Czech Language Certificate Exam for Young Learners (CCE)

Motivujte své žáky mladší 16 let ke studiu češtiny možností získat certifikát Univerzity Karlovy! >>>

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    The Czech Language Certificate Examination for Young Learners is offered at two proficiency levels:

    • CCE–A1 for Young Learners
    • CCE–A2 for Young Learners

    This exam is designed for all foreigners younger than 16 who want or need to prove their level of communicative competency in the Czech language. All certificates of achievement are written in Czech and English or German.


    You do not have to have participated in any courses in order to enter this exam.


    When deciding which level to enter for, use the self-evaluation help table based on the (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the European Language Portfolio for Learners up to the Age of 11 and the European Language Portfolio for Learners aged 11 to 15.


    If the candidate fails to fill in an application form, he/she will not be admitted to the exam.


    For exam sessions in the Czech Republic you must enroll no later than 7 days prior to the exam date – using the online application form, for sessions abroad by the date set by the foreign examination centre.


    You must register on site at the examination centre at least 30 minutes before the examination starts. Please bring a valid identification card with photo (e.g. passport), the payment receipt proving you paid for the examination and writing tools. Please make sure you are familiar with the Examination Regulations prior to the exam.

    LEVEL A1

    Exam format
    Exam part (Subtest) Time limit
    Reading Comprehension + Writing 40 minutes
    Listening Comprehension 18–23 minutes
    Speaking 5–6 minutes / 1 person




    LEVEL A2

    Exam format
    Exam part (Subtest) Time limit
    Reading Comprehension 30 minutes
    Listening Comprehension 24–28 minutes
    Writing 30 minutes
    Speaking 6–8 minutes / 1 person





    Pass/fail grades.


    For a pass grade, it is necessary to achieve an overall minimum score of 60%. An overall minimum score of 60% is required in each subtest, however, a pass score of 50% in one of the written subtests is accepted.


    The certificate has no expiry date and is issued in Czech and English or German.

    Exam fee in the Czech Republic


    The full amount due (excluding bank or transfer fees) must be transferred to the receipient bank account - ILPS CU (UK UJOP), i.e. the payer is responsible for all fees connected with the bank transfer. The amount may be paid in Euros according to the relevant, current currency exchange rates according to CNB.


    Candidates must bring their receipt of payment with them to the exam.


    Payment for exams in the Czech Republic must be paid no later than 7 days before the examination date.

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