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Summer Courses of Czech 2018

20.02.2018 / Courses

Learn the Czech language, travel the Czech Republic, find your Czech ancestors, explore Central European art, architecture, music, theatre and film!

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Summer Courses of Czech in Prague

Summer Czech language courses outside of Prague

Non-intensive Morning Czech Language Courses start on February 6, 2018. Apply now!

10.01.2018 / Courses

Do you live or work in the Czech Republic? Do you need to use Czech language on a daily basis and your time possibilities are limited?

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  • 4 lessons once a week, 9:00 am - 12:20 pm
  • level A1 - B2
  • 60 lessons in one cycle

The course starts on February 6, 2018.

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Preparatory Course for the Czech Language Exam for Applicants for Czech Citizenship

10.04.2017 / Courses

According to your great interest, we are adding a new course date in June 2017 in Prague, Czechia!

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Preparatory Course for the Czech Language Exam for Applicants for Czech Citizenship

Intensive English course (July 2017)

29.03.2017 / Courses

The aim of the course is to enhance the students' ability to communicate in most everyday situations.

Intensive English course (July 2017)

Preparatory courses of Czech for students in Liberec, Czechia

16.03.2017 / Courses

We are offering outstanding Czech preparatory courses for university students in Liberec, Czechia.

If you live here in Czechia near Liberec and want to pass the Czech Language Certificate Exam, we have a preparatory course for you!

Visit our page Czech Language Course – B2 level and check the offer!

New preparatory courses for CCE

15.02.2017 / Courses

Are you interested in our Czech Language Certificate Exam (CCE)?

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You must check our new CCE Preparatory courses!


24.03.2014 / Courses

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY in the centre of Prague- Albertov !

A new and original form of studying in presented to students of the Prague centre- Albertov. Every Wednesday the cultural centre organizes an afternoon with interesting programs. In early March, the centre held a „Cultural Wednesday" focused on KH Mach and Czech literature. Next Wednesday, students will have the opportunity to see the Czech film „Kuky returns" (cinema MAT) .

I had the opportunity to attend a "Cultural Wednesday"  last week ( 19.03 ) . First, the students gathered in the auditorium of the Centre Albertov and then they went on a sightseeing walk through the center of Prague.

In the auditorium, a pleasant teacher passed out texts to all the students, all about the Old Town Clock (of course in Czech ) and everyone tried to understand the articles . The articles then were read aloud and subsequently translated. However, do not think that it was a mere reading comprehension - not at all, no boring hours. The young teacher explained the problematic terms and complemented them with various other examples from everyday life.  Each explanation was accompanied by what would say was a theatrical performance, so that students not only learned new words, but also had fun doing it. On behalf of all the students I would like to thank the young teacher!

In the Powder Tower, the students were divided into groups and were accompanied by students from the Travel and Tourism High School, all conversations were in English, Russian and Spanish. Students from the Russian group (students from Russia and Ukraine) greatly helped the Czech students from the first to third year who had a bit of trouble with the Russian language.  It was nice to see how all the students were able to overcome the language barrier. I even witnessed a lovely exchange of emails that two students passed between themselves in order to meet again and tutor each other in the foreign language.

If I have a little time, I'm sure I will be more than happy to attend another "Cultural Wednesday" in the centre Prague- Albertov. We got along together greatly and had a lot of fun. Moreover, I've seen with my own eyes how learning can be fun at the Centre.


Pictures from this afternoon could be found on our official FACEBOOK.

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