New Director of ILPS CU

New Director of ILPS CU

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Preparatory Courses

Preparatory Courses

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Czech online courses - general information and study plan

Study format

All courses in the Centre of Information and Communication Technologies in Education are in electronic form available via Internet (i.e. online courses) assisted by a tutor (e-learning).

Study materials are implemented in a learning management system called iTutor, mediating communication between students and tutors, in addition to recording their work. It is accessible upon log-in.

The tutors help and check students' work. Communication is practised throughout with the use of chatboxes and e-mail messages.

Students may sit a final exam at the end of each semester. The exam is mandatory for those students who require a certificate.


Study Plan

  • 1 module = 1 month of tutored self-studying
  • 2 modules = 2 months of tutored self-studying
  • 3 modules = 3 months of tutored self-studying
  • 4 modules = 4 months of tutored self-studying
  • 5 modules = 5 months of tutored self-studying

The course remains accessible after the period of tutor assistance until the end of the respective academic year.

If you purchase more modules that take longer to complete in a given academic year, studies are interrupted for the July and August holiday and continue the following academic year.


Study Assistance

  • tutors are available at all times to answer questions, check assignments, and correct essays; tutors respond to students’ questions asynchronously within 48 hours
  • communication is practised via chatboxes and e-mail messages between student and tutor or among students; chatboxes are moderated by tutors

Interactive study materials

  • all exercises are self-check
  • students can check their answers immediately or display the correct answer
  • controlled studying: students must complete at least 60% of the contents on each evaluated page in a lesson in order to continue with the next lesson

The course has not been technically adapted for students with learning difficulties or visual impairments or those who are blind.


Outline of Essential Czech Grammar for Foreign Students

Besides the free study materials available in the download section, we recommend purchasing Outline of Essential Czech Grammar for Foreign Students.


Outline of Essential Czech Grammar for Foreign Students €10
+ postage

Postage and Packaging

Czech Republic
Czech Republic – cash on delivery
Europe €15
Countries outside Europe €19

Prices include postage and packaging of parcels up to 2kg in the dimensions set by the Czech Postal Service for registered mail (international parcels will be sent via priority mail).

Parcels of greater weight and/or size will be charged additional postage fees according to the Czech Postal Service pricelist.


Final Examination

  • is compulsory for those students who require a certificate
  • must be taken in person at the Centre of Information and Communication Technologies in Education in Podebrady, Czech Republic
  • takes place during the academic year (not during the academic holidays) upon agreement between the student and the tutor
  • can only be taken by those students who book the whole course at one level and successfully complete at least 60% of its content
  • consists of the following parts: grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing


Final Examination CZK 300

Terms of Study

Terms of Study


Who leads the students through the courses?

Students are led through each course by the voices of the well-known Czech actors who also dubbed many famous films into Czech:

Jana Mařasová

Jana Mařasová

Zbyšek Pantůček

Zbyšek Pantůček

+420 224 990 420
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