Engineering COMPLEX

The preparatory programme for studies in technical disciplines is held at the Poděbrady centre. This quiet spa town is about an hour's drive from Prague airport and the capital can be reached easily by train or bus at any time. Poděbrady has many shops and restaurants, a colonnade, large parks and a wide range of cultural and social activities. The educational facilities are located in the Poděbrady castle building directly on the main square. A large garden used for various student activities is also part of the castle area. Accommodation is available in student dormitories which are a 10-minute walk from the education centre.

The programme (total of 35 hours per week) includes Czech language lessons and specialized subjects. The academic year begins with a two-week adaptation-orientation course. It is an intensive Czech language course accompanied by an introduction into Czech culture and history, basic orientation in the study centre, the Institute of Language and Preparatory Studies (ILPS) and the general area. Classes in specialized subjects start from the third week. These classes revise and supplement students' high-school knowledge, prepare students specifically for the questions and tasks of the entrance exams and for the start of their university studies. Instructors combine theoretical instruction with practical assignments and practice.

Students take regular tests to monitor their progress in both Czech and the specialized subjects. In the Czech language, each semester ends with a language exam. The winter semester ends with an exam targeted at level B1 of the CEFR, the summer semester with a final exam targeted at level B2 of the CEFR. Upon successfully passing the final exam, students receive a certificate. Students take semester exams in the specialized subjects at the end of each semester.

The tuition consists of seminars, lectures and complex assignments supported by the possibility of regular individual consultations with the teachers. Studying at ILPS CU aims at preparing students for the methods of work necessary for university studies (independence, responsibility, time management).

The complex programme also includes:

  • basic teaching materials
  • English and Russian speaking study advisors
  • registration with the police upon arrival
  • assistance with the recognition (nostrification) of high school / university diplomas
  • assistance with selecting a university and filling in the application form
  • help and support in dealing with everyday life situations
  • extra-curricular activities (informative webinars, meetings with alumni, conversation club, etc.)

The course is suitable for students interested in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.

Technical Studies COMPLEX

Course duration

winter semester: 5.9.2022 – 20.1.2023
          exam period 23. – 27.1.2023

summer semester: 30.1. – 19.5.2023
           exam period 23.5. – 30.6.2023


5940 EUR

Number of lessons per week

35 lessons per week

Subjects Taught

• intensive tuition of Czech language (aim is to reach B2 level of the CEFR)

• professional Czech terminology

• specialized subjects

             o Mathematics
             o Physics
             o Computer Science
             o English


WhatsApp: +420 778 754 481


The courses are designed for candidates interested in the following subjects:

0533 Physics (Physics, Optics, Astrophysics, Biophysics, Applied Natural Sciences, etc.)
0541 Mathematics (Mathematics, Mathematics for Information Technology, Mathematical Modeling in Physics and Technology, etc.)
0610 Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) - (Informatics, Mechatronics, Applied Informatics, Information Technology, etc.)
0612 Database and network design and administration (Open Informatics, Software Systems, etc.)
0613 Software and applications development and analysis (Security and IT, Programming and Software Systems, Application Development, Information Technology, etc.)
0710 Engineering and engineering trades (Mechanical engeneering, etc.)
0713 Electricity and energy
0714 Electronics and automation (Electrical Engineering and Communication, Cybernetics and Robotics, Control and Information Systems, etc.)
0716 Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft (Cybernetics and robotics - aerospace systems, etc.)
0719 Engineering and engineering trades not elsewhere classified (Nanotechnology, Physical Engineering, etc.)
0732 Building and civil engineering (Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Transport Constructions, etc.)
1041 Transport Services (Logistics in Transport, Air Transport, Road and City Automobile Transport, Intelligent Transport Systems, etc.)

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