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Here are some of our students' evaluations of our courses:

Anonymous respondent: „The student office's Alena is great! She was always there when I needed help. I liked everything about the course, and if I had a chance to study at the Hostivař centre again, I would not think twice."

Anonymous respondent: „I was very happy with the course, I liked everything about it. I would like to thank Alena for being ready to help anytime. I really liked the trip to the cities of Liberec and Pardubice, which were organized by her. The centre director is a very nice person – he is sometimes very strict and demanding but also cheerful. During the trip, he told us interesting stories of all the places that we visited."

Anonymous respondent: „The courses at ILPS CU are an excellent study opportunity for foreign students. Completing the course made it easier for each graduate to be admitted to a local university, and it taught them useful things. In my opinion, these courses are the best in the Czech Republic."


Armen: It was nice. I did not have to think about anything else but studying. Nature, weather, city teachers - everything was perfect.

Makeeva Alena: Study stay in Podebrady surpassed all my expectations. Pleasant city, kind and sensitive teachers. Learning is fun, and most importantly, I found friends for life. I will always remember Podebrady very fondly.

Centre for Distance Education

Sona Klimesova (Spain): "On-line English course for beginners was more than satisfactory for me given its structure. During the course everything was clearly presented and explained. I was able to study according to my own time schedule and abilities. I believe the course is rather difficult due to the amount of information that is passes over in a relatively short period, which consequently forces students to focus and study on daily bases. Upon completion of the course, I feel that I have FINALLY mastered the basics of English. Communication with UJOP (technical support, tutor etc. ) functioned smoothly and quickly. I highly recommend the course to those who need to learn English, but cannot attend regular language courses!"

Jane (USA): "I was very satisfied with communication with the tutor. The biggest motivations for me were my Czech friends. The great advantage of these courses is the time flexibility, I was able to study whenever I wanted (courses do not have a precise schedule) and I could spread out the lessons according to my needs."

Marina (Bosnia and Herzegovina): "Studying is the best investment one can make; I was completely satisfied with the course. I managed to complete all task within the given schedule. I studied as often as I wanted (3 hrs about 5 times a week). Thanks to this course I moved from a total beginner to A1 level."

Martin (UK): "I studied every day. I did not miss the personal contact with the teacher; I was completely satisfied with the help from the tutor. The biggest motivation for me was the fact that I wanted to live in Prague. I liked that the online course contains a large number of tests, which forced me to study as I wanted to write them without any mistakes."

Nasir (Azerbaijan): "I attended the basic course and gained knowledge of the Czech language at A1 level. I consider learning languages to be one of the most important factors of human development."

Philippe (Belgium): "Great course, I was able to study whenever I wanted."

George (USA): "I didn't find any serious drawbacks to this course. Whenever I had a problem, I solved it with the help of the tutor. I devoted my time approximately three times a week to this course."

Marianske Lazne

Nestor Houngbedji: "We think of you with great respect and gratitude for all the knowledge you taught our son, Neto- Honorius. Thanks to you he became a Czech university student. We, and especially Neto, think of you each day and thank you for all the memories. You taught us how extremely important foreign relations are. Thanks to you we are now able to explain to other people what the term "nostrification and superlegalization of documents" means. Thanks to this experience we were able to acknowledge that the language and preparatory level of your study centre is so much higher than at other language schools, and that your services give your students a great chance to be accepted to Czech universities and colleges."

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