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Intensive Courses of Czech Language Registration

Course: Six Weeks Czech Course for Foreigners
Variant: Academic year 2018-2019
Centre: Prague-Albertov


Complete the application in Latin script.
Enter your personal information as it appears in your passport.

The study department will process your application and send you further necessary information and instructions for payment and accommodation. Information will be sent to the email provided on the application. For students requiring a visa, after receipt of payment we send a study confirmation to the address provided on the approved application form. The study confirmation is necessary for requesting a visa. We send the confirmation by regular mail.

Identification information
Basic Information
Home address
If another person is assisting you with this application and you want the information to be sent to the person's email, please write the contact name here:
Education and Studies
Visa and Accommodation
Attention: It is not possible on this course to apply for a study or long-term visa under the purpose of "other". These short-term courses are primarily organised for those who are already legal residents of the Czech Republic / EU (or who are able to come on a short-term visa). We do not provide any invitation letter or special confirmation of study in the Czech Republic for visa purposes. After receiving the course payment we issue only course registration and payment confirmation.
Accommodation is not automatically reserved for you. You will only receive an email offer of accommodation if we have the capacity to accommodate you at the time of your selected course.
Copy of Passport – the page containing personal data.
You can send the document later via email.
Information about this course
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