Czech Language Certificate Exam (CCE) - General Information

Important Information

If the candidate fails to fill in an application form, he/she will not be admitted to the exam.

Applicants for the CCE exam in the Czech Republic must enroll at least 3 weeks before the examination date. Applicants for the CCE exam abroad must enrol by the date set by the foreign examination centre.

On the day of the test you must arrive for registration at least 30 minutes before the start of the exam. You must bring the following to the exam: a valid identification document, evidence of payment for the exam and writing implements. Before the examination get to know with Examination Regulations and Guidelines for Candidates.

Groups of at least 6 candidates taking the same level of the test can make a written request to the Research and Test Centre for an individual test date in the Czech Republic.

Participation in courses held by Charles University is not a prerequisite for this exam.


Exam fee payment details

  • Level A1: 2,800 CZK
  • Level A2: 3,000 CZK
  • Level B1: 3,300 CZK
  • Level B2: 3,500 CZK
  • Level C1: 3,800 CZK

The full amount due (excluding bank or transfer fees) is to be credited to the receipient's bank account - UJOP UK (ILPS CU), i.e. the payer is responsible for all the fees connected with the bank transfer.

The amount may be paid in euro according to the applicable currency exchange rates at CNB (Czech National Bank).

You will receive the invoice details required for paying the examination fee once you have filled in the online application form by email.

The fee for the exam in the Czech Republic must be paid no later than 7 days after submitting the enrolment form. Proof of payment for the CEE examination must be presented at registration on the day of the examination.



Exam characteristics

The Czech Language Certificate Exam for foreigners verifies all five levels of  achieved communication competency in accordance with the criteria specified in the Common European  Framework of Reference for Languages. The exam contents draw upon language material specific to the respective definitions and relevant referential levels established for the Czech language. Basic language skills in written and spoken communication are examined (reading comprehension, listening comprehension,  writing, speaking).

The quality of the CCE exam is verified by the Q mark, awarded by the international organisation ALTE to examinations which have successfully passed the audit and meet the 17 minimum quality standards.



Which level should I apply for?

When deciding on the level to apply for, use the self-evaluation help table based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Parts of the exam

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Grammar/Lexical text (B2 and C1 levels only)
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Exam duration


Level Reading Comprehension Listening Comprehension  Grammar/lexical test  Writing   Speaking
A1 + Writing 60 minutes  20–25 minutes  none  in the Reading Comprehension part  5–7 minutes (per person)
A2  45 minutes  20–25 minutes  none  40 minutes  12 minutes (per pair of candidates)
B1  50 minutes  30–35 minutes  none  60 minutes  15–18 minutes (per pair)
B2  40 minutes  30–35 minutes  30 minutes  80 minutes  18–21 minutes (per pair)
C1  50 minutes  30–35 minutes  50 minutes  90 minutes  21–26 minutes (per pair)


The examination is  recognized by most Czech and foreign employers and by some universities and  colleges. It can help you for entrance examinations, improve your career and  measure your progress in Czech.

You may find a list of the universities which recognise the CCE here.


Examination centres abroad

Examinations are held at the Czech Centres located in Berlin, Kiev, London, Munich, Moscow, Paris, Sofia, Warsaw and Vienna, at Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, University of Naples „LʼOrientale" and University in Warsaw.


Can I get a discount?

Those who are enrolled in Czech language courses at UJOP UK (ILPS CU) are eligible for a discount of 500 CZK when taking the test in the Czech Republic.

Graduates of Czech language courses also are eligible to receive this discount for the closest exam term following the completion of their course.

All applicants for a discount must send (by post or email with attached scan) either a confirmation of attendance at a daily ILPS CU Czech language course or a confirmation of its completion, which will include the date of course completion, to the administration office of RTC ILPS CU at least 3 weeks prior to the examination date. If a candidate fails to present a document which entitles him/her to a discount and he/she has paid the discounted fee, he/she will not be permitted to take the exam.

A group deduction of 5% is available for a minimum group of 6 persons and more in the event the applicants are registered for the same test date (they are not required to be tested for the CCE on the same level). The discount does not apply to indivdual test dates.

Discounts may not be combined.



Published materials

Pečený, P. a kol.: Připravujeme se k Certifikované zkoušce z češtiny - úroveň B1 (CCE-B1), Praha: Karolinum, 2013. ISBN 978-80-246-2066-4.

Čadská, M. – Vlasáková, K.: Certifikovaná zkouška z češtiny pro cizince CCE–B2 (cvičná sada). Praha: Karolinum, 2009. ISBN 978-80-246-1623-0.

Exercise workbook edition for CCE–A2 and a new exercise book for CCE–B2 are being prepared.


Exam evaluation

Passing/failing grade For a passing grade, it is necessary to achieve a total minimum score of 60%. A total minimum score of 60% is required in each of its subtest, however, a passing score of 50% in one of the written subtests is accepted. The certificate has no expiration date and is

As from 1 January, 2016, candidates who reach the minimum success score of 60% in each subtest of the CCE examination will pass the examination. Therefore, the previously-allowed minimum success rate of 50% in one of the written subtests can no longer be accepted.



Candidates who pass the exam are granted a certificate. This certificate is issued by ILPS CU bilingually, in Czech and English, from 30 days after the exam date. Certificates for candidates are sent to the address stated on the application form.

If a candidate does not receive his/her certificate within 7 weeks of sitting the exam, he/she is advised to contact the administration office of RTC ILPS CU.

Sample certificate:



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