Medicine and Pharmacy in English COMPLEX

We will comprehensively prepare you to study medicine, pharmaceutical or healthcare fields at the best universities in the Czech Republic. The complexity of the programme will help you not just pass the university admission process, but also succeed in the first year of your studies, that tends to be critical for many applicants. The programme includes >>>

Place of teaching
Language of instruction
September 2024
35 hours a week
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If you need a visa to study in the Czech Republic, we can help you! If you apply by this date, you will be able to arrange everything you need with us to get your visa in time for the start of your course. If you apply after this date, unfortunately we cannot guarantee this. Applications submitted after this date will be assessed individually.

Length of study
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Form of study
Price CZK 165 000 Ask us


  • 1250 lessons of intensive preparation for the admission procedure
    • 35 lessons per week
    • tuition of English and specialized subjects
    • lectures, seminars and study assignments with feedback from the teachers
    • regular individual consultations with Charles University teachers
  • basic textbooks, copyright materials, MS Teams and Moodle licenses are included in the course price
  • extra-curricular activities - cultural, sports and entertainment events, conversation club, info webinars, networking with ILPS CU alumni

EN Web Absolventi videa 

  • Course introduction
    What motivated the young people to come to study in Poděbrady? What is their experience living in a beautiful small spa town near Prague? What advice do the guys have for those who will come to our preparatory course?
  • Interview with Mr. Hisanori, a student from Japan about his preparation for medical studies.
  • Interview with Mr. Ghaith, a student from UAE about his preparation for medical studies.
  • Webinar: Get European Higher Medical Education for Affordable Price
    In the Czech Republic, you can get a higher medical education in English for a reasonable price. In order to get high-quality European education in English, you need to pass exams in biology, chemistry and physics. At the webinar, we will tell you how to do this with our preparatory courses, how to apply for a visa and where you will live during the course.


 UJOP WEB Studenti med 03 1080


  • accommodation in our dormitories
  • advice in selecting a university and assistance in completing the application form
  • assistance with paperwork:        
    • with recognition of secondary or higher education
    • with registration upon arrival in the Czech Republic
    • support from study advisers in dealing with everyday life situations
    • extra services (repeated recognition, personal assistance, etc.)



Winter semester: 9 September 2024 – 24 January 2025

Christmas holiday: 23 December 2024 – 3 January  2025

Exam period: 27 January 2025 – 30 January 2025


Summer semester: 3 February 2024 – 23 May 2025

Exam period: 26 May 2025 – 30 June 2025


Teaching days: Monday – Friday (from 8 am)


Your goal is to study successfully at a university in the Czech Republic.
Our goal is to prepare you for it.


The preparatory programme starts with a two-week intensive English and Czech orientation course, accompanied by an introduction to Czech culture and history and basic information on the study centre and Charles University. Starting from the third week, the lessons in specialized subjects begin, which will prepare the students for the entrance exams for studies in medical fields.



Mgr. Marika Constable

I teach English with a specialization in medical ethics. I have been studying historical connotations on the develpomnet of ethical codes in medicine for 30 years. My focus is on testimonial and hermeneutic injustice in the relationship between doctor-patient and individual-society. I have written scripts - "Basic Introduction to Bioethics and Medical Ethics." and I am also the head of the Summer Course for Czech Expatriates.

I have been working at ILPS since 2011.


„The most important aspect of studying my subject is to perceive the individual in their wholeness and dignity; empathy and respecting the autonomy of oneself and others; engaging in productive dialogue, moving away from frustrated monologues. My life motto: Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Stop arguing with reality. Get on with it.“

Mgr. Marika Constable


You can look forward to lectures, seminars and study assignments with feedback from teachers. Instructors combine theoretical instruction with practical assignments and practice to prepare students for the entrance exams and subsequent university studies (independent work, responsibility, time management). In the summer semester, students can attend lectures at selected universities.


moc 996


There is no proper study without tests and exams. You will also write continuous tests in language and in your specialized subjects and take final semester exams at the end of the semester. If you pass the final exams in the summer semester, you will receive a certificate of completion of the preparatory programme



  • Specialized subjects in English
    • general biology
    • biology for doctors
    • chemistry
    • physics
    • medical ethics
  • basic Latin terminology for doctors
  • specialized professional English and basics of the Czech language


ujop pdy zamek2 1080


Preparatory programmes in English take place at our campus in the centre of Poděbrady. You have the possibility to stay in a dormitory within a ten-minute walk from the castle, where the classes take place. There is also a large castle garden where various leisure activities take place. Poděbrady is easily accessible from Prague by train or bus and the trip takes about an hour.


ujop web pdy kolej1 1080




„I did not pass my entrance exam to Charles University, but I did not want to give up on my dream. My agency advised me of this Preparatory program. The course did really help me, as now I have got to the university I wanted. I am confident; I do have more knowledge than I did a year ago.

I find medical ethics really useful, as this topic I have not really learned about previously. We covered practical situations that can happen in the everyday life of a doctor. Now I have the chance to consider different aspects, and I will be able to make a well-thought-out decision faster.

ÚJOP is really flexible - for personal reasons, I could not join the program at the beginning. The staff here is very caring and made sure I felt welcomed and settled down well. I feel ÚJOP is a safe place to be and express myself freely.

My initial expectation was that the preparation year would be long and sad waiting for my university, but I was wrong. It is funny, but I am grateful that I did not get to the university straight away. Now I have more knowledge, more friends that are coming with me to the university. This year was definitely worth it!“ >>>

Farah, UAE, studied Medicine and Pharmacy in English COMPLEX, 2022/23


„I applied directly to the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University one year ago. During the exam, I realized there were topics I had never learned at school. I did not pass the exam.

I was recommended the preparatory program at ÚJOP CU. Throughout this year, I have learned subjects and topics I had not covered in biology, chemistry, or physics so far. This knowledge gave me the foundation to pass the entrance exam now, and I have been accepted for next year's studies.

Poděbrady is a nice and safe town. I recommend everyone to come here and study. During the year here, I visited many other places in the Czech Republic, such as Pilsen, Prague, and Hradec Králové. It is easy for foreigners to travel and navigate here. I also had time to go to other countries in Europe. Here we are in the center of Europe, so catching a train, bus, or plane is pretty cheap and easy. During the year, I found a group of new friends who helped me feel at home. We love watching football matches together and having a lot of fun in our free time.“ >>>

Hadi, UAE, studied Medicine and Pharmacy in English COMPLEX, 2022/23


„I was exploring my options to go to universities all over Europe. In the Czech Republic, I found the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Hradec Králové. It seemed pretty interesting. But that time it was too late because the admission was closed. So, I was about to lose one year, but I continued my search on the website, and I found the Medical preparatory course.

My main objective was to increase my knowledge and become more aware of the country.

Poděbrady is a small and pretty town; I familiarized myself with the environment: trains, buses, food, communication, banking system. Even though the Czech language is not that easy, with the support of the teacher, I acquired the basic knowledge and can get on with life here easily.“ >>>

Mark, UAE, studied Medicine and Pharmacy in English COMPLEX, 2022/23


I came to the Medical Prep course in ÚJOP because I did not cope well at the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University.

The preparatory year gave me enough time to revise as well as learn new skills to take care of myself. 

In addition to the English language, I also improved the Czech language enough to travel around the Czech Republic.

I love the fact that the school is located in a spa town. When I realized I will study in a castle on the riverbank, it seemed pretty interesting to me.

The school organizes lots of events like Christmas, Halloween, or St. Nicholas' day. It helps us to socialize with different people in our diverse community of students from both the English and Czech preparatory programs.“ >>>

Abdullah, Iraq, studied Medicine and Pharmacy in English COMPLEX, 2022/23

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