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Preparation for study - Krystal (classic preparatory course)

Organization of study

Students have intensive Czech lessons, combined with specialized subjects according to their future field of study.

The main goal is to teach students to speak and write Czech without mistakes, as well as providing them with the necessary knowledge to successfully pass entrance exams. We also emphasize the mastery of specialized terminology, self-study, and presentation practice.

There are 35 teaching hours per week, of which Czech is 23 hours in the winter semester and 17 in the summer semester.

The course develops all language skills and prepares students for everyday life in the Czech Republic. Every week, students also have one hour of Czech realia, in which they get acquainted with the Czech Republic, its territory, culture, education, and political system.


Is the study completed by an exam?

The winter semester ends with a semester Czech exam at B1 level, plus exams and credits from specialized subjects.

The summer semester ends with a final Czech exam at B2 level, plus exams and credits from specialized subjects.


What fields do you prepare for?

NOTE! This study is very demanding for students with a typologically different mother tongue; we recommend choosing this study especially if you are planning to apply for art colleges or you are considering Czech studies for foreigners.

Other possible study programmes:

  • 0111 Education science (Paedagogical sciences (education), etc.)
  • 0188 Inter-disciplinary programmes and qualifications involving education (English language for Education, etc.)
  • 0211 Audio-visual techniques and media production (Ilustration, Film and video production, Radio and TV production etc.)
  • 0213 Fine Arts (Art Theory, History of Arts,Design, etc.)
  • 0215 Music and performing arts (Theatre, Theatre Sciences, etc.)
  • 0231 Language Acquisition (Czech for Foreigners, Czech as Foreign Language, etc.)
  • 0232 Literature and linguistic (Linguistics, Philology, etc.)
  • 0288 Inter-disciplinary programmes and qualifications involving arts and humanities (English and American Studies, Humanities, etc.)
  • 0312 Political sciences and civics (Political Science, International Relations, Security and Strategic Studies etc.)
  • 0313 Psychology
  • 0314 Sociology and cultural studies (Sociology, Demography/population studies, etc.)
  • 0321 Journalism and Reporting (Journalism, Media and Communication Studies, etc.)
  • 0413 Management and administration (Training management, etc.)
  • 0421 Law
  • 0488 Inter-disciplinary programmes and qualifications involving business, administration and law (International Economic Relations, etc.)
  • 0532 Earth sciences (Geography (physical) etc.)
  • 0731 Architecture and town planning (Architecture, Building design, etc.)


Arts and architecture

Аdmission presupposes the applicant's artistic talent; students are prepared for the theoretical part of the entrance exam. Talent exams for most schools take place in January.

Information for students of architecture

Entrance exams take place in January; architecture students must master most of the preparation in the first semester, when they will have more hours of preparatory studies than students of other disciplines; they will have fewer hours in the second semester. In the second semester, they prepare for the study itself, so that their start in the first year of architecture studies is as simple as possible.

The Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University (FA CTU) stipulates for the admission procedure that applicants must submit a certificate of knowledge of Czech at B1 SERR level during the entrance exams (January). ILPS CU will allow students to pass the relevant exam in time (not included in the price of the course).

In case of admission, the student must submit a B2 certificate when enrolling in the study (the B2 level exam is the final exam at the end of the summer semester and is included in the price of the course).

FA CTU recognizes a certificate issued by ILPS CU, Masaryk Institute CTU, and the Department of Languages FA CTU.

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