Special preparatory course for students from China and other remote countries

The course is focussed primarily on Chinese students, who have a Chinese study assistant at their disposal, among other. However, it is also suitable for students from Vietnam and other SE Asian countries and in general countries with a language very different from Czech.

We have prepared the course for you with great care in cooperation with experts from the Methodology Centre, and our aim is to adapt it as much as possible to your language and cultural conditions. It is an intensive course with 35 teaching lessons per week for two semesters. Our main emphasis is on teaching Czech: if after taking the course you pass entrance exams for a university field taught in Czech, you will be studying under the same conditions as Czech students, i.e. above all for free.

Considering your future studies in Europe, we have also added the English language, Czech and European facts classes to the course (Chinese students will partly take them in their language). Trips, excursions and cultural events are part of the course too.

The course is designated for students aged 16 or older with complete secondary school education (please note that we can accept you to the course even if you only have a lower secondary education, but for acceptance to Czech universities, you must have a complete secondary school education!).

If you pass the course successfully, you will attain B1 level according to CEFR, which is sufficient for some Czech universities. Is this not enough for you because you want to be accepted to a prestigious university that requires B2 level? No problem. We have prepared a two-semester follow-up course for a special price. You don't have to rush to decide about the follow-up course: you can submit your application during the second semester of studies with us. And because registration is not open to the public, you don't have to worry about being held back in the advanced course by students without a solid foundation from our program.

Courses are designed for candidates interested in the following fields:

  • 0311 Economics (Economics and Administration, National Economy, etc.)
  • 0411 Accounting and taxation (Finance and Banking, Taxation and Financial Business Management, etc.)
  • 0412 Finance, banking and insurance (Economics and Finance, Banking and Insurance, Finance and Taxation etc.)
  • 0413 Marketing and advertising (Business Economy and Management, etc.)
  • 0488 Inter-disciplinary programmes and qualifications involving business, administration and law (International Economic Relations, etc.)
  • 1013 Hotel, restaurants and catering (Hotel and Tourism, etc.)
  • 0231 Language Acquisition (Czech for Foreigners, Czech as Foreign Language, etc.)

Prague (Hostivar) Centre

Course duration

September 2021 – June 2022


5 740 EUR

(lessons and basic teaching materials)

Number of lessons per week

35 hours per week

+420 775 061 669

+420 224 990 420
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