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FAST Preparatory programmes at ILPS CU

The FAST preparatory tutorial programmes at ILPS CU combine Czech language training with specialization in other fields of study. Each of our study centres focuses on preparation for a group of related fields, teams of teachers work together and the study of the language and the student's specialized subjects is tightly connected.

The focus of the ILPS CU centres:
• Economics Prague (Hostivař)
• Humanities, Arts and Architecture Prague (Krystal)
• Medical and Natural Sciences Mariánské Lázně
• Engineering Poděbrady
• Public Courses in Czech for Foreigners Prague (Voršilská)

The aim of the FAST preparatory programmes is to enhance the students' knowledge of Czech to a level required for their university studies, to expand and consolidate their knowledge in their chosen field of study, to prepare them for the entrance exams and, above all, for the system and method of work of their subsequent university studies.

The FAST preparatory programmes are intended only for students with an initial proficiency in the Czech language at level B1 of the CEFR. A student below B1 cannot be enrolled in the FAST programme. For students with lower or no Czech language knowledge, COMPLEX preparatory programmes are suitable.

The FAST preparatory programmes are suitable for future students of Bachelor's degree programmes, as well as for future Master's and PhD students, who have the opportunity to draw up an individual study plan and benefit from expert consultations during the summer semester.


Our students' success rate

The students of ILPS CU are consistently successful in the final examinations of the preparatory programmes, with more than 85% of them obtaining the CEFR language proficiency certificate every year. Our graduates are also highly successful in admission to public universities.

Field                                                      Success rate*
Engineering                                             97 %
Medical and Natural Sciences                 84 %
Economics and Humanities                     83 %
* in entrance examinations for public universities


Programme organisation

The FAST preparatory programme is a two-semester programme (winter semester from September to January, summer semester from February to June). The programme starts with a two-week adaptation-orientation course in Czech language, culture and history. Czech classes then continue up to a maximum of 15 lessons per week. Specialized subjects are designed according to the chosen field of study and are taught from the third week onwards. The winter semester ends with a semester exam, the summer semester with a final exam at level B2 of the CEFR. The specialized subjects end with a comprehensive exam in both semesters.
Throughout the year, students can take advantage of individual consultations with teachers, participate in regular informative webinars, a conversation club and cultural and sightseeing activities.


Study conditions

The study centres of ILPS CU are equipped with modern technology, including interactive whiteboards. Students have access to computer rooms, study rooms and relax areas. Textbooks selected to suit the field of study are included in the price of the programme. All textbooks are accompanied by a variety of interactive study materials.

ILPS CU uses the systems of Charles University: Moodle (learning portal), MS Teams (communication platform), SIS (Student Information System). The university wi-fi network Eduroam is available both at the school campus and in the accommodation.

Students' accommodation is provided in dormitories located near the education centres.


Course content

Czech classes and specialized subjects comprise 25 lessons per week. These include seminars, key lectures and complex study assignments of 3-5 hours, which the student completes individually. Teaching is conducted exclusively in the Czech language and its quality is guaranteed and regularly evaluated by the Methodological and Professional Centre (MOC). ILPS CU uses a number of its own teaching materials.

In the winter semester, the Czech language teaching consolidates and extends the knowledge of the language at B1 level, the emphasis is on the acquisition of professional academic vocabulary, the development of communication skills, the ability to express and formulate arguments independently. Specialized subjects focus on establishing competency in specialised terminology and the revision and consolidation of high school knowledge.

In the summer semester, students focus on fluency and spontaneity in the use of the language, concentrate on the stylistics of linguistic expressions and actively engage in the development of professional and academic language, i.e. reading, listening, analysing and interpreting texts related to their field of study. In the specialized subjects, students expand their high school knowledge, become familiar with the concept of university lectures and prepare intensively for the entrance exams.

As part of the course, students are continuously tested in both Czech and the specialized subjects, and each semester is concluded with exams. The final exam in Czech at B2 level emphasises the fact that the graduate of the preparatory programme is a candidate for studying a specific field of study at university. The content of the exam profiles the economics, humanities, engineering or natural sciences according to the study programme. The exam is recognised by most faculties in the admission process as a proof of knowledge of the Czech language.


Study rules

The study rules in the programmes of ILPS CU are in accordance with the Constitution of Charles University.
Before entering the FAST programme, students must provide a CCE certificate confirming their knowledge of Czech at B1 level of the CEFR, or another ILPS CU certificate confirming this level, or pass a diagnostic test and interview to verify this level. Without confirmation and verification of the entry level of Czech language proficiency, the student cannot be enrolled in the FAST programme.

The condition for successful completion of the preparatory programme is the fulfilment of study duties, passing monthly tests and semester/final exams. The student is obliged to participate in classes, to study actively and to prepare for classes also in the form of self-study, doing homework, preparing presentations and reports. Monthly absences not exceeding 20% of the number of classes taught are tolerated; absences are cumulative during the semester. Students may take advantage of individual consultations on their studies and have the opportunity to take part in other educational, cultural and social activities offered by ILPS CU.

More detailed information is available in the Study Rules in the programmes of ILPS CU.



ILPS CU teachers

Our teachers are university-educated professionals with many years of experience. They regularly update their knowledge in their field, follow the latest innovations in didactics and other disciplines within universities and participate in methodological workshops and training courses.

Thanks to targeted methodological support, they monitor and implement current teaching practices and approaches, including working with functional innovations in the field of online learning. In addition, the quality of teaching is continuously evaluated by the methodological team of ILPS CU.


Application for the preparatory programme

Application deadline:

31 May for students who need visas
• Applications submitted after this date will be considered for admission on an individual basis. We cannot guarantee admission to the preparatory programme after this date.
• Please note that everyone interested in our courses should apply for long-term residence at the Czech Embassy in their home country.

31 August for students from the European Union
The application form will be processed by the study department that will provide you with all necessary information and instructions on how to pay for the course and accommodation. This information will be sent to the email address you provided on the application form. After the fees for the programme are paid, we will send students who need a visa a proof of study required to apply for a residence permit to the address indicated on the application form.


Payment for studies and accommodation

The price of the preparatory programme includes
• classes in language and specialized subjects
• basic teaching materials
• individual consultations for students
• access to university platforms and networks (MS Teams, Moodle, SIS, Eduroam)
• support of a study advisor
• assistance with the recognition process of high school/university education
• assistance with choosing a university and completing the application form
• extra-curricular activities (informative webinars, meetings with graduates, conversation club)

Accommodation prices vary according to the study centre. A deposit of EUR 300, which is paid in advance, is used to pay for accommodation when the student arrives, depending on the type of accommodation chosen. Accommodation prices for the next academic year are shown in the accommodation price list.

Further information on accommodation can be found on the websites of the study centres Prague (Hostivař), Prague (Krystal), Poděbrady and Mariánské Lázně.

The fee for the preparatory programme can be paid into the bank account of ILPS CU:
Komerční banka
Na Příkopě 33
114 07 Prague 1
Account number: 271838690257/0100

You will receive payment instructions and all necessary information after submitting the online application form for the preparatory programme. When making the payment, you must provide the student's name and number.


Documents required for admission to a Czech university

A foreign student who wishes to study at a university in the Czech Republic must obtain recognition of his or her high school education by the relevant education authority in the Czech Republic, known as nostrification.
A number of documents and their official translations must be submitted for the nostrification procedure. All important information can be found in the description of the process of recognition of foreign education.
ILPS CU provides full support to students throughout the nostrification process. Fees related to the nostrification process are covered by the student.

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