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Engineering in English

Technical Preparatory Course takes place in a spa town of Podebrady.

The course focuses on maximizing student´s chances on entering a faculty of their choice by preparing them to particular entrance examinations and improving their level of English (native speakers attend additional Czech language lessons instead).

Detailed list of subjects as well as prices is in the following table.

Podebrady Centre

Course duration

September 2018 - June 2019


6 180 EUR

Subjects Taught

English, Czech, mathematics, physics


Ing. Daniela Vlkova


Ustav jazykove a odborne pripravy
Univerzita Karlova
Jiriho nam.1, c/o
290 36 Podebrady
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 325 613 463


We have extended the admitions for students with a visa requirement by May 31, 2018. From June 1, 2018, we only accept of from students who do not require a visa.

Application It is not possible to apply at this time.
+420 224 990 420
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