New Director of ILPS CU

New Director of ILPS CU

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Pre-arrival Information

17.08.2020 / Courses

Dear students,

we sent you (registered students of Preparatory programmes starting in September 2020) the Pre-arrival information letter last week and hope you have received it.

We highly recommend you to read carefully the information letter of the study centre where you are going.

In case you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact either by phone: +420 224 990 420 or by e-mail:

In case you have not received the information letter, kindly contact your study administrator and visit this site:

We are looking forward to seeing you in our courses soon!

Study Centres´specializations are being changed

29.06.2020 / Courses

Dear students, parents, friends,

as mentioned at the end of the last week, our Study Centres will be more profiled and unified in terms of subjects.

As of September 2020 ILPS CU Study Centres will be prоfiled as follows:

  • Preparatory Course for University Study - Economics in Czech Language - PRAGUE (Hostivar)
  • Preparatory Course for University Study - Medicine and Science in Czech Language - Marianske Lazne
  • Preparatory Course for University Study - Engineering ín Czech Language - Podebrady
  • Preparatory Course for University Study - Medicine/Enginnering/Economics in English Language - Podebrady

Czech Language Courses for Foreigners (Intensive/Non-Intensive/Individual + Czech Language for Doctors-Foreigners) - PRAGUE (Vorsilska).

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our Central Students Services Department:, +420 227 990 420

Photos from Certificate Ceremonies 2020

23.06.2020 / Courses

Dear friends,

the academic year 2019/2020 has already finished. We would like to thank all of you for your effort and your interest in Czech language courses and we are looking forward to seeing you in our courses next year!

We will meet some of you also during Online Summer courses!

Kindly find below photos from the Certificate Ceremonies.

28.5.2020 - Mariánské Lázně

2.6. 2020 - Praha-Krystal

3.6.2020 - Liberec

5.6.2020 - Praha-Hostivař

8.6.2020 - Poděbrady

12.6.2020 - Praha-Albertov

Final Czech language exam results

05.06.2020 / Courses

Last week saw the final Czech language exam. The final examinations took place at the centres that specialize in yearly preparatory programmes.

Although the course of the exam this year was not traditional and accompanied by many extraordinary measures in connection with the Covid-19 epidemic, everything turned out well.

The exam was adapted to the circumstances (for example, testing in small groups); however, it remained at the required level and all language skills were tested.

The students did not have it easy this year, but thanks to detailed preparatory materials and the perfect support of the teachers, they managed everything.

Overall, almost 88% of students passed the Czech language exam (of which, 68% at B2 level and 20% at B1 level).
The result is thus comparable to last year, which confirms the effectiveness of the non-contact teaching concept, which ILPS CU introduced in the emergency situation.

Students who have not been successful, or want to improve their result, have the option of a re-take date in June.

How does non-contact teaching look like at ILPS CU?

03.06.2020 / Courses


Dear students,

We are happy that you have chosen the Czech Republic for your further studies at university and your first steps will be directed to the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, Charles University.

The global pandemic of coronavirus affected the plans of all foreign (and Czech) students; however, the situation in the Czech Republic has gradually stabilized and is beginning to return to normal. At ILPS CU, we are therefore all ready to start teaching according to the planned schedule at the beginning of September 2020 in our study centres.

Since mid-March this year, we have been teaching through the MS Teams platform, to which all our students have free access. Of course, students of the 2020/2021 academic year will also be able to use this advantage.

The platform enables audio-visual support for teaching (videos, presentations), working online in small groups, and individual consultations and chats with teachers. As an additional tool we use the LMS system Moodle and other educational tools supported by Charles University.

Both teachers and students managed the transition to non-contact teaching very well in those difficult times. They have successfully completed the preparatory course and are ready to pass the entrance exams to their selected universities.

Frequently asked questions about non-contact teaching:

1) Is it sufficient preparation for university?

  • Non-contact teaching is only part of the preparatory course. Some students will start in person from September, others will start with distant learning and join full-time teaching in person during the first semester (depending on the visa process).
  • As part of online teaching, all language skills (including speaking) are developed, grammar explanations and pronunciation practice take place.
  • As part of their specialization, students will learn Czech professional terminology and expand knowledge in their field.
  • We also focus on realia: we provide information about life in the Czech Republic, its culture, history, and society using authentic materials.

2) So do you recommend taking the entire preparatory course online?

  • Not really – although online teaching is of very high quality, we cannot fully substitute the environment in the Czech Republic, where you will encounter Czech at virtually every step (not only in lessons). As soon as you receive the visa, inform your study officer and she will send you further instructions on how to proceed.
  • By default, this is not even possible. We do not offer the entire preparatory course via distant form.

3) What is the teaching schedule?

  • Online teaching takes place through a combination of guided self-study (video recordings of lectures, presentations, work with a textbook, instructional videos, worksheets) and "live" non-contact lessons with a teacher.
  • Controlled work with texts and listening, building skills for note making, creating CVs, annotations – you will greatly appreciate during further studies at the university.
  • Practicing writing with detailed feedback.
  • We regularly verify the achieved knowledge of students and provide feedback on the achieved results.

4) What are the main specifics of non-contact teaching at ILPS CU?

  • This is not a separate online course, but a variant of the year-long preparatory course, which will lead you to a smooth entry into the full-time form of teaching.
  • The system of distance education at ILPS CU has been developed by professional methodologists and experienced teachers.
  • We have a sophisticated syllabus and teaching schedule.
  • We provide students with individual study support.
  • We provide methodological guidance and full support to teachers.
  • We regularly monitor students' progress.
  • We use modern teaching methods and techniques (flipped classroom, mind mapping, adaptive learning).
  • We use educational applications (Learning Apps, Quizlet, Kahoot, etc.)

5) Will I not be left alone for everything?

  • You don't have to worry. We will never leave you alone! Throughout online teaching, students are methodically guided and supported by their teachers.
  • We will regularly monitor your teaching progress.

6) Do you monitor attendance when classes are initially online?

7) How can I practice speaking and pronunciation when the lessons will be online?

  • Pronunciation lessons with specialized materials take place as part of the online course.

8) What platforms and methods do you use for teaching?

  • MS Teams (communication tool for non-contact teaching – classes, online lessons, tests, assignments, presentations, videos, etc.).
  • Moodle (LMS system).
  • Zoom (online meetings, webinars, conferences).
  • Other tools with CU support.
  • Teaching is done by professional instructors fully trained to teach online.

9) Will standard technical equipment be enough for me?

  • Yes, a standard PC with Windows, a microphone and a webcam, and a stable internet connection is sufficient (see requirements for MS Teams).
  • Every ILPS CU student has access to MS Teams and our full support. In addition, each student will be trained to work with the MS Teams platform.

10) Can I take part in online lessons even though I am not a "technical type"?

  • You will have our full support throughout the course (you can contact us with any questions). You will be in daily contact with your teacher. In addition, each student will be trained to work with the MS Teams platform.

11) Can you send me some sample from current online teaching?
Below you can see an image from MS Teams and images from non-contact teaching (lessons of czech language and chemistry).

  • HERE you can play an audio recording from the czech language lesson
  • HERE you can play a recording from a mathematics lesson (circle)
  • HERE you can play a recording from a mathematics lesson (binomial theorem)

In case of further questions about teaching or registration in the academic year 2020/2021, do not hesitate to contact us! You can contact us by e-mail:

Also keep an eye on our social networks (FB, Instagram) and website, where you will always find current information.


NEW Bachelor´s Programme in English

20.05.2020 / Courses

History and Area Studies (HAS) is a three-year bachelor's programme that is ideal for students who have a keen interest in the fields of area studies and modern history, Central Europe, and Czech language.

This programme connects qualified modern history and area expertise with excellent language preparation. It is organized and executed by the Institute of International Studies (IIS) in cooperation with the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of the Charles University.

  • understand the political, societal, and cultural underpinning of Central Europe
  • master the Czech language
  • study with talented students from all over the world

The applications deadline for the academic year 2020/2021 has now been extended!

Early-bird term for the application: 30. 06. 2020
The early-bird term is strongly recommended for visa-seeking students. Please be aware that it is the student's responsibility to obtain a visa before enrolling in the program.
Application submission deadline: 31. 08. 2020

Learn more on WHY HAS stands out.
Apply to HAS as a self-funding student!

Online lessons are going full speed ahead ... nothing ends, we keep going

08.04.2020 / Courses

Dear students, parents, friends!

The current situation is not easy for any of us and we greatly appreciate your words of support and thanks that you have been sending us (especially to our teachers and ILPS CU management). This praise and your progress in your studies are the greatest reward for us.

Our students continue their efforts daily, taking part in online lessons of Czech and vocational subjects.
Since a picture (or video) is worth more than 1000 words, we have decided to show you how things are going through photos that our dear students are sending us every day.

Dear students, thank you for your patience and diligence in continuing your studies and, together with our great teachers, we believe that you will achieve your goal and get to your chosen university!

We thank you, parents, in particular for your psychological support, which is very important for your children – our students – not just in these difficult days.

We keep our fingers crossed and we are with you !!!

You can watch a video from the Poděbrady online lessons (Pre-Programme group) on our FB under the link here.
You can watch a video from the Prague-Hostivař online lessons on our FB under the link here.

The photos below are from students at our centres in Prague-Albertov, Liberec, Mariánské Lázně, Krystal. Students (teachers) of Czech language course for teachers of Czech language have shared their photos with us as well.

Thank you for sending the photos !!!

English Language Course - Certificate Ceremony

17.02.2020 / Courses

On Friday, February 14, 2020 certificates were given to students of Month English Language Course.
The event took place in Karolinum. 


Study Centre Prague-Albertov becomes Prague-Voršilská Centre in summer

11.02.2020 / Courses

Thanks to the news from last week we realized it is time to talk about big changes that await our centre ÚJOP UK Albertov - Kurzy češtiny pro cizince.

The University canteen, which opened on 3 February, is located in the building of the former dormitory Arnošta z Pardubic, in Voršilská street, where the Centre of the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of Charles University Prague-Albertov will move after the summer semester.

At the end of January, the Director of the Centre, together with representatives of the ILPS CU management, accompanied by architects, visited the reconstructed premises in which the classrooms, library, offices, kitchenettes, and toilettes will be located.
Each of our centres is named after its location. Therefore, this centre will change its official name and will enter the new academic year as the Prague-Voršilská Centre. Nevertheless, the name Albertov will not only remain in the hearts of teachers and graduates of the centre, but will also remain the name of a student club that will continue its activities in the new premises.

You too can be there ( Just send an application and become our student.

End-of-semester Ceremony - Albertov

27.01.2020 / Courses

News from the study centre Prague-Albertov. The end-of-semester ceremony took place at the New Town Hall on Wednesday, January 22, 2020. This event cannot be imagined without cordial thanks and warm embraces.
And You can also study Czech in our courses and be the unforgettable part of the cultural life of this study centre.

Just apply


More photos here.

Semester Exam_B1 level! Good luck!

24.01.2020 / Courses

The semester exam in Czech at B1 level began in all study centers of the ILPS CU today.
We wish the students good luck!

(photo - ÚJOP UK Krystal)


Live stream - ILPS CU offer

21.01.2020 / Courses

Dear students, parents, and all of you interested in our courses :-)

At the end of 2019, our dear colleagues, ILPS Deputy Director Ing. Michaela Šolcová and Oxana Kravchenko from the marketing department, participated in a live stream between the Czech Centre Moscow and individual universities in the Czech Republic. They presented the possibilities offered by ILPS CU to foreign students and answered questions from students who were online.

If you missed this broadcast or did not know about it, you can now watch the presentation of the ILPS CU programmes again (the video is in Russian).

For questions, please contact

We look forward to you on our courses!


Albertov students learn Czech Language in Everyday life

04.11.2019 / Courses

Most Prague-Albertov students study Czech for better (easier) life and work in the Czech Republic. Teachers prepare for them interesting trips, excursions, days of language independence and other events during the Cultural Wednesdays to help students better understand the realities of the Czech Republic.

Have a look at the list of activities, which are part of all our Albertov intensive-tuition courses.



Are you afraid of the dark... Our students in Podebrady love Halloween :-)

01.11.2019 / Courses

Wiki: "Halloween, a contraction of "All Hallows' Eve", is a celebration observed on 31 October, the day before the feast of All Hallows', also known as Hallowmas or All Saint's Day. The celebrations and observances of this day occur primarily in regions of the Western world, although some traditions vary significantly between geographical areas."

Every year the Halloween event takes place in the Poděbrady Castle. Students love it and enjoy having fun with a scary theme :-).

More photos here.







Students´Excursion to Pilsen

30.10.2019 / Courses

At the end of October students from the Study Centre Prague-Krystal visited the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.
As most of them were interested in Art, they observed mainly Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art.





HAS - New Bachelor programme opened

21.10.2019 / Courses

A three-year English-language Bachelor's degree programme focuses on modern history and cultural development of Central Europe and it provides its students with an active training of the Czech language. It is organized and executed by the Faculty of Social Sciences (Institute of International Studies) in cooperation with the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of Charles University, hence it connects qualified modern history and area expertise with an excellent language preparation.

Applications will be opened in November 2019.

See details of the programme here.


Do you want to become a doctor?

14.10.2019 / Courses

Each country needs doctors, that is why we are glad the amount of medics in the Czech Republic is increasing (see the news below).

ILPS CU offers Year Preparatory Course for students who plan to study Medicine (General Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy). See details here.

Apart from Czech language, students also learn biology, chemistry and physics and, if necessary, mathematics, Latin and an introduction to Logic, according to the requirements of individual faculties and fields of study.

More than 300 students enrolled in the General Medicine in Czech language this week at the Faculty of Medicine, which is part of Charles University. It's about 50 future doctors more than last year. The government supported a 15% increase in the number of students of general medicine this year by CZK 500 million, of which over 62 million went to the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen.
"For the faculty, change means, among other things, the reorganization of first year schedules and the purchase of equipment and study materials, specifically microscopes for teaching histology," said Jiří Ferda, vice-dean for general medicine.

Source: Pravo- southwest Bohemia region


The academic year 2019/2020 has already begun at Karolinum

16.09.2019 / Courses

The academic year 2019/2020 has already begun at all ILPS CU centres

Students were welcomed to their study at each centre and then also officially in the beautiful historical building of Karolinum, where together they sang the student anthem "Gaudeamus igitur".

They will certainly hear it again in a year during matriculation ceremonies at universities and then again in a few years at graduation ceremonies.

In order to do so, teachers and other employees of the ILPS CU centres will help them and students will certainly be preparing for lessons :-)

We believe that together we will "sail" through the new academic year, our young students will learn Czech, improve their professional knowledge, and make new friends!


See more photos here.






New academic year ceremony in Liberec and Marianske Lazne study centres

13.09.2019 / Courses

Our Yearly courses opening ceremony takes place every year in the early September in each Study Centre.

We are very happy and proud that so many foreign students signed to our courses again and came to study in the Czech Republic!

Let´s have a look at some photos from the very beginning, where students met their class teachers and classmates.

Photos were taken in Liberec and Marianske Lazne.

Photos 1-4 from study centre Liberec. See more photos here.





Photos 5-7 from study centre Marianske Lazne. See more photos here.






How many Czechs do you think live around the world outside the Czech Republic?

16.08.2019 / Courses

How many Czechs do you think live around the world outside the Czech Republic?

Around 2 million, i.e. every sixth Czech.

ILPS CU plays a big role in the development of an educational programme for expatriates.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (MFA CR), the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (MEYS CR), and the House of Foreign Cooperation (Dům zahraniční spolupráce, DZS), we organize a methodological course of Czech as a foreign language for teachers from expatriate communities and a Czech language summer course for expatriates.

This year, the summer course took place in Poděbrady for the first time (before it always took place in Dobruška). Interest in the course was huge as ever and we are pleased that many scholarship holders are returning to us as self-payers.

The end of this summer school and the presentation of certificates to the participants are traditionally held in the prestigious premises of Czernin Palace. On 15 August, students were welcomed by the Special Envoy for Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Jiří Krátký, Director of the International Relations Department of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic Mgr. Ladislav Bánovec, DZS Deputy for Expatriate Affairs PaedDr. Olga Vlachová, and ILPS CU Deputy Director Ing. Michaela Šolcová. As always, the event was led by Mrs. Vlaďka Koreňová, the head of the summer course for expatriates. Summer school for expatriates is over, but we know for sure that next year we will meet again with many of its participants (some of them already for the twentieth time!)

See you next year!

More photos on FB.





Workshop with Jaromir Plachy-PC game author

10.08.2019 / Courses

The Czech computer game Chuchel spilled over the Czech Republic instantly and became a world classic.

In 2018 at the IGF Independent Games Awards in San Francisco the game won the first prize Excellence In Visual Art. The author of the game, Jaromir Plachy, considers it an animated grotesque which reminds the traditions of a Czech animated film.

At workshop with Jaromir Plachy our students got acquainted with the story of the character's creation (we'll reveal a secret: the author mixed his character with the character of his dog) and how the author changed Chuchel's appearance to be not accused of racism. At the end of a funny and interesting presentation, students got the opportunity to install this game on their laptops.

More photos here


Get to know each other on a steamer :-)

06.08.2019 / Courses

How to get to know one another in a group of people from all over the world, best and fast?

Invite them to a long welcoming party on a steamer! People will have no choice but to start communicating with each other and have a great time. Especially when the boat is profusely equipped with great food and a welcome toast is the world famous Becherovka liqueur (only for adults of course!). We've used this recipe for our students and have even refined it with the investigative game Find Your Opponent. Want to know details? Join to us next summer!

Get details about ongoing Czech Language and Culture course here.

More photos from Welcoming party 2019 here.




Students of the Summer School for Youth visited Prague castle

03.08.2019 / Courses

The curators of the Summer School for Youth tried to show and tell students not only about Prague events of old days, but they also told a lot about events of recent or quite recent history. The students were really interested in the story about the current president of the Czech Republic, and about its first president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. In addition, during the tour of Prague Castle we got wet in the rainbow :-)

More photos here.



Podebrady Summer School ending...

30.07.2019 / Courses

The July summer schools in Prague and Podebrady finished on 26th July.

Last four weeks were so full of intensive Czech language classes, daily excursions, trips and other events that they flew completely unnoticed for all our students and teachers.

Parting with students of summer (and any other) courses is always a bit sad. But this is a great occasion to share experiences, exchange contacts and think about new meetings at our other summer schools.

By the way, one of them, "Czech language and Czech culture", begun on Monday, July 29, at Prague-Albertov center 

Do not miss the chance to have a great in the next four weeks. In the meantime, see how the summer course in Podebrady ended.





When youngsters get to know sth. about Prague :-)

22.07.2019 / Courses

Do you know, that we offer Summer course also for youngsters under the age of 18? Yes, we DO! The course name is: International Summer School for Russian speaking Youth.
The course started few days ago. Have a look at some photos from their first walk in the capital :-).




Do you want to learn Czech? Come to ILPS CU courses!

18.07.2019 / Courses

We have a great opportunity for all foreigners who want to learn Czech. We offer quality courses in the centre of Prague (Prague 2 – Albertov).

Czech language courses Prague-Albertov:
•Year course of Czech for foreigners including 2 summer courses - 12 months

•Two-semestral course of Czech for foreigners - 10 months

•Semestral course of Czech for foreigners including 2 summer courses - 7 months

•Semestral course of Czech for foreigners - 5 months

•Six-week course of Czech for foreigners

If you do not need a visa, you can still enrol to courses which start in less than 2 months (September 2019).

If you need a visa, we will be happy to see you at courses starting in February 2020 or September 2020 (you only need a short-term visa for a six-week course, so you can start any six-week course in 2019).

If you have no specific plans for the summer, there are a few days left to enrol on our Summer school "Czech and Czech culture".

Whether you decide for any of our Czech courses, you can be sure that ILPS CU is a good choice!

For more information, please write to



Summech School of Slavic Languages is just perfect!

17.07.2019 / Courses

The ILPS CU Summer School students know much about the Czech Republic.
They came to Podebrady from many countries from all over the world, including our neighbours.
During the Czech Evening, students had learned not only about the geography of our country, but also about what the Czech Republic brought to the world in general.
In addition to interesting folk customs and traditional dishes, such as bohemian crystal, shoes, music and dance (students learned to dance mazurka and polka that evening), literature, scientific discoveries and of course beer!

A historian, beer blogger and brewer Michal Horáček held a lecture about the history of Czech brewing, then beer tasting followed it.

More photos here.





Some summer school registrations are still open!

02.07.2019 / Courses

Do not delay, summer is here and with it our summer schools in Prague and Poděbrady.

Some summer schools have already started, but we have a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY... the last few days for you to sign up for the courses below. So do not delay and do not miss the opportunity to find great friends and learn a new language in a fun way :-)


Saying goodbye to our wonderful students.

11.06.2019 / Courses

Dear students, parents, friends!

Another year has passed and again we are saying goodbye to our wonderful students. We greatly appreciate your confidence that you contacted us to instruct you or your daughter/son for a year in Czech language and vocational subjects and make it easier for you or your daughter/son to start studying a university in the Czech Republic.

We firmly believe that you will pass the entrance exams successfully and wish you good luck and strong nerves in your future studies.

We wish you a beautiful summer for the whole ILPS CU team!

Marianske Lazne








DO NOT MISS - application deadline for some courses 30 April!

08.04.2019 / Courses

Dear students, parents, friends!

Do not forget to submit application for below mentioned courses of Czech Language for foreigners starting in September 2019 (in case you do not need a visa, you can apply till the end of August).

List of course with application deadline in April 30th

For further information contact

Summer courses 2019 - the summer is coming!

05.03.2019 / Courses

Dear ALL, who want to have wonderful  summer full of fun and new exciting experiences.

We would like to inform you, that applications for all 2019 Summer courses have been already opened!

You can choose from the list below:-)

Summer Courses of Czech in Prague
Summer Courses of Czech in Podebrady
Summer Courses of English


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Summer Courses of Czech 2018

20.02.2018 / Courses

Learn the Czech language, travel the Czech Republic, find your Czech ancestors, explore Central European art, architecture, music, theatre and film!

Check our offer for the summer 2018:

Summer Courses of Czech in Prague

Summer Czech language courses outside of Prague

Non-intensive Morning Czech Language Courses start on February 6, 2018. Apply now!

10.01.2018 / Courses

Do you live or work in the Czech Republic? Do you need to use Czech language on a daily basis and your time possibilities are limited?

Apply for a Non-intensive Morning Czech Language Course.

  • 4 lessons once a week, 9:00 am - 12:20 pm
  • level A1 - B2
  • 60 lessons in one cycle

The course starts on February 6, 2018.

Learn more and apply >>>


Preparatory Course for the Czech Language Exam for Applicants for Czech Citizenship

10.04.2017 / Courses

According to your great interest, we are adding a new course date in June 2017 in Prague, Czechia!

Do not hesitate and apply for the preparatory course!

Preparatory Course for the Czech Language Exam for Applicants for Czech Citizenship

Intensive English course (July 2017)

29.03.2017 / Courses

The aim of the course is to enhance the students' ability to communicate in most everyday situations.

Intensive English course (July 2017)

Preparatory courses of Czech for students in Liberec, Czechia

16.03.2017 / Courses

We are offering outstanding Czech preparatory courses for university students in Liberec, Czechia.

If you live here in Czechia near Liberec and want to pass the Czech Language Certificate Exam, we have a preparatory course for you!

Visit our page Czech Language Course – B2 level and check the offer!

New preparatory courses for CCE

15.02.2017 / Courses

Are you interested in our Czech Language Certificate Exam (CCE)?

And still not prepared?

You must check our new CCE Preparatory courses!


24.03.2014 / Courses

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY in the centre of Prague- Albertov !

A new and original form of studying in presented to students of the Prague centre- Albertov. Every Wednesday the cultural centre organizes an afternoon with interesting programs. In early March, the centre held a „Cultural Wednesday" focused on KH Mach and Czech literature. Next Wednesday, students will have the opportunity to see the Czech film „Kuky returns" (cinema MAT) .

I had the opportunity to attend a "Cultural Wednesday"  last week ( 19.03 ) . First, the students gathered in the auditorium of the Centre Albertov and then they went on a sightseeing walk through the center of Prague.

In the auditorium, a pleasant teacher passed out texts to all the students, all about the Old Town Clock (of course in Czech ) and everyone tried to understand the articles . The articles then were read aloud and subsequently translated. However, do not think that it was a mere reading comprehension - not at all, no boring hours. The young teacher explained the problematic terms and complemented them with various other examples from everyday life.  Each explanation was accompanied by what would say was a theatrical performance, so that students not only learned new words, but also had fun doing it. On behalf of all the students I would like to thank the young teacher!

In the Powder Tower, the students were divided into groups and were accompanied by students from the Travel and Tourism High School, all conversations were in English, Russian and Spanish. Students from the Russian group (students from Russia and Ukraine) greatly helped the Czech students from the first to third year who had a bit of trouble with the Russian language.  It was nice to see how all the students were able to overcome the language barrier. I even witnessed a lovely exchange of emails that two students passed between themselves in order to meet again and tutor each other in the foreign language.

If I have a little time, I'm sure I will be more than happy to attend another "Cultural Wednesday" in the centre Prague- Albertov. We got along together greatly and had a lot of fun. Moreover, I've seen with my own eyes how learning can be fun at the Centre.


Pictures from this afternoon could be found on our official FACEBOOK.

+420 224 990 420
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