Humanities and Artistic fields - Masters

Do you have a Bachelor's degree and want to continue your studies in the Czech Republic? Sign up for a course in Prague-Krystal!

Students learn Czech language intensively in the courses, to which professional subjects of the humanities are added later.
Students must master Czech language at the B2 level by the end of the summer semester. In the winter semester they have the opportunity to choose 8 (in the summer semester 12) hours of professional seminars according to their specialization. In the summer semester, they have the opportunity to attend lectures at universities in their field.

We would like to draw the attention of those interested to the fact that at some faculties the proper precondition for studying in a Master's study program is the proper completion of studies in a Bachelor's study program in the same field.

Prerequisite for successful passing of entrance exams for Master's studies is knowledge of the field at the level of completed Bachelor's studies. The aim of preparatory course in the Prague-Krystal Center is primarily to master the professional terminology of the field and to deepen academic skills (seminars in the 2nd semester).

NOTE! This study is very demanding for students with a typologically different mother tongue; we recommend choosing this study especially if you are planning to apply for art colleges or you are considering Czech studies for foreigners.

Other possible study programmes:

  • 0111 Education science (Paedagogical sciences (education), etc.)
  • 0188 Inter-disciplinary programmes and qualifications involving education (English language for Education, etc.)
  • 0211 Audio-visual techniques and media production (Ilustration, Film and video production, Radio and TV production etc.)
  • 0213 Fine Arts (Art Theory, History of Arts,Design, etc.)
  • 0215 Music and performing arts (Theatre, Theatre Sciences, etc.)
  • 0231 Language Acquisition (Czech for Foreigners, Czech as Foreign Language, etc.)
  • 0232 Literature and linguistic (Linguistics, Philology, etc.)
  • 0288 Inter-disciplinary programmes and qualifications involving arts and humanities (English and American Studies, Humanities, etc.)
  • 0312 Political sciences and civics (Political Science, International Relations, Security and Strategic Studies etc.)
  • 0313 Psychology
  • 0314 Sociology and cultural studies (Sociology, Demography/population studies, etc.)
  • 0321 Journalism and Reporting (Journalism, Media and Communication Studies, etc.)
  • 0413 Management and administration (Training management, etc.)
  • 0421 Law
  • 0488 Inter-disciplinary programmes and qualifications involving business, administration and law (International Economic Relations, etc.)
  • 0532 Earth sciences (Geography (physical) etc.)
  • 0731 Architecture and town planning (Architecture, Building design, etc.)

Prague (Krystal) Centre

The preparatory course has two variants:
1) Classic preparatory course (5,740 EUR) with intensive Czech lessons and specialized subjects according to the field of your future study.

2) Czech + specialized subjects of your choice (3,900 EUR) for exceptionally gifted students over 18 years of age with excellent knowledge of the secondary school curriculum. It includes Czech lessons and you choose optional subjects (price of each subject is 180-360 EUR/subject/semester). It is obligatory to choose at least 2 subjects each semester.

Course duration

September 2021 - June 2022


5740 EUR

Number of lessons per week

35 lessons a week (classical course)


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