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ILPS CU offers translations and legally authorized translations of documents from Russian and English language to Czech language.

ILPS CU fully guarantees perfect quality of the translation as well as the fact that the translation corresponds to the submitted original text. We also guarantee that we will traslate your documents and deliver them back within the agreed period of time.

Furthermore, you will get a favourable shipping price from us. The shipment is carried out by DHL and if you order it with our help, you will get a 10% discount from the official pricelist.

If the student waits for other documents from the ILPS (contracts, insurance etc.), it is possible to send everything in one shipment and, thus, save money.

How much is it and how long does it take?


  • legal translation – 500,- CZK / 1 page (including VAT)
  • ordinary translation – 400,- CZK / 1 page (including VAT)


  • legal translation – 450,- CZK / 1 page (including VAT)
  • ordinary translation – 400,- CZK / 1 page (including VAT)

Expected period of time needed to translate the document is 4 workdays since the date of the delivery.

DHL to CR 2 – 3 workdays translation 4 workdays DHL back 2 – 3 workdays

How does it work?

The student announces us, how many pages he/she nees to have translated, and send us his/her telephone number and the exact address, where he/she wishes to have the documents picked up/delivered. Than, the student gets an email from us with details of expected price of the translation and shipping. As soon as the sudent confirms the price, we order a messenger, who picks up the documents at the address of the student.

At the same time, we send to the student a link for a payment gateway, where he/she can pay for the shipping and translation by his/her credit card.

When the documents are translated, we send them back to the student.


Translation Order Form

Here, you can read what documents you need for the interview at the embassy. ILPS CU is not responsible for the correctness of the documents.


Why do we offer the translations?

Students, who have to get a visa before entering the CR, usually need to provide Czech authorities with a bank confirmation of the amount on his/her bank account, as well as with an excerpt from the Penal Register.
In case the bank confirmation is issued on the name of the parent, it has to contain information that the child can use the money on it and has a card issued on his/her name (including the number of the card).

Under-age students have to submit also an agreement of their parents, in which the parents allow their child to travel abroad.

How many translated pages should I expect to pay for?

Students older than 18 usually have two pages, under-age students four pages (agreement of parents = 2 pages).

Can I send you my documents on my own?

Yes, you can. However, take into account that, if you send your documents on your own, it is on your own risk. ILPS is, in such a case, not liable either for the delivery of the documents or for the duration of shipping.

Is it possible to translate and legally authorise scanned documents sent to you by email?

No, this is not possible. The translator can legally authorise only translations based on original documents.

However, you can send us a scanned copy of documents if you can do with an ordinary translation without legal authorisation. In most countries, you can authorise it then at the Czech embassy.

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