Important Information

Important Information

Overview of universities in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic there are 26 public and 2 state universities.

At the public universities study is open not just to Czechs but also foreign students. A condition of acceptance to an accredited programme at a public university is a pass in the entrance exams (foreigners must also add a clause as to prior education - final examination certificates or diplomas). An advantage of study at public universities is that the education is free (students do not pay fees normally associated with education).

As there is a lot of prestige attached to public university education, the entrance exams are very demanding. ILPS CU offers you help in preparing for these exams. Just choose one of our preparatory courses and your dream of studying in the Czech Republic can become a reality.

An overview of public universities can be found here.

Studies at private universities is most often the chosen path for students who did not get in to a public university or who have chosen to study a subject offered at private universities but not public ones. Students must pay fees to study at private universities. Tuition fees are usually listed on the websites of the respective universities.

An overview of private universities can be found here.

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