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Economics - Doctoral - Information - PhD - Podebrady

Who is the course for?

The one-year course prepares students who have already received a university degree in their country and would like to continue in a doctoral programme at a university in the Czech Republic to be awarded, after successful completion, the title of Ph.D.

The course is open to students who have been granted a scholarship by the Czech Republic government and self-paying students. Information regarding scholarships and necessary documents and other requirements may be obtained at authorized representatives of the Czech Republic (at your local Czech Embassy or Consulate).

Requirements are:

  • A title for the project on which you would like to work
  • Declaration of Specialization
  • Submission of a copy of your university diploma and exam results
  • All documents must be in Czech or English

Course organization

The preparatory course is divided into two semesters. The winter semester begins approximately mid-September with a two-week intensive course of Czech. The lessons are assigned to students according to the date of their arrival. In October students are split into different classes according to their specialization.

During the winter semester, Czech language classes focus primarily on acquiring knowledge of basic grammar rules as well as the four language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) as required by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Curriculum is supplemented with English language lessons. The winter semester ends at the end of January. The first semester ends with Czech language semester exams.

The summer semester starts at the beginning of February and lasts till the end of May. During this second semester, the majority of time is also spent on the Czech language, studying in greater depth the already acquired lexico-grammatical skills of the first semester, as well as focusing on specialized terminology according to the student's study field, academic writing and expression in speech, and sociolinguistic competence. Czech classes are supplemented with lessons of English. At this time, students are already in contact with the universities (counselors, student affairs, faculty departments, professors, etc.) and will be getting ready for their entrance examinations alone or under the guidance of a university counselor. These counselors will provide information to the students regarding the exact requirements for entrance exams and, if necessary, assist students with further issues.

Requirements for successful completion of the study programme are similar to those of the winter semester. Those students who successfully complete the programme will receive a certificate.


Semester exams

The Czech midterm examination consists of two parts and is administered over a two day period:

  • Day one – Written Exam (Listening, Reading, Lexico-grammatical test, Writing)            
  • Day two – Oral Exam

Study conditions

The Study Center creates the best possible conditions for the student's needs as well as provide all necessary study materials and equipment. Specialized textbooks have been published to meet the needs of students at the Czech elementary level.

A PC room and study hall are available. Students can take advantage of the school library.

Student accomodation is available at the Charles University Dormitory in Poděbrady. The dorm is located close to the town centre.


Documents necessary for admission

Each university and faculty generally have different requirements, which are published on their websites. International students who want to study in a doctoral study programme must have their university diplomas verified.

Necessary documents for verification:

  • Attested five-year university degree (four-year study programmes are generally not accepted)
  • Course work including credit hours
  • Notarized Czech or English translations of the above documentation

Additional documents necessary for entrance exams:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • List of published works
  • Summary of professional work (conferences, seminars, lectures...)
  • The subject of the dissertation


Verified documents according to international treaties, contracts, and consular agreements.

Documents from states which have a bilateral agreement with the Czech Republic do not have to be legalized.

Documents from states which are party to the Hague Convention (regarding Apostille's) must be attached with an Apostille Certificate.

Documents from other states require Super Legalisation. Information (regarding individual contract and agreements) regarding types of LEGALISATION may be obtained abroad at Czech consular offices.

Please take note that translations of school transcripts and diplomas are recognized only if translated by a Czech court translator. For exceptional cases, translations obtained abroad at Czech Embassies are accepted.



Application form

The deadline for submitting the application is:

  • 15 May for students who require a visa
    Applications submitted after this date will be considered for admission on an individual basis. Admission is not guaranteed.
  • 31 Aug for students from the European Union

The Student Services Department will process your application and send you further necessary information and instructions for payment and accommodation. Information will be sent to the email provided on the application. For students requiring a visa, after receipt of payment we will send a study confirmation to the address provided on the approved application form. The study confirmation is necessary for requesting a visa.


Where can I get more information?

For more information contact our Student Services Department at:

Charles University in Prague            
Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies            
Vratislavova 29/10             
128 00  Prague 2            
Czech Republic            
tel.: +420 224 990 420            
fax:  +420 224 990 453            


Payment instructions

Full cost: EUR 5,140

The full cost of the course includes tuition fees for language and vocational subjects, about 30–35 lessons per week, including basic materials.

We would like to inform all students interested in our courses to arrange for a long-term  residence visa at the Czech Embassy in their country.
Each participant in a course is obliged to present his/her payment receipt at the opening of the course.
In the Czech Republic, it is possible to take health insurance after an initial medical examination.
The minimum number of participants for a course is six (6).

The approximate charge for accommodation:

  • Hostels at study centres outside Prague, EUR 4–9 per day                    
  • Hostels at study centres in Prague, EUR 7-12 per day

The full cost for the course may be remitted  to our account:

Komercni banka                
Na Prikope 33                
114 07 Praha 1                
Account Number: 271838690257/0100                

Please include the name of the student with payment.


+420 224 990 420
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