Health insurance for foreigners

We cooperate on the field of Health comprehensive insurance with the Slavia Insurance Company ,a.s. It is the traditional Czech company continuing with the activities of the insurance company established in 1868. 

Slavia a.s. Insurance company secures Basic Insurance (NZPC) i.e. Insurance of elementary urgent health care as well as the Comprehensive Health insurance (KZPC the extent of which is similar to that of public health insurance in the Czech Republic; it is, however, restricted by agreed indemnification limits. This Comprehensive Health insurance is provided in two categories: Standard and Super. They are different in the height of indemnity limit/sum insured (see the price list).

Insurance company covers wide range of helath care and disposes by the top level assistance service – GLOBAL ASSISTANCE which is providing the qualified and comfort services to the insured persons in the nonstop on line régime and it's employees are speaking several foreign languages including Russian and English.

The extent of insurance cover

You can also get aquianced with the Insurance conditions below.

Basic Health Insurance

Comprehensive Health Insurance

If you have any other questions about health insurance for foreigners please contact the ILPS CU Student Services Department (+420 224 990 420,


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