Summer School in Prague: Enjoy Czech Language and Culture

An interactive Czech language school located in the very heart of Prague with over twenty years of tradition. In the mornings, you will learn Czech under the guidance of Charles University experts, and three times a week, you will enjoy interesting afternoons with the locals and your new friends from all over the world. Explore Prague with us, experience Czech music (both modern and classical) and literature (from fairy tales to modern literature or the Nobel Prize-winning works of Jaroslav Seifert) from a different perspective. Spend your free afternoons and weekends enjoying Prague and the Czech Republic exactly according to your wishes – it's summerand you have the time. >>>

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Date of the course

4-week programme

2-week programme (1st course)

2-week programme (2nd course)


29 July – 23 August 2024

29 July – 9 August 2024

12 August – 23 August 2024

Deadline for submitting applications

22 July 2024

5 August 2024


29 July 2024 (9:00 AM)

12 August 2024 (9:00 AM)

Course opening ceremony

29 July 2024 (1:30 PM)

12 August 2024 (8:30 AM)

Welcome lunch

29 July 2024 (2:30 PM)

Course closing ceremony

23 August 2024 (1:30 PM)

Cruise 23 August 2024 (4:00 PM)
Course fees
  • 11 000 CZK – 2-week programme (29 July – 9 August. 2024 or 12 August – 23 August 2024)
  • 18 500 CZK – 4-week programme (29 July – 23 August 2024)

The price includes  

  • non-refundable administrative fee of 1 000 CZK
  • full educational and cultural programme 
  • textbooks and internal teaching materials
  • itinerary of cultural events
  • assistance of the course administrator
  • 5 500 CZK – 2-week programme (13 nights, 29 July – 9 August. 2024 or 12 August – 23 August 2024)
  • 10 500 CZK – 4-week programme (27 nights, 29 July - 23 August)

The price includes  

  • reservation of accommodation Sunday through Saturday
  • accommodation in a single room with amenities (including bedding and towels).
  • free WIFI connection
  • assistance of the course administrator.


The summer school in Prague is ideally suited for participants (Aged 16+) from all over the world who want to improve their Czech language skills in an engaging manner (25 lessons per week), would like to be guided by locals through Prague in the footsteps of famous personalities, and gain a deeper understanding of Czech culture, music, and literature. There will also be a plenty of time to explore Prague and the Czech Republic on your own.

  • Experience a unique summer school organized by Charles University experts.
  • Explore all aspects of the Czech language in a fun and practical way.
  • Discover Czech rock, pop, folk, and traditional music, delve into Czech fairy tales, poetry, or modern bestsellers, and enjoy Czech hospitality with like-minded friends from various countries around the world. 
  • Walk through Prague in the footsteps of famous figures such as Franz Kafka, Karel Čapek, Jan Neruda or Jaroslav Hašek.
  • Experience a wonderful summer in the Czech Republic.

In addition to a great sense of achievement, new friends and unforgettable experiences, you will also receive a certificate of course attendance.




In the summer school you can look forward to:
  • intensive Czech lessons in small groups (25 lessons per week)
  • interesting afternoon workshops and guided walks through Prague (3 times a week)
  • welcome lunch/boat trip
  • itinerary for recommended cultural activities

Czech Culture

LKCCK 2023 04


The summer school takes place in renovated educational spaces of the UJOP Charles University Prague-Voršilská study center located in the center of Prague near the National Theatre. Within walking distance, there is the National Theatre tram stop and the Národní třída metro station. You will study in modernly equipped classrooms with interactive whiteboards. The school building provides students with a study room, a kitchenette, and a relaxation area.



Participants of the summer school can find accommodation in the Hostivař dormitory in single rooms with private facilities and Wi-Fi covering the whole building. The kitchen is shared. The Hostivař dormitory is accessible from the center of Prague by suburban train in 15 minutes. You can reach the Voršilská study center in 35-40 minutes. The dormitories are in the immediate vicinity of the Charles University sports center, a forest park, and the Hostivař reservoir.

If you would prefer to find accommodation in other Charles University dormitories, we will gladly provide you with contact details for all Charles University student dormitories, or you can choose from a wide range of hotels and Airbnb options.



If you are a self-payer, dining is not included in the course fee. Participants of the summer school at UJOP Charles University can use the dining services starting from August 1 directly in the school cafeteria (hot lunches) at affordable prices, or they can choose from a wide selection of Prague cafes and restaurants. Each floor in the accommodation facility has a shared kitchenette (equipped with an oven, microwave, electric kettle, and induction cooktop).


UJOP Summer Schools Booklet

Download Summer Schools UJOP Charles University Booklet

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The summer school is open only to participants over 16 years of age.
For detailed information on the course content, please contact us at

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