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About the Centre

The Centre is located in a quiet part of Prague 6, in the Krystal hotel complex. There is a quick tram and metro connection to the city centre. Students also have the opportunity to stay in the hotel in double rooms. Classrooms and teachers' offices are in a separate section of the hotel. Some subjects are taught in a computer room.

The Centre was established in 2010.


Do you help students when dealing with the authorities?

Yes, the Centre employs a Curator who assists students in initially applying to the Foreign Police and in obtaining the necessary translations and documents for an application for nostrification.

Světlana Kleisnerová


Contact with partners

Parents can write an e-mail to the Study Assistant at any time and ask about their children's results, and they can also send their questions to the Director or other staff of the Krystal Centre via the Assistant. It is, of course, possible to arrange a visit to the Centre in advance and meet the teachers or the management in person.

Julie Čiženková



Students are obliged to attend classes, study, and prepare for lessons actively in the form of self-study, homework, as well as preparation of presentations and papers.

A monthly absence is allowed, which does not exceed 20%; absences are added up during the semester.
At the end of the semester, the student is obliged to pass all set exams and credits.

In the event that students do not fulfil their duties, the Centre's management will proceed to the following disciplinary sanctions:

• warning
• conditional expulsion
• expulsion from studies (with loss of the right to a refunded tuition fee)

In case of disciplinary or other problems, parents will be informed and asked to cooperate.


What qualifications do your teachers have?

All our teachers are university-educated teachers with many years of experience teaching in various types of public and private schools. Czech teachers are members of the Association of Czech Language Teachers; all teachers participate in various trainings and workshops. In addition, the quality of teaching is continuously monitored by the Centre's management.

Students have the opportunity to use the consultation hours of their teachers and to ask for an explanation or addition to the curriculum at any time. Students are included in classes for teaching Czech: each class is taken care of by a class teacher, who deals with students in all organizational and personal matters within the classroom hours or by appointment at another time.

Teachers treat students as future university students: they expect and anticipate motivation, active cooperation, independence, and maximum commitment in preparation for lessons. During the year, students should also get used to the fact that personal commitment and responsibility are the basis of their future success.

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