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21 January 2024

Happiness, tears and emotions: language certificates open up new opportunities for students

It is the love of the Czech language and the intensive language course they took together in the winter semester that unites students from Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Chile, Australia and America. For almost five months, more than 160 students from 36 countries from all over the world successfully worked on their language skills every day at the Voršilská study centre in the centre of Prague.

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The certificate award ceremony took place at the Voršilská study centre

That is why only Czech was spoken at the certificate award ceremony in the former chapel on Thursday 18 January. Successful students were greeted by Jana Veselá, the methodologist of the Prague study centre, on behalf of the management. "You studied, read Czech books, listened to the Czech language, wrote Czech texts and also spoke Czech. I believe that you will understand me because all of you are at least A1 level," she began her speech.

She then compared Czech language learning to a computer game played in a large house where students must overcome all the pitfalls on each floor. In each room, there are conjugations, declensions, prepositions, prefixes and conditionals that they must overcome in order to advance to the next level of the game.

"You played every day from Monday to Friday, but you weren't alone. You had your teachers by your side, who gave you a helping hand to make sure you kept moving forward quickly. When you had passed all the rooms, a dangerous animal was waiting for you at the last door - the final Czech exam. The vast majority of you passed and some of you still have a chance to retake the exam tomorrow, so I look forward to seeing you soon in the next level of the game in the summer semester," concluded Jana Veselá optimistically.

Student makes great new friends and discovers Czech cuisine

In Eva Nováková's class, students from four continents came together. One of them was Anna Rose Šedivý, an American student. She thanked the teacher on behalf of the class and praised not only the language course, where she had made great new friends with whom she has lunch in the cafeteria every day, but also the Czech cuisine. In addition to Czech, the students also discovered local gastronomy and their favourite dish was definitely the fried cheese.

"Hats off to our teacher Jana," said Anton Litvin, taking his hat off. On behalf of the class, he thanked the entire staff of the centre for the opportunity to borrow books and CDs, for the phonetics lessons and for the unique opportunity to participate in the exhibition and Christmas concert in the Emmaus Monastery before Christmas.

Hats off to our teacher Jana.
Hats off to our teacher Jana.

Chou Chien Hung has also been learning Czech since September and he managed the final thank you in the new language with flying colours. "At first we were afraid of Czech, but thanks to the great teachers we managed to handle everything," he said, adding to the many positive evaluations of the teachers, who also had nothing but praise for the students.

"The whole time we had such a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, the students were very hardworking and I would like to thank them for making such visible progress," said teacher Jitka Dřevojánková, presenting her students with certificates. Jana Rodrová wished the students well in their future studies, work and their life here.

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Text: Petra Köppl

Video and photo: Eva Kořínková

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