Important Information

Important Information


  • Where do I start?

    • For the interview, what you need from us is: study confirmation, study contract, accommodation contract (if you have ordered it from us), medical insurance (if you have ordered it from us). 
    • Following payment in full of the course fees + deposit for accommodation (if in your application form you expressed an interest in reserving a place in university accommodation), you will receive an email from the central study department containing confirmation of your payment. .
    • Together with the confirmation of payment, an appointed advisor will ask you to send the address (remember to always give the full address including post code and telephone number – if you wish your documents to be sent by DHL express post), where the original documents necessary for a study visa/residency permit for the Czech Republic will be sent upon being issued.
      If you would like your documents to be sent by DHL, familiarise yourself with the short instructions here.
    • If you are uncertain as to whether you need to apply for a long-term visa or a residency permit, check whether the country of which you are a citizen appears on the LIST OF COUNTRIES WHOSE CITIZENS ARE NOT SUBJECT TO VISA REQUIREMENTS.
    • An explanation of the difference between an application for long-term residency and a residency permit can be found here.



  • Where and how do I apply?

    Students applying for long term visa

    • The application form for a long-term study visa can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech THE APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED IN CAPITAL LETTERS IN THE LATIN ALPHABET.
    • Purpose of stay: Students of the preparatory courses should enter as the purpose STUDY at point 28 on the form, students of intensive language courses without specialist studies should enter as the purpose OTHER at point 28 on the form.

    Students applying for long-term residency permit

    What to do

    • We recommend that you complete the application before a personal meeting with an employee of the embassy.
    • The application must be submitted to the embassy / general consulate of the Czech Republic in person.
    • You can still register for the interview before receiving all the documents from the central study department (we recommend this especially for students registering for an interview at the end of March or later) – of course, only after you have completed payment and know that you will receive all original documents necessary for the long-term visa application /  residency permit by express post from the central study department within 2-3 weeks and you already have all other necessary confirmations (financial checks and a statement from the criminal records bureau – the statement is required from the country in which the applicant is a citizen as well as any countries the applicant has been resident in for a period of 6 months of longer in the last 3 years).
  • Which language should the documents be in?

    All the documents issued by the central study department of ILPS CU (confirmation of acceptance to study, study agreement, accommodation agreement - if you have reserved accommodation when completing the online application and have paid a deposit), will be in Czech.

    Other documents must be officially translated into Czech. The following documents are affected:

    • Statement from the criminal records bureau
    • Confirmation of financial ability - you must have at least 85,800 CZK in your account for 12 months (for students under 18 years the amount is halved, i.e.  42,900 CZK). In the case of an application for a long-term visa, you must have at least 59.400 CZK (for students under 18 years the amount is halved, i.e. 29,700 CZK)
    • If necessary, written permission from the parents for students under 18 years (the form is available from a solicitor in your country)

    You can order the translation from us! For further information, click here.

  • Summary of important steps

    • Register for one of our courses
    • At the respective office request the statement from the criminal records bureau (it can take up to 4 weeks)
    • Request from your bank  confirmation of the amount in your account - together with confirmation from the bank as to the appropriate amount in your account, submit this to the staff at the embassy / general consulate along with a copy of an international payment card (VISA/MASTERCARD)
    • Pay the tuition fees - (if applicable, also the deposit for accommodation and any health insurance costs)
    • Receipt of documents from the central study department of ILPS CU (confirmation of acceptance to study, study agreement, also the accommodation agreement and health insurance contract - if you have requested these services) in Czech.  In addition, advisors from the study department will also send students under 18 years (those students who will turn 18 after the start of the course) 2 study contracts (one for the  parents to keep and the second to be signed by at least one parent and  which the student then brings to registration) and a form confirming the parents' agreement to the arrival, study and accommodation of their underage son/daughter (the signature on this form must be verified by a solicitor and the student should then return the form upon arrival).
    • Arrange translations of the above-mentioned documents (TRANSLATIONS CAN BE ORDERED FROM US!)
    • Register for an interview
    • Complete the long-term visa/residency permit application (include two passport-sized photos with your application)
    • Make two copies of all the documents (including the page of your passport with personal information)

    Please note! Take with you to the interview the contract for agreed health insurance for foreigners (if you already have it) – DO NOT GIVE AWAY THE ORIGINAL; only submit a copy of the contract to the embassy/general consulate employee.

    Good luck at the interview!

    If you have any questions concerning the visa application process please contact an advisor at the central study department.

  • Where should I submit the visa application?

    An application for a visa for a stay of more than 90 days (visa type D) / residency permit can be submitted only at the embassy / consulate general of the Czech Republic in the country of which the applicant is a citizen or in which he/she has been granted long-term or permanent residency, or in which he/she has been issued travel documents.

    However, there are exceptions. In the attached list of countries, please make sure that you are not a national of a country which is entitled to also file an application for a long-term visa or residency permit at another embassy.

  • How long does the visa process take?

    At least 60 days - in case of long-term study visa or long-term residence permit for the purpose STUDY - Students of ILPS CU Preparatory Courses.

    Usually 90-120 days - in case of long-term visa for the purpose OTHER - Intensive Language courses without specialist studies.


  • Which documents do I need?

    Read which documents you need for the application for a long-term visa or a long-term residency permit.


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