Our values

The Institute's philosophy is best defined as a continuous aspiration to be an efficient, well established, educational and digital European workplace.

Further, we are driven by values we all share: genuineness in the sense of open, high standard and honest cooperation, professionalism at all levels of the Institute's activities, authenticity in our educational programmes, friendliness to all our clients and the culture of education we cultivate and convey.


We'll teach you the language, prepare you in the professional field, test your knowledge and help you succeed in your career.

The language we primarily teach is Czech as a foreign language, along with other foreign languages. To study with us means preparatory training for further education together with specialised professional programmes. To advance in your career, extend your professional development by completing a retraining programme or obtaining the relevant language certification through our examinations.

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General Contact
+420 224 990 411

Support Contact - Courses:
+420 224 990 420
+420 778 754 481

Support Contact - Exams for Permanent Residency:
+420 224 090 210

Support Contact - Exams for Citizenship:
+420 224 990 451

Support Contact - CCE Exams, Exams for Faculty of Medicine, MOCK TESTS:
+420 224 990 451

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The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of Charles University (ILPS CU) 

Vratislavova 29/10

128 00 Prague 2

Czech Republic