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Outline of Essential Czech Grammar for Foreign Students

This grammar outline is designed especially for foreigners at the basic levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Clearly outlined in tables, it is a summary of simplified basic grammar rules. Its main advantage is the systematic method of presentation. Specific use of designating colours to distinguish grammatical genders, as well as an adequate number of examples, make understanding, successive automation, and use of the rules easier.

The outline is divided into six main chapters: Introduction to Czech Studies, Phonic and Graphical Aspects of the Czech Language, Morphology, Word Formation, Syntax, and Orthography.

In the first chapter, the Czech language, as it is categorized in the language system, and essential grammar terminology are explained. In the second chapter, learners can discover phonic and graphical aspects of the Czech language with both their advantages and difficulties. The most essential and by far the largest chapter is the third, covering nouns, adjectives, pronouns and declination of numerals, as well as verb conjugation. It also includes other word classes--adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions--and presents basic information on particles and interjections. The fourth chapter contains practical information on word formation (how to transform masculine to feminine, adjective to adverb, etc.). Chapter Five informs the reader of the definitions of subjects, objects and predicates, word order in the Czech language, and types of questions. The last chapter deals with the basic rules of orthography (correct use of capital letters, the upsilon, the comma and various punctuation symbols).

There is a typographical error in this textbook – the numbers of pages stated in the contents do not correspond with the actual pagination. Download the revised content page here.

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