Preparatory Courses for University Study - Detailed Information

Choosing a course

Students select their course based on the subject they wish to study at university in the Czech Republic. An integral part of the teaching is therefore formed not only by intensive Czech studies but also specialist subjects based on the student's future field of study. For example, those interested in Economics will most likely take a university entrance exam consisting of mathematics and English; future medics will be competing in the field of science during the admission process. In order for the tuition to be of the highest quality and to ensure that specialist subjects are taught by experts in each field, each centre focuses on specific disciplines.

Further important information to take into account is the level at which candidates wish to continue their university study in the Czech Republic. Other skills and knowledge must of course also be demonstrated by future Bachelor's, Master's or even doctoral students during the admissions process.

The fields of study can be broken down using the following key:

  • Economics subjects – Prague (Hostivar)
  • Technical subjects – Poděbrady
  • Humanities subjects – Prague (Krystal)
  • Science subjects and Medicine – Mariánské Lázně
  • Artistic subjects and architecture – Prague (Krystal)
  • Czech Language for Foreigners - Prague (Vorsilska)

Course organization

The preparatory course is divided into two semesters. The winter semester begins in September with a two-week intensive course of Czech. The lessons are assigned to  students according to the date of their arrival.

Following these two weeks, students are split into classes according to their specialization.  Czech language classes naturally take up the greatest number of lesson hours;  the other subjects correspond to the type of field to be studied.

The winter semester ends approximately mid-January. In some of the courses the  students only earn credits. The major subjects, however, in addition require  taking mid-term/semester exams.

The summer semester starts in February and lasts till the end of May. The  requirements for the successful completion of the study programme are similar to  those of the winter semester. Those students who successfully complete the  programme will receive a certificate.



Study conditions

The Study Centres try to create the best possible conditions for study and to secure all the necessary equipment. Special textbooks are published to  meet students' needs. These take into account the fact that he/she has a  beginner's level of Czech.  Computer rooms are available. Students may also go to local libraries.

Student housing is available in nearby dormitories.


How many ILPS CU students are succesful at entrance exams to state universities?

Study fields Probability of success*
Technical 97% and more
Economics 83%
Medical and natural sciences 76%
Humanities 64%

*At entrance exams to state universities



Documents required by the Czech Education Office

The international student who wants to study at faculties in the Czech Republic  must have his/her secondary education recognized by the Czech Education Office.

Recognition requirements:

  • a validated copy of the final examination certificate
  • a full description of all subjects taught - number of hours (weekly) must be included
  • notarized Czech or English translation of all above mentioned certificates (a translation from English to Czech, as required by the Czech Education Office, may be provided upon request)

The legalization of documents, e.g. school diplomas and  transcripts, is in accordance with international agreements, conventions and  consular treaties.

Documents from countries which have a  bilateral agreement with the Czech Republic, do not have to be legalized.

Documents from countries which have  signed the Hague Convention must have an Apostille.

Documents from other countries need  to be super-legalized, i.e. they must have a stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country the documents are from and an additional stamp from the Czech Embassy/Consulate in that country.

Information regarding the different types of agreements should be available at the Czech Embassies/Consulates in the given countries.

Please, take note that the only  translations recognized of school transcripts, degrees, diplomas as well as birth  certificates are the ones translated by a Czech certified translator. In  exceptional cases and only those translations done at a Czech Embassy/Consulate  in a given country, may be accepted.



Application form

The deadline for submitting the application is:

  • 31 May for students who require a visa
    Applications submitted after this date will be considered for admission on an individual basis. Admission is not guaranteed.
  • 31 Aug for students from the European Union

The Student Services Department will process your application and send you further necessary information and instructions for payment and accommodation. Information will be sent to the email provided on the application. For students requiring a visa, after receipt of payment we will send a study confirmation to the address provided on the approved application form. The study confirmation is necessary for requesting a visa.



Where can I get more information?

For more information contact our Student Services Department at:

Charles University           
Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies            
Vratislavova 29/10             
128 00  Prague 2            
Czech Republic            
tel.: +420 224 990 420            
fax:  +420 224 990 453            


Payment instructions

The full cost of the course includes tuition fees for language and vocational subjects, about 30–35 lessons per week, including basic materials.

We would like to inform all students interested in our courses to arrange for a long-term  residence visa at the Czech Embassy in their country.

Each participant in a course is obliged to present his/her payment receipt at the opening of the course.

In the Czech Republic, it is possible to take health insurance after an initial medical examination.

The minimum number of participants for a course is six (6).

The approximate charge for accommodation:                   

  • Hostels at study centres, EUR 4–9 per day                    
  • Hostels in Prague, from  EUR 7-12 per day

The full cost for the course may be remitted  to our account:                

Komercni banka                
Na Prikope 33                
114 07 Praha 1                
Account Number: 271838690257/0100                

Please include the name of the student with payment.



Why is it important if I speak Russian?

As we have a large number of students from the former Soviet Union, we have created come courses specially for Russian native speakers, who will learn Czech in a different way and at a different rate than, for example, students from Asia or Africa. This is why some of our courses are only available to students who speak Russian at native speaker level. Courses for non-Russian speakers are open to all.

+420 224 990 420
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