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Change of deadline for acceptance of the on line applications for preparátory courses in 2017/18

02.05.2017 / Attention!

Also this year the period for acceptance of the on line preparatory courses applications for academic year 2017/18 will be prolonged. The deadline to apply is now June 15,2017 at latest.

Preparatory Course for the Czech Language Exam for Applicants for Czech Citizenship

10.04.2017 / Courses

According to your great interest, we are adding a new course date in June 2017 in Prague, Czechia!

Do not hesitate and apply for the preparatory course!

Preparatory Course for the Czech Language Exam for Applicants for Czech Citizenship

Intensive English course (July 2017)

29.03.2017 / Courses

The aim of the course is to enhance the students' ability to communicate in most everyday situations.

Intensive English course (July 2017)

Preparatory courses of Czech for students in Liberec, Czechia

16.03.2017 / Courses

We are offering outstanding Czech preparatory courses for university students in Liberec, Czechia.

If you live here in Czechia near Liberec and want to pass the Czech Language Certificate Exam, we have a preparatory course for you!

Visit our page Czech Language Course – B2 level and check the offer!

Czech Language Exam for Applicants for Permanent Residency new dates

28.02.2017 / Exams

Our study centre Prague-Krystal offers new dates of the Czech Language Exam for Applicants for Permanent Residency.

New preparatory courses for CCE

15.02.2017 / Courses

Are you interested in our Czech Language Certificate Exam (CCE)?

And still not prepared?

You must check our new CCE Preparatory courses!

Summer Courses of Czech 2017

31.01.2017 / Courses

Learn the Czech language, travel the Czech Republic, find your Czech ancestors, explore Central European art, architecture, music, theatre and film!

Check our offer for the summer 2017:

Summer Courses of Czech in Prague

Summer Czech language courses outside of Prague

New Czech for Medics Course

04.08.2016 / Attention!

Apply to our new Czech for Medics course specialized on preparation of medics-foreigners to the approbation examination.

For further details click here.

Get a 500 EUR Discount on Preparatory Courses 2017/18

21.07.2016 / Attention!

Apply to one of our Preparatory Courses to University Study 2017/18 in November 2016 and receive a 500 EUR discount if following the guidelines:

1) Fill out the online application on our website and wait until our study consultant sends your the invoice for the requested course and optional services.

2) Make the full payment of the received invoice until the end of November. Make sure the money will arrive on our account until 15 December 2016.

Detailed conditions of the offer can be found here.




Preparatory Courses 2017/18

18.07.2016 / Attention!

Online applications for all the Preparatory Courses 2016/17 are already closed. For the academic year 2017/18, online applications will opened at the beginning of September.

Come to our consultations in Moscow!

06.04.2016 / Attention!

Dear business partners!
Dear parents and future students!

We invite you to ILPS CU study consultations as well as a presentation of further education at Czech universities.


Individual consultations

20. - 05.21.2016, 11:00 - 19:00
Czech House, Moscow, 4. Tverskaya-Yamskaya Str., 33/39, entrance No. 7


Presentation of study opportunities at Czech universities

05/22/2016 12:00
Czech Center, Julius Fucik Str., 12/14

Information: Margarita Sytilina
Mobile phone .: +7 985 739 91 01


A three-week educative stay with Czech language tuition

22.03.2016 / Attention!


Study Centre Prague - Albertov

in cooperation with

the Czech Roots for the Czechs at Home and Abroad project

and the Conference Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences,

organizes a three-week educative stay with Czech language tuition

for foreigners of the Czech origin

A Journey Towards The Roots

0% Interest Student Installment Plan in March 2016

26.02.2016 / Attention!

Preparatory Courses for University Studies applicants who apply to courses hold in Czech from March 1 to March 31, 2016 can now ask for The Student Installment Plan which offers 0% interest and a payment for the chosen course in three different installments. In a reaction to applicants´ requests, the ILPS CU presents the pilot version of the plan as follows:

1/ All students who apply to the ILPS CU´s Preparatory Courses for University Studies 2016/17 in March 2016 can ask for the 0% Interest Student Installment Plan.

2/ The Student Installment Plan can be applied on Preparatory Courses for University Studies 2016/17 only. It is relevant for the following specializations:

3/ An applicant who would like to utilize The Student Installment Plan, has to mention it in a comment section in the online application which can be found in a description of each course.

4/ The payment schedule has to be followed as mentioned below:

  • 50% of the cost of the course, an accommodation deposit and a health instance (in case the accomodation and the instance are arranged by the ILPS CU) are required to be paid in the first installment. The amount must be paid to the ILPS CU´s account by April 30, 2016. All documents required for a student visa will be sent after the full payment of the first installment.
  • 30% of the cost of the course has to be paid in the second installment. The amount must be paid to the ILPS CU´s account by May 31, 2016.
  • 20% of the cost of the course must be paid in the third installment. The amount must be paid to the ILPS CU´s account by July 31, 2016. If the full cost of the course is not paid by July 31, 2016 the student´s course enrollment will be cancelled.

5/ Cancelation fees:

  • A portion of the cost of the course is also a registration fee of 800 EUR. In case of cancellation of the course, by the student, without explanation or with an explanation without serious reasons, 100% (800 EUR) of this fee becomes non-refundable.
  • In case of a cancellation, by the student, with explanation (serious reasons only), 50% (400 EUR) is refundable.
  • In case of a cancellation of the course based on not receiving a visa to the Czech Republic, the cost of the course will be returned minus a 120 EUR and 3,5% of the cost of the course handling fee.



Workbook for most popular Czech language textbook just released

29.01.2016 / Attention!

"When I started with teaching of Czech as a foreign language, its methodology was still in its infancy. Obviously, it was the English language whose teaching was most developed back then, nevertheless, I was inspired by the German language thanks to its complex grammar structure." recalls PhDr. Zdena Malá, author of the Czech Step by Step 1 workbook, of the just released Czech Step by Step 2 workbook and director of the Prague-Krystal center of the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of the Charles University in Prague in one person.

"I started to create additional exercises and activities for teaching of Czech as a foreign language, which would at least slightly resemble exercises from inspirational German textbooks. I was trying to focus on an interesting and creative form so that apart from the grammar rules also communication skills would be practiced. Soon after that I started to cooperate with an author of the most used Czech language textbooks, Dr. Lída Holá" adds PhDr. Malá.

The second part of the author's workbook brings additional exercises for the lessons 11-20 of the textbook Czech Step by Step 2 (Česky krok za krokem 2 / Tschechisch Schritt fur Schritt 2 / Чешский шаг за шагом 2). It offers a lot of activities for each lesson which serve for practicing of taught communication skills, vocabulary, and grammar and are accompanied by two-colored photographs and illustrations. The publication structure is similar to the one of the first part. For orientation there are marks right next to the exercises designating a corresponding page and exercise in the textbook. More difficult exercises exceeding the B1 level are marked with the plus sign and they are destined to be alternatively used by motivated students or for students who are native Slavic language speakers.

At the end of each lesson there is a page dedicated to spelling, this part is especially focused on i and y spelling which is very often incomprehensible for foreign students. Most exercises have solution given in the key at the end of the publication. Therefore, the workbook is appropriate for work in class, as well as for self-study.

The publication also offers a number of texts with tasks preparing students for the reading comprehension part of the Czech Language Certificate Exam at the B1 level or the Exam for Applicants for Permanent Residency, which takes place exclusively at the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of the Charles University in Prague. The whole series of the Czech Step by Step textbooks and workbooks is therefore a significant piece of work in the field of education.

An extract from the Lesson 1 of the workbook is freely available at:

Attention! Changes in the comprehensive health insurance

08.01.2016 / Attention!

We would like to inform you that starting 1st of January 2016 the prices of Comprehensive Health Insurace for foreigners offered by the PVZP insurance company have changed.

For students at the age of 17-26 years the prices were decreased by cca 15%.
For clients up to 17 years and up from 26 years the price grown up a little, but the increase
is almost insignificant ( cca 1-3% in average).

At the same time the changes in the insurace conditions have been done . Newly, many of the events which used to be excluded from the insurance are covered. By this step the comprehensive insurance approaches to the public health insurance for Czech citizens.

Now the insurer will cover also:

  • Institutional care at specialist treatment centres
  • Transplants
  • Treatment for addiction, including all complications and associated diagnosis
  • Examination and treatment of AIDS, sexual and sexuall transmitted deseases from the time the diagnosis is establieshed
  • Examination and treatment of hepatitis once the diagnosis is established
  • Insuline treatment for diabetes
  • Treatment for chronic renal deficiency with haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis
  • Growth hormone treatment
  • Interferon treatment
  • Treatment of haemophilia and other blood clotting disoreders
  • Examination and treatment of congenital defets and disorders including their complications and consequences from the time theri diagnosis is established
  • Treatment of speach and hearing disorders, hearing aids, cochlear implants
  • Treatment of visual defects, spectacles and contact lenses
  • Electric wheel chaos and myoelectric protheses
  • Production and repair of dentures and orthodontic aids
  • Events occuring as a reset of the intentional conduct, faul tor Sharp fault of the Insured Person
  • Events caused to the Insured Person by a Beneficiary or another person at the instigation of the Insured Person or Beneficiary
  • Events occuring activities at locations not designated for such activities



16.12.2015 / Attention!

1 day, 7 different languages, over 60 participants. That is our annual students´ event „Find Your Czech" which is opened to those who want to practise Korean, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Japanese, English, Czech or Russian with native speakers.
The event takes place at 3,30 pm on December 16, 2015 in ILPS CU Albertov (Albertov 7/3a, Prague 2). If you are interested, apply on until December 11, 2015.

ATTENTION! The Act on the stay of aliens has been amended!

14.12.2015 / Attention!

On 18 December 2015, amendment of the Act No. 326/1999 Coll. on the stay of aliens will enter into force. Please note that students who want to apply for a visa after this date are obliged to procure health insurance coverage for the full length of their stay (12 months) before submitting their visa application.

Charles IV's 700th Birthday is Coming Up

02.12.2015 / Attention!

Next year will mark 700 years since the birth of Charles IV, who was voted the Greatest Czech in the nationwide poll of the same name, Největší Čech, in 2005 (founding father of the independent Czechoslovakia, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, came in second, with the late President Václav Havel taking third place).

Charles University, as the educational establishment that bears the king's name and was founded on his initiative in the late-14th century, is planning a number of activities for 2016.

Read more:

Ceremonial matriculation of new students

04.11.2015 / Novinky z blogu

In Podebrady, there was the ceremonial matriculation of new students.

The Charles University maintains the tradition of transition rituals, matriculation and graduation ceremonies. Matriculation is a ceremony, where the student promises to fulfill student obligations.


Nostrification? No need to worry, we will help you!

30.10.2015 / Attention!

Do you need advice concerning nostrification (state recongnition) of your previous education or choosing the right university for you? Contact us!

Our school counselor helps not only to the ILPS CU students, but also to the public.

Galina Petrova PhD.
Centre for Language Learning
office No.173, 1st floor, Prague-Krystal study centre, José Martího 407/2, Prague 6
skype: akademkabinet
ph: (+420) 224 990 419, (+420) 775 554 716, (+420) 778 727 999

AlbertOFF Open AIR 2015

14.10.2015 / Attention!

AlbertOFF Open AIR 2015

14th October 2015 at 16 PM

Four years ago, you had the opportunity to enjoy an open air festival at Albertov which presented many music bands from the Faculty of Science. Now, we present you the AlbertOFF Open Air 2015, a music festival of student music bands from different faculties of the Charles University as well as other universities. Come and join us at the Albertov campus, there will be lot of entertainment! Entrance is free.


  • PříFUK, z. s.
  • Trimed, z. s.
  • KaM
  • Svijany


  • Come and Play (UK, VŠE, UPOL)
  • Na Rovinu (Přf UK)
  • Zelená konev (3LF UK)
  • Afterglows (FTVS UK)
  • Corbellis (Přf UK)


Mgr. David Hurný
+420 221 95 1264


Culinary Competition of the Charles University Canteens

06.10.2015 / Attention!

Culinary Competition of the Charles University Canteens
The Best Canteen 2015

Where: the Faculty of Law of the CU

When: 6th October, 15:30-19:00

Come and help us choose the best team!

Annual statistics of the number of students

01.10.2015 / Novinky z blogu

The Prague-Krystal Centre has issued another of its annual statistics of the number of students who successfully passed entrance exams to a Czech university.

Here are the results for the academic year 2014/15:

The percentage of students who were accepted to one of the state universities was 71 %!

Public University 127 71,3%
Private University 26 14,6%
Others (colleges, secondary schools, language courses etc.) 14 7,9%
Departure home 9 5,1%
Unknown 2 1,1%
Total 178 100%

As part of the European Day of Languages

25.09.2015 / Attention!

As part of the „European Day of Languages"

on 25 September 2015, at 9 am, 10 am or 11 am,


Charles University in Prague
Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies
Prague-Albertov centre
Albertov 7/3a
128 00 Prague 2
Ph.: 224 921 015

... we are offering our free super-fast lesson of Czech for foreigners. Visit us at our study centre and get a 45-minute experience of what it feels like to be a student of Czech. Beginners or advanced, we are ready welcome everyone. Come and find out how Czech is taught at our school without using a third language, and get inspired to continue improving your Czech.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Mgr. Marie Poláčková
Director of the study centre


Ceremonial gathering of students

08.09.2015 / Attention!

Ceremonial gathering of students of centres Prague Krystal, Prague-Albertov and Prague-Hostivar will be held on September 8, 2015 at 12:30 PM. The gathering will take place in historic residence KAROLINUM of Charles University.

DO NOT MISS! Apply NOW and get 500 EUR discount on Year Preparatory courses!

19.08.2015 / Special offers


NOW YOU HAVE A GREAT CHANCE to enroll to Year Preparatory courses with a BIG DISCOUNT! 35 lessons a week (Czech Language + preparation for major) from 4140 EUR!!!

The offer is valid for preparatory courses of the following study centres:

  • Prague-Hostivar (preparation for economics and technics). Price: 5770 EUR - NOW just for 5270 EUR!
  • Liberec (preparation for technical fields and Institute for Medical Studies). Price: 4640 EUR - NOW just for 4140 EUR!
  • Podebrady (preparation for technical fields, economics and humanities-Psychology, Filology, Pedagogics). Price 5140 EUR - NOW just for 4640 EUR!

Enroll to any of above listed courses here. Each application has to be accompanied by Motivation letter (you can use the questionnaire which is a direct part of the Online Application), Passport copy and Gradutation Certificate (High School Diploma). In case you have not received your Graduation Certificate yet, attach copy of your Study confirmation.


This offer is for all foreign students interested in study at prestigious Czech universities (this offer is also for students who have already applied but have not paid for the course yet). Such students will get information letter from Central Student Services Department. This offer is not valid for students who have already paid the course.
This offer is valid till 31st October 2015.
This offer is valid just for students whose payment is trasferred to the account of ILPS CU till 15th November 2015. In case the payment will not come to the account of ILPS CU till 15th November, the student will have to pay the difference (500 EUR) at the Study Centre.


Information letter was sent yesterday!

28.07.2015 / Attention!

Dear students, the Information letter (arrival information) for students coming to the course starting this September was sent to you yesterday afternoon. In case you have not received it, kindly contact us by e-mail:
We wish you great summer and look forward to seeing you in our courses in September:-)!

ATTENTION - tomorrow is the application deadline for courses starting this September!

29.06.2015 / Attention!

Dear students, we would like to inform you that the official deadline for Preparatory courses for foreigners starting in September 2015 is tomorrow (30th June).

We still accept applications from students without visa duty (students with a permanent or long-term residency in the Czech Republic).

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone: +420 224 990 420, e-mail:, or use Skype: marketingujop (skypename)

We wish you wonderfull summer and we are looking forward to seeing you in our courses!

Education Programme for Secondary General Education in the Czech Republic

21.05.2015 / Attention!

Dear students, you can find up-to-date information about the Education Programme for Secondary General Education in the Czech Republic on our website here:
Do not worry, in case you have not learnt some of mentioned topics at your High School. You have much time to concentrate mainly on those subjects you will have to pass entrance exams from after the Year Preparatory course.

We wish you good luck in your study:-)!

DO NOT MISS! Apply NOW and get 500 EUR discount on Year Preparatory courses!

11.05.2015 / Special offers


NOW YOU HAVE A GREAT CHANCE to enroll to Year Preparatory courses with a BIG DISCOUNT! 35 lessons a week (Czech Language  + preparation for major) from 4140 EUR!!!

Offical Application dedline is 15 May, however, according to a big amount of students interested in our programmes we have decided to prolong the term till 15 June!

And what is MORE?! NOW YOU can enroll to our courses listed below with a 500 EUR discount!

  • Prague-Hostivar (preparation for economics and technics). Price: 5770 EUR - NOW just for 5270 EUR!
  • Liberec (preparation for technical fields and Institute for Medical Studies). Price: 4640 EUR - NOW just for 4140 EUR!
  • Podebrady (preparation for technicsl fields, economics and humanities-Psychology, Filology, Pedagogics). Price 5140 EUR - NOW just for 4640 EUR!

Enroll to any of above listed courses here: Each application has to be accompanied by Motivation letter (you can use the questionnaire which is a direct part of the Online Application), Passport copy and Gradutation Certificate (High School Diploma). In case you have not received your Graduation Certificate yet, attach copy of your Study confirmation.


  • This offer is for all foreign students interested in study at prestigious Czech universities (this offer is also for students who have already applied but have not paid for the course yet). Such students will get information letter from Central Student Services Department. This offer is not valid for students who have already paid the course.
  • This offer is valid from 15 May till 15 June
  • This offer is valid just for students whose payment is trasferred to the account of ILPS CU till 30 June 2015. In case the payment will not come to the account of ILPS CU till 30 June, the student would have to pay the difference (500 EUR) at the Study Centre.


ATTENTION - just one week left! Visit our Study Centres and stay at the Hotel Krystal for FREE:-)!

29.04.2015 / Special offers

Dear students and parents!

The spring is coming and with it comes the start of our courses (commencing in September 2015). Let's not wait until the last moment to make a decision to enroll.

  • Are you one of the undecided ones who are wondering whether the ILPS CU courses are the best fit for yourself or your son/daughter?

  • Does the thought of your child studying Czech or how will he/she feel living in a foreign country worry you too much?

  • Do you feel you need more assurance that staying in the Czech Republic will not be dangerous for you or your child?

  • Would you prefer to see our classrooms, accommodation and boarding facilities first?

  • Would you like to speak to the ILPS CU management, our curators, or the students themselves to learn about their experience with ILPS CU?

Now is your GREAT CHANCE!
We would like to invite you to the beautiful city of Prague in the springtime to become convinced about the quality and variety of ILPS CU courses and the fact that there is no better school for you or your child than ILPS CU, which can provide you with high-quality education and ensure that you have a promising future!

From 11 May until 15 May 2015 you have a UNIQUE opportunity to:
• book accommodation in our 3-star Hotel Krystal (José Martího 2, Prague 6) for yourself or your son/daughter FREE OF CHARGE, provided that you are considering to enrol
• get a complimentary airport transfer from us - this goes without saying :-)!
• meet our study centre directors and curators who are ready to welcome you and some of our graduates who will answer your questions personally

So who is this offer for?
All foreign candidates (students with parents or parents alone) who seriously consider to enrol on one-year courses at ILPS CU (or parents who would like to enrol their children on a course), and those students who have already enrolled but have not paid for the course yet (regardless of the reason) are offered this visit.

We fully understand that you might be hesitating to enrol yourself or your children on our courses, as this is an important step in your life or life of your child. Therefore, we would like to give you an opportunity to make this decision process easier and more pleasant for you and show you that THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT and that WE ARE HERE TO ASSIST YOU, and to prove that studying in the Czech Republic is PROSPECTIVE and PRESTIGIOUS as well as great fun:-)!

If you are interested in this special offer, please send us an email to by 7 May 2015 at the latest. We are also happy to answer your questions via Skype (Skype name: marketingujop) or by phone on +420 224 990 419.



15.04.2015 / Attention!

We are SO HAPPY to inform you that new metro stations of "the green line" (A line) were put into operation on Monday, 6th April. This means that our Prague-Krystal students can now reach the study centre in less than 15 minutes:-)!

The new A-line metro station "Nádraží Veleslavín" is located approximately 200m from the Prague-Krystal study centre and can also be used to change for the airport (a bus stop for the connecting bus-line No. 119, previously departing from the Dejvická metro station, is located outside the new metro station).

ATTENTION - Comprehensive Medical Insurance for students is now CHEAPER!!!

16.02.2015 / Attention!

Dear students and parents,

the Special offer: "COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL INSURANCE FOR FREE" has finished, unfortunately. Nevertheless, we came with a new price decrease!

All students (aged 17-26) now get the Comprehensive Medical Insurance with a discount (it is not a special offer, the price will not increase in the nearest future)!

Detailed information here.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail.

Enroll NOW! Year Comprehensive Health Insurance FOR FREE just till the end of the next week!

05.02.2015 / Special offers

A 12-month COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH INSURANCE by the PVZP, a.s. insurance company FOR FREE!

WHO is eligible?

  • This special offer applies only to students of the Full-year intensive courses of ILPS CU (10 or 12 months) and the Full-year preparatory courses of ILPS CU (run by the study centres of Prague-Albertov, Prague-Hostivař, Prague-Krystal, Liberec, Mariánské Lázně, Poděbrady)

  • This offer is applicable only when application is submitted WITHOUT PARTICIPATING AGENT (agency)

  • Students who wish to enrol in the plan must fill in the form on ILPS CU's website and submit it in the period from 16 October 2014 to 15 February 2015 (applications sent before or after this period will not be considered eligible for the special offer)

  • This special offer is effective as soon as the student has paid the full amount of the invoice (pre-registration) by 28 February 2015. If the payment is credited to ILPS CU's account after 28 February 2015, the student must pay the  regular price of the Comprehensive Health Insurance plan offered by ILPS CU (see the price list here) upon arrival at the Study Centre in September 2015.


1) Sign up for one of our full-year intensive Czech courses (if you need help with choosing the right course, please send us an email to:, or call free via videocall at:

2) Fill in the form without participating agent/agency on ILPS CU's official website. In the form, select the "K12" insurance (the 12-month health insurance plan)

3) Pay the invoice (pre-registration) by 28 February 2015



  • By enrolling on courses via ILPS CU's website you are not loosing possibility to contact us and get a FREE CONSULTATION regarding your future studies – you can reach us on: +420 224 990 419, e-mail us to:, videochat with us at: or use Skype (skype name: marketingujop)


Are you 17 – 26 years old and Comprehensive Health Insurance is not sufficient for you? Would you like to try the "EXCLUSIVE" insurance plan? Now you have a chance to buy it for only 130 EUR! This is the very first time that the "EXCLUSIVE" health insurance plan comes to the Czech market! Unlike other private health insurance plans, the "EXCLUSIVE" plan is offered to clients without limitations; its scheme is identical to the standard public healthcare insurance for Czech citizens. This means that the plan covers medical care for foreigners to the same extent as medical care for Czech citizens or residents. The "EXCLUSIVE" insurance plan can only be used in the territory of the Czech Republic. If you decide to choose the "EXCLUSIVE" insurance plan, please state "E12" in your application form.

For additional 35 EUR you can extend your Comrpehensive Health Insurance plan to the territory of Schengen (if you decide to choose this option, please state "K12+S" in your application)! However, this is NOT possible when you enrol in the "EXCLUSIVE" insurance plan.





If the student prematurely terminates his/her course contract on any grounds, including his/her family, health, financial situation etc., or because he/she was refused visa, he/she will be paid back the amount, less the fee of 30 EUR for prior arrangements by ILPS CU (see Pre-registration Termination Fees). The student MUST send (by post) or personally deliver the original of the insurance contract to the student's affairs department at: Charles University in Prague, Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, Vratislavova 29/10, 128 00 Prague 2 (Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Ústav jazykové a odborné přípravy, Vratislavova 29/10, 128 00 Praha 2). If the student terminates his/her course contract after the term of his/her insurance contract, including the first day of the term of the contract, i.e. after 1 September 2015 or later (except in case when the student has been refused visa), he/she will refunded money less the amount for the chosen type of Comrehensive Health Insurrance arranged by ILPS CU (please see the current price list here).

Meet us in Minsk and save money on Translations and Insurance:-)!

02.02.2015 / Attention!

Dear students, parents and friends:-)!

UJOP UK (ILPS CU) decided to come to you closer and meet you in Minsk in February 2015 :-)

You can meet us in the Education and Career Fair which takes place in Minsk from February 19 till February 21.
We share our stand with 3 other representatives from other prestigious Czech universities.

Where does the Fair take place?

  • Belarus, Minsk, Palace of Arts, str. Kazlova 3

ATTENTION! You have a chance to save a lot of money! It is sufficient to enroll on one of our Year courses after the fair with a special promotion code and get:

  • LEGAL TRANSLATION of your visa documents FOR FREE
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance from PVZP, a.s. FOR 12 MONTHS FOR FREE
  • Specia tariff from Vodafone (sms and calls for free in the Czech Republic) - you will get it upon arrival

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail: or via phone: +420 224 990 419.

We are looking forward to seein you at the Fair!

The best Christmas present? One of ILPS CU courses:-)

15.12.2014 / Special offers

Christmas are coming and you still do not know what to give to your children or friends?

Make them happy and give them a Gift Certificate for one of ILPS CU (UJOP UK) courses.

You can choose from a great variety of ILPS CU courses - daily courses, evening courses, online courses, Preparatory Language courses for university studies and many more...

Do not hesitate, the Christmas time is coming:-)

ATTENTION: Each Gift Certificate is accompanied by an ILPS CU T-shirt (you can choose colour and size) :-)!

For ordering the Gift Certificate (+ ILPS CU T-shirt) or in case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via telephone: +420 224 990 419, e-mail: or via Skype: marketingujop

The more languages you know, the more times you are a human:-)

01.10.2014 / Attention!

European Day of Languages – 16 languages in one place!

Thursday, 25th September, was a perfect day for anyone who has ever, even for a few hours, dreamed of becoming a polyglot. It was a day when visitors to the European Day of Languages event, held at Prague's Lucerna Arcade, had a chance to explore 16 different languages! From 4pm until 7pm, each visitor had an opportunity to talk to native speakers and teachers of those languages.

Everyone who came enjoyed the event very much - they learned new words and some spoken language, and they were even given a small present from the teachers for making the effort:-).

Apart from the most widely spoken languages like English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, Czech language proved to be very popular among the event's foreign visitors. The Czech language section was led by the Prague-Albertov study centre's Eva Hlaváčková and Jana Nováková who were extremely busy right from the beginning – already at 4pm people lined up waiting to have their go, and the line never stopped growing. Mgr. Marie Poláčková, Director of Prague-Albertov centre, also joined the event and took part in the activities.

We are very happy about the fact that Czech language has proved to be no underdog among the world languages. On the contrary, many foreigners were attracted by the idea of discovering Czech and stopped by to 'chat' with our teachers. Besides having a nice language experience and taking small presents home, they could also learn about the Czech for Foreigners courses, taught at the Prague-Albertov centre.

The Lucerna Arcade was very busy, indeed, on that day. It was interesting to watch the kind of people who came to see the event – at first they were those people who knew about it from different advertisements and the Interent. But soon, many curious passers-by, who realized that this wasn't any celebrity autograph signing session but a chance for them to learn a few foreign words, phrases or just the alphabet in so many languages, also decided to wait in a line, without being discouraged by the crowds:-).

What is more, the visitors could take part in a contest and win 3 language courses of their choice as well as be included in a prize draw where they could win a book voucher or gift books, CDs or DVDs. The only thing they had to do was to take at least 3 mini-lessons, which appeared to have been an easy task because, this being a great opportunity for them to try and learn so many new languages in one place, most of the participants took more than 3 lessons:-).

Apart from the already mentioned languages, the visitors could also learn a bit of Basque, Bulgarian, Finnish, Galician, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese and Romanian.

The day after the event, the Prague-Albertov centre held an Open Day event within the European Day of Languages where the visitors could take 3 Czech lessons free of charge.

Not for nothing do we say that THE MORE LANGUAGES YOU KNOW, THE MORE TIMES YOU ARE A HUMAN. And how many languages do you know?

Don't think twice and pick a course from our great selection:-)

Visit our FACEBOOK page and have a look at pictures from this event.

FACEBOOK has been devided into 3 language versions

23.09.2014 / Attention!

Dear students! Dear friends!

We would like to inform you, that our Central Facebook page has been devided into 3 language versions.

Czech version could be found here:

English version could be found here:

In case you are interested, you can visit also russin version here:


We are glad we are getting more and more fans and we hope you will be happy to visit our FACEBOOK pages also in future:-)!

In case you have any questions regarding our FACEBOOK page, kindly contact me directly by e-mail:

Romana Podhorova
Marketing Manager

Application Forms for the 2015/16 Academic Year

14.08.2014 / Attention!

The application forms for the next academic year will be opened on 1st September 2014. Apply at our official website!

Should you have any questions, do not hasitate to contact our Study Consultants:

Tel.: +420 224 990 420/455

Free Calls:

We are looking forward to seeing you in our courses:-)!

Information Letter

23.07.2014 / Attention!

Dear students,

we would like to inform you that the Information letter with advice regarding details of your arrival was sent to the email address of each student. In case you have not got it, please, contact the study department:

Prague-Krystal Centre, Prague-Hloubetin Centre - Liana Dolminyan (

Podebrady Centre, Marianske Lazne Centre - Miroslava Jakesova (

Prague-Hostivar Centre, Prague-Albertov Centre - Anastazie Pokotilova (

ATTENTION! Accommodation in Podebrady - free rooms

07.07.2014 / Attention!

All double rooms with ensuite facilities in Hall 2 - Hotelovy dum are already reserved! Students who get the visa after 6th July will be provided with double rooms without ensuite facilities.

June 2-June 3 Central Student Services Department is closed

30.05.2014 / Attention!

Dear students,

due to technical reasons Central Student Services Department will be closed from June 2 till June 3 (Monday and Tuesday).

Thank you for your understanding!


Sport Day of Charles University

14.05.2014 / Attention!

Traditional Rector´s Sport Day of Charles University takes place in Prague today.

Detailed information could be found HERE.

Special price on Czech Online Courses!

30.04.2014 / Online kurzy

Dear students,

here we come with a special discount on Czech Online Courses!

Each Online Course is divided into 5 modules. When buying more modules at the same time you get the course for a discounted price already now. Newly, you can get ANOTHER 10% DISCOUNT when buying 2 or more modules. Just apply for the course until 30.6.2014 (you can start studying either immediately, with a break during academic summer vacation, or in September 2014).

Detailed information on our courses can be found HERE.


Do you have any questions about on-line courses?

Organization and technical issues:
Information on the course content:


666-year anniversary

07.04.2014 / Attention!

Charles University in Prague was established in April 7, 1348

Today we celebrate its 666 anniversary!

Check the official video online:



24.03.2014 / Courses

LEARNING THROUGH PLAY in the centre of Prague- Albertov !

A new and original form of studying in presented to students of the Prague centre- Albertov. Every Wednesday the cultural centre organizes an afternoon with interesting programs. In early March, the centre held a „Cultural Wednesday" focused on KH Mach and Czech literature. Next Wednesday, students will have the opportunity to see the Czech film „Kuky returns" (cinema MAT) .

I had the opportunity to attend a "Cultural Wednesday"  last week ( 19.03 ) . First, the students gathered in the auditorium of the Centre Albertov and then they went on a sightseeing walk through the center of Prague.

In the auditorium, a pleasant teacher passed out texts to all the students, all about the Old Town Clock (of course in Czech ) and everyone tried to understand the articles . The articles then were read aloud and subsequently translated. However, do not think that it was a mere reading comprehension - not at all, no boring hours. The young teacher explained the problematic terms and complemented them with various other examples from everyday life.  Each explanation was accompanied by what would say was a theatrical performance, so that students not only learned new words, but also had fun doing it. On behalf of all the students I would like to thank the young teacher!

In the Powder Tower, the students were divided into groups and were accompanied by students from the Travel and Tourism High School, all conversations were in English, Russian and Spanish. Students from the Russian group (students from Russia and Ukraine) greatly helped the Czech students from the first to third year who had a bit of trouble with the Russian language.  It was nice to see how all the students were able to overcome the language barrier. I even witnessed a lovely exchange of emails that two students passed between themselves in order to meet again and tutor each other in the foreign language.

If I have a little time, I'm sure I will be more than happy to attend another "Cultural Wednesday" in the centre Prague- Albertov. We got along together greatly and had a lot of fun. Moreover, I've seen with my own eyes how learning can be fun at the Centre.


Pictures from this afternoon could be found on our official FACEBOOK.

European Higher Education Fair in Hong Kong

21.03.2014 / Veletrhy a výstavy

In March 15-16 we took part at the biggest Hong Kong Higher Education Fair.

Detailed information and photos could be found on our official Facebook page.

Attention – we extend our offer with new type of insurance!

26.02.2014 / Attention!

From 1st March, we offer to our students (aged 17-26) also a new and unique type of insurance of the PVZP company  - EXCLUSIVE  comprehensive health insurance.

This type of insurance is the first of its kind on the Czech market and can be arranged for at least 12 months.  In contrast to other types of health insurance, the EXCLUSIVE insurance does not have any exceptions, which means that the range of services it covers fully corresponds to public health insurance of Czech citizens – the insurance company covers expenditures on health care in the same way as it does to Czech citizens.

The PVZP insurance company provides its clients with medical care in more than 4500 medical facilities. The total limit for insurance claims is unlimited, maximal limit for a single claim is 3 million CZK.

For more information, click here.

Are you a foreigner and do you need an assistance?

06.02.2014 / Attention!

The Community Centre of the InBaze is a non-governmental organization which has been opened in 2006. "It helps migrants making a new start in the Czech Republic as well as to all those who already have a home here". The Community Centre offers counselling and assistance service and organizes many education and information activities.

Do you know how to prolong your Long-term visa in the Czech Republice? You can download a brochure on "How to properly apply for a residence permit in the Czech Republic?"

More details about InBaze Community Centre could be found on their official website.


Lower prices of health insurance!

31.01.2014 / Attention!

Dear students,

from 1st February 2014, we offer comprehensive health insurance for lower prices!

As the difference between prices of basic and comprehensive insurance sank substantially, we recommend students of year-long courses to apply for the comprehensive health insurance.

More information can be found here.

ATTENTION: New pricelist is valid for students enrolled after 1.2.2014!

NEW Threshold Czech Online Course – B1 level!

29.01.2014 / Online kurzy

The description of the course is here.

CCE Exam Results - Kiev 2013/12

10.01.2014 / CCE

CCE Exam Results from Kiev (December 2013) are available on-line.

Attention! An unprecedented price reduction on preparatory courses in Liberec!

10.01.2014 / Special offers

Do you want to study technical specialisations? Are you interested in mechanical engineering or nanotechnology?

Register for one of our courses in Liberec until May 15, 2014 and get an unprecedented discount of EUR 500! 

The offer is valid for one-year long preparatory courses for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Textile Technologies and Institute for Medical Studies of the Technical University of Liberec. The price for the whole course is now EUR 4640, instead of EUR 5140 as it was previously. The offer is valid only until May 15, 2014.

Students who start studying at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering get also a lump-sum scholarship of EUR 200 after finishing the 1st semester!

Detailed information can be found here for technical specialisations and here for medical specialisations.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Come to the Gaudeamus fair!

02.01.2014 / Attention!

Do not you know where to go after your highschool? Come to one of the Gaudeamus fairs!

Detailed information could be found on its official website:

Attention - false e-mails

20.12.2013 / Attention!


Nowadays there appeared some wrong information sent from a false e-mail address which looked like ILPS address.

The only official ILPS domain is and official e-mail address:

Should you have any questions regarding this matter do not hesitate to contact our Marketing Manager (+420 224 990 419) or contact us on FORUM.

Improve your Czech language knowledge via Skype!

16.10.2013 / Online kurzy

Prague-Albertov Centre now offers Czech Language lessons via Skype.

Connect to Skype and learn Czech Language!

Detailed information here.

Come to meet us during one of the International Education Fairs

15.10.2013 / Attention!

Planned Fairs where ILPS takes place

China (Beijing): 2 Nov -3 Nov 2013 (booth K17)

Russia (Moscow): 7 Nov - 9 Nov 2013

Ukraine (Kijev): 14 Nov 16 Nov 2013

Come to one of our Education Fairs! We are looking forward tо seeing you face to face!

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