The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, Charles University offers a large selection of Czech courses at varying levels of difficulty and intensity.

We cater for both those interested in intensive year-long or semester courses, as well as those who prefer shorter courses (six-week, summer) or less intensive courses. 

Would you like to get a diploma recognised throughout Europe, but Czech entrance exams seems too hard for you?

Register for one of our year-long intensive preparatory courses, where our experienced tutors will teach you Czech to the level required by state universities. You won't even have a problem with your specialist subject. It's right on this course that our quality tutors will also focus on the specialist terminology required to pass the entrance exams. Our preparatory courses are very intensive; for university you will be preparing for 36 weeks with an intensity of 35 hours a week!

If you have chosen a study programme in English, choose form our offer of preparatory courses in the English language (in our Poděbrady centre).

Do you already have a university education and need Czech for work, or would you like to learn a new language?

Just for you ILPS CU offers intensive and non-intensive Czech language courses at our study centre in Prague-Albertov.


You just need to choose one of our language courses and leave the rest to us!

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