Methodological and Professional Centre

Methodological supervision of teaching Czech for foreigners

  • methodological coordination in accordance with European trends in foreign language teaching

  • testing of new teaching materials and their evaluation, organising demonstration lessons

  • monitoring and evaluation of teaching

  • coordination and supervision of methodologists of Czech as a Foreign Language (CFL)

Lifelong education of teachers in the Czech Republic

  • two-semester course for teaching Czech as a Foreign Language (CFL)

  • one-week intensive course for beginning teachers of CFL

  • promotion of European language standards, presentation and use of reference levels in teaching CFL

  • organising professional seminars and workshops

  • assistance to CFL teachers

  • methodological audits and inspections in external institutions

  • cooperation with other domestic institutions and organisations involved in

    teaching CFL and working with foreigners, migrants and children with a different mother tongue

    • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic

    • Integration Centre Prague

    • National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic

    • META - Association for Opportunities of Young Migrants

    • and others.

Methodological support and training for institutions abroad

MPC cooperates with other institutions and organizations involved in teaching Czech as a foreign language and working with Czechs living abroad

  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

  • House of Foreign Cooperation

  • Czech Centres

  • Czech Schools without Borders

  • Foreign universities with Bohemian studies

MPC is a contact point and support centre for teachers from all over the world and it offers them:

  • methodological symposium on teaching Czech as a foreign language for teachers abroad

  • methodological course on Czech as a foreign language for teachers from compatriot communities

  • one-semester methodological course in teaching Czech as a foreign language

  • meetings of teachers of Czech as a foreign language from all over the world and the Czech Republic

  • professional assistance and training in the form of consultations, seminars and tailor-made workshops

  • cooperation in the development of teaching materials and their piloting

  • methodological audits and inspections

Scientific and research activity

  • participation in professional linguistic and linguodidactic conferences

  • representation in grant projects both domestic and foreign

  • publishing articles in professional domestic and foreign periodicals

  • organization of international seminars and conferences

Cooperation in the development of ILPS

  • training of the staff of ILPS CU who teach Czech as a foreign language

    • workshopy 

    • inspections in classes and targeted feedback

    • syllabus supervision

    • individual consultations

  • cooperation with methodologists of specialized subjects and implementing Czech in teaching these subjects

  • close cooperation with individual ILPS CU centres

  • creation of teaching and supplementary materials for classes in ILPS CU centres


Vratislavova 29/10
128 00 Prague 2
Czech republic

Head of the Centre
Mgr. Petra Jirásková
+420 774 537 011

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