previously agreed.

You will pay for the translation and shipping of the documents when you arrive in the Czech Republic at the study centre where you will be studying.

How much will it cost?

We will let you know the actual price after filling in the Translation request form.

How long does it take?

The estimated time needed to translate documents is 5 working days from the date of delivery:

Translation = approx. 5 working days

DHL return = 2-3 working days (depending on delivery location)

Which documents must be translated?

All documents for the residence permit must be translated into Czech. Documents that you provide yourself are usually issued in the language of your country and as such need to be translated.

These are particularly:

  • a bank statement showing the amount of money in your account

  • a certificate of criminal record

  • parental consent to go abroad for underage students

Can a certified translation be made from scanned documents?

For certified translations, the original document must be sent. Only in the case of a standard translation is a scan of the document sufficient. The translator can only issue a certified translation on the basis of the original document.


You can only send scanned documents by email if a standard translation which you then have certified by a notary at the Czech embassy in your country is sufficient.

Translation request form

Fill in the form with Latin characters.
Contact details
The name and surname should be copied from the passport, with which the student will be applying for the visa.
Shipping Address
Documents for translation
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