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Bohemistics - Bachelor´s Degree

  • In the preparation course for studying bachelor degree in Czech for Foreigners (within the studying field Philology) we offer for students morning lessons focused on the current Czech language at the appropriate level according to CEFR and in accordance with the requirements for entrance exams.
  • Basic preparation of linguistic, literary, historical, sociocultural and sociogeographic studies takes place in the form of afternoon interactive workshops. The content of teaching in seminars is adapted to the specific requirements of the university entrance examinations in the given field.
  • Teachers from Czech departments of higher education universities will lecture all courses and workshops.
  • Students acquire knowledge of the Czech environment through regular cultural activities. Every Wednesday afternoon, we offer an active cultural program which focuses on literature, film, art and music. Additionally, student participate in favorable educational walking tours with expert guides.
  • Richly stocked library is available to students daily. Students may borrow literature required for the entrance examinations in the given field in the Czech language (e.g. grammar books of the Czech language, dictionaries, basic linguistic literature and manuals on the theory and history of literature, Czech textbooks, Czech fiction, audio / video materials).
  • Student may take advantage of available individual consultations.


The total number of lessons per week is 35 (out of which 25 lessons of Czech language in the First semester and 20 lessons of Czech language in the Second semester). Detailed information on the number of special courses can be found in the table below.


Special courses and weekly number of hours


1st semester (a total of 10 lessons per week)   2nd semester (a total of 15 lessons per week)  
Introduction to language 3 lessons Current Czech language 6 lessons
Introduction to Literature 3 lessons Czech literature 5 lessons
History of the Czech Lands 2 lessons History of the Czech Lands 2 lessons
Socio-cultural seminar 2 lessons Socio-geographical seminar  2 lessons



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Two-semester variant

Application deadline 15.05.2018

Albertov 7/3a
128 00 Prague 2

Course duration

September 2018 - June 2019


5 540 EUR price after discount 5 040 EUR

Number of lessons per week

35 teaching hours per week



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