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16 March 2023

Representatives of the University of Pardubice presented their study fields at ILPS

After apause caused by the pandemic, we renewed the tradition of promoting the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice at the study centres of the Institute of Language and Preparatory Studies in Prague and Poděbrady. Alena Komersová, Associate Professor, Vice-Dean for External Relations and head ofthe Department of Physical Chemistry together with her colleague Tomáš Syrový, Associate Professor, head of the Department of Polygraphy and Photophysics, visited both centres and introduced their faculty.

„We highly appreciate the supportive and friendly atmosphere that marked the meetings in Prague and Poděbrady. For us, the quality of the professional language training that students receive from you is a guarantee that students will easily overcome the language barrier not only in their studies, but also in everydaylife. In the context of our further cooperation, I very much appreciate Martin Melcer's offer to participate in the final exams in Poděbrady. The mutually beneficial cooperation has been taking place for many years and we hope that it will continue," said Ms Komersová.

Pavel Pečený, the Deputy Director of the Institute, together with Martin Melcer, the head of the centre, gave a warm welcome to the guests from Pardubice at the Poděbrady centre. In his introductory address, Martin Melcer poited out the importance of physics and chemistry for the technical progress of civilization. "Physics is nature and chemistry is life," Martin Melcer concluded his speech. Afterwards, Ms Komersová introduced the University of Pardubice, Faculty of Chemical Technology, and especially the possibilities of study, student life and future career opportunities for graduates. Her colleague Mr. Syrový gave a short lecture on 3D printing.

More than seventy students preparing for technical studies in Poděbrady took part in alively discussion about the spectrum of fields of study and the conditions ofthe admission procedure at the Pardubice faculty.



The presentation also took place in the Krystal's teaching spaces.

Photo: Pavel Pečený

Text: Petra Köppl

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