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Do you have excellent knowledge of secondary school curriculum? Would you like to study humanities or art at a Czech university, but you are not 100% sure of your knowledge? We offer a Czech course + specialized subjects of your choice!

What makes the programme different from other preparatory courses?

Students pay only for intensive Czech lessons. Specialized subjects are optional and students choose them and pay for them only after arriving in the Czech Republic, depending on which university they decide to apply to.
The course is intended only for students over 18 years of age

How does it work?

At the beginning of the study, the study assistant helps students with the selection of subjects according to the intended field. Students have an intensive two-week Czech language course (30 hours per week), in which they learn the correct pronunciation and typing on a Czech keyboard.

After the end of the introductory intensive course, the 17-week winter semester begins. In it, students devote 23 hours a week to Czech (22 hours of language, 1 hour of Czech realia). Simultaneously, they study specialized subjects of their choice. The Czech programme takes place in the morning, with specialized subjects taught in the afternoon.

In the summer semester, Czech is taught for 17 hours per week (16 hours of language, 1 hour of Czech realia).

The price of the basic course is 3900 EUR. Additionally, students can buy specialized subjects according to their specialization (180-360 EUR per subject). It is obligatory to choose at least 2 subjects each semester.

How to apply?


What subjects can I buy?

After consulting the Study Assistant, students choose from the following seminars (some take place in both semesters, some only in one):
Please note that prices and amount of hours are mentioned for 1 semester in the table below.

Subject title hours per week price in EUR/semester
Introduction to History of Art 2 180
History of Modern Art  2 180
Basics of European Education  2 180
Basics of European Culture 2 180
Artists' Studio 4 360
Humanities Seminar for artists 2 180
Reading Specialized Texts 2 180
History of Audio-visual Media 2 180
Artistic Monuments of Prague (excursion) 2 180
Descriptive Geometry 2 180
Mathematics – Preparation for SCIO 2 180
Verbal thinking – Preparation for SCIO 2 180
Logics – Preparation for SCIO 2 180
Basics of Social Sciences – preparation for SCIO  2 180
Law 2 180
Geography 2 180
Poligical Geography 2 180
Czech History 2 180
Modern History 2 180
International Organisations, EU 2 180
Politology 2 180
Sociology 2 180
Philosophy and Ethics 2 180
Psychology and Sociology 2 180
English Language 2 180
Translation Seminar 2 180
 English Literature  2 180
 English Realia  2  180


Where will I learn more?

Study Assistant:
Julie Čiženkova
tel., fax: +420 770 106 368
e-mail: studijni.krystal@ujop.cuni.cz
skype: julie.cizenkova1

Světlana Kleisnerová
e-mail: svetlana.kleisnerova@ujop.cuni.cz


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