Important Information

Important Information


  • 1. How can I enrol for the CCE exam?

    Complete the online registration form at

  • 2. I want to enrol the exam abroad, but registration is not open.

    Complete this questionnaire and we will inform you if we open a new date.

  • 3. Which exam level should I choose?

    If you need the certificate for university acceptance exams or employment, the level will be specified by the university or your employer. An overview of faculties that recognise the exam is available here.

    If you want to certificate for yourself, choose the level you think corresponds to your language skills. You can use the documents here for self-evaluation.

  • 4. How can I pay for the exam?

    Pay the fee for the exam via wire transfer – via internet banking, at the bank or at the post office. The information you need for payment will be sent to you via e-mail after completing the online application form.

  • 5. How much time do I have to pay the fee?

    You must pay the fee within 3 days from sending the registration form.

  • 6. What happens if I don’t pay on time?

    We will cancel your registration and give your place to another candidate interest in the same date.

  • 7. Is cash payment on the exam date possible?

    No, unfortunately cash payment is not possible.

  • 8. Can I get a discount on the CCE exam?

    Yes, if you are studying or have studied daytime Czech language courses at UJOP UK and send us confirmation, you will get a 500 CZK discount. The discount applies only for the next exam date after completing the course.

  • 9. What should I bring to the exam?

    A valid internationally recognised travel document (passport) and proof of payment. We also recommend that you bring refreshments.

  • 10. How long does the exam take/when does it end?

    The duration of the written and oral parts of the exam depends on the level. An approximate exam schedule is available here.

  • 11. When will I know the result?

    After 30 days from the exam date here. You will need the code, which you received at the exam. Information about exam results is not provided via telephone or e-mail.

  • 12. What if I lost the code?

    Send us an e-mail with your name, exam date and your date of birth. We will send you the code.

  • 13. Can I get the results sooner than in 30 days?

    Unfortunately, earlier exam evaluation is not possible. We care about the quality of evaluation we provide. In order to process the results thoroughly, we need enough time.

  • 14. Can I collect the certificate in person?

    Yes, upon agreement you can collect the certificate in person at the VTC secretariat in Prague (

  • 15. How long is the certificate valid?

    The validity of the certificate is not limited.

  • 16. What can I do if I fail the exam?

    You can register for the exam again. In this case, you have to pay the fee for the exam again. You can also take one of the CCE preparatory courses or the CCE practice exam.

  • 17. Can I appeal against the CCE result?

    Yes, you can. The appeal should be sent to the address of the ILPS CU RTC secretariat (Vratislavova 10/29, 128 00 Prague 2). We must receive your appeal no later than two months from the date of the exam in the Czech Republic, or within three months if you have taken the exam abroad. The appeal must state the date of the exam, your code, and the reason why you are appealing against the exam result. The request for appeal must be sent together with proof of payment of the 1000 CZK fee.

  • 18. What if I lose the certificate?

    Contact the VTC secretariat ( We will issue a duplicate of the certificate for a fee of 500 CZK.

  • 19. Can I use the CCE certificate when applying for citizenship?

    Yes, the CCE certificate at B1, B2, and C1 levels is recognized when evidence of Czech language knowledge is needed for an application for Czech citizenship.

  • 20. Can I use the CCE certificate when applying for permanent residence in the Czech Republic?

    Yes, the CCE certificate can be used for granting permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

  • 21. What should I do if I do not receive the certificate?

    If you have not received the certificate within 8 weeks of the date of the examination, contact the ILPS CU RTC secretariat. If you do not report this fact within 9 weeks of the date of the exam, a fee of 500 CZK will be charged for issuing a properly labelled duplicate certificate. This procedure applies also if you lose the certificate and request a duplicate.

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