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Preparatory Courses

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Prague Finance Studies

Prague Finance Studies

Course Details

Prague Finance Studies (PFS) at the Institute of Economic Studies (IES) of Charles University in Prague offers students the opportunity to take five courses for up to 16 U.S. credits. PFS students directly enrol in four courses at the Institute of Economic Studies (IES) of Charles University, exploring topics in modern economics and finance incorporated with issues related to policy, management, accounting, and strategy. Course titles include International Finance, Strategic Management, Public Policy, Economics of Global Business or Data Analysis.
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Students also enrol in a beginner Czech language course. This course spans two weeks before the start of the semester. 

Course Programme

Courses at the Institute of Economic Studies are led by Charles University faculty members, as well as external leaders in economics, academia, and business.
A semester with PFS includes FIVE courses (for up to 16 U.S. credits), all of which are intended for college students at the Junior and Senior level. All courses are taught in English and include international students.

Economics courses by level

  1. Electives
    These courses require only elementary knowledge of economics. We regularly offer these courses to our exchange students from top universities in the EU and our partner universities in the US, Latin America, Asia, and Australia. These courses fit very well with study abroad programs

  2. Core courses
    These courses are typically organized in sequences. The initial course in the sequence usually has no requirement beyond a solid knowledge of mathematics. For the subsequent courses, some previous knowledge is expected. From this group, I would especially recommend Principles of Economics I and II, Introductory Statistics, and Mathematics for Economists.

  3. Specialized courses
    These courses are demanding and require strong quantitative and analytical skills, except for Financial Accounting, which is more introductory, but demanding in terms of the overall load.

See the detailed PFS 2020/2021 Calendar.


Course Certificates

The Charles University Institute of Economic Studies designates course credits under the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). ECTS credits are converted to the U.S. college credit system at the following rate: 1 ECTS = 0.5 U.S. credits..

Enrolment Instructions

Prerequisite Courses

PFS students are recommended to complete certain prerequisite courses before their semester in Prague:

  1. Introductory coursework in Calculus
  2. At least one introductory-level course in Macroeconomics or Microeconomics

If you do not meet these prerequisites, you may be considered for admission with a strong letter of recommendation from your home university. Introductory courses in Finance, Management, Business or Accounting may serve as prerequisites too.

Additional Requirements

Students must meet the minimum 3.0 GPA requirement to qualify for admission to the program. Students should also be in good academic standing with their home university.

Course name PFS Spring 2020 / PFS Fall 2021
Application deadline May 15 / October 15
Course duration Spring Semester, 2020 / Fall Semester, 2021
Price $ 7 400
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Where IES, Charles University in Prague
Opletalova 26 
CZ-110 00 Prague
Czech Republic
Payment instructions Click here
Contacts Course guarantor: Zdenka Pražáková
Course coordinator: Šárka Boušková Vašíčková E-mail:
Phone: +420 777 970 192

Weilova 2
102 00 Prague 10
Czech Republic
+420 224 990 420
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