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Summer Schools

Summer Schools

Intensive English course (July 2022)

The summer intensive course is designed for pre-intermediate and intermediate students of English over the age of 18. Both Czech and foreign students can take part in the course, which allows foreign participants to find out more about the Czech Republic, the Central European region and its culture, and for Czechs to practice their English also outside of class.

Lessons organization

The course takes place in Prague Hostivař on working days, mostly in the morning. Candidates can choose the length of the course (2 or 3 weeks) and the number of teaching hours a day (5 or 6).

Based on the results of the placement test organized at the very beginning of the course, participants will be assigned to the Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate groups. The number of students in each group is 9-13. The minimum number of students in a class is 9.

All participants will get a confirmation of participation.


The aim of the course is to improve the communication skills of the participants. The course programme includes activities leading to the improvement of language skills, with an emphasis on speaking and listening comprehension. Qualified teachers choose a variety of methodological approaches that motivate students to improve accuracy and expand their vocabulary. The international composition of the classes helps to increase students' cultural awareness. The programme includes motivational and fun lessons designed to encourage students to speak and strengthen their cultural awareness.

In the afternoon and at weekends, an additional programme of excursions, sightseeing tours of Prague, or visits to nearby castles and UNESCO monuments is offered, especially for foreign participants.

Intensive English course (July 2022)

Course duration

11. 7. – 29. 7. 2022


9 440 Kč for 50 classes
11 000 Kč for 60 classes
15 550 Kč for 90 classes

We provide a 10% discount to holders of a Czech passport / ID card and Ukrainian holders of a visa for the purpose of temporary protection.
The claim for discount shall be noted in the online application.

Number of lessons per week

50 classes
60 classes
90 classes

At what time

9:00 – 13:15 or until 14:00


Středisko Praha-Hostivař, Weilova 1144/2, Praha 10

Payment instructions

Summer Schools - Payment instructions


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