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Course Design

One-year preparatory course classes will be held at the ILPS CU Liberec centre as well as the Technical University of Liberec. This will help students become familiar with the university environment from the very beginning of their studies.

Besides the intensive tuition of the Czech language, students will have an opportunity to study technical subjects which are taught directly at the university; adopted syllabi of technical textbooks, which respect student's language competence, will be used as a source to teach these subjects. We also offer foreign language courses.


Winter Semester

Czech lessons will be taught in the ILPS CU Liberec classrooms, situated in the centre of town. In the first two weeks of the winter semester, all students will complete a Czech language course (30 lessons per week). Students enrolled on a standard module of the preparatory course will continue to have 35 lessons per week (23 lessons of Czech + 12 lessons of technical subjects).

Students enrolled on an intensive Czech course will have 23 lessons per week of the Czech language.

Our courses prepare students for everyday life in the Czech Republic: tuition includes basic facts about the country's geography, political system, history, culture, and other aspects of life in the Czech Republic.

Other classes of the first semester include tuition of technical subjects, technical terminology and foreign languages.
The winter semester is concluded by sitting a Czech language examination at the B1 level and technical subject examinations.


Summer Semester

The summer semester of the standard course module consists of 20 lessons of Czech and 15 lessons of technical subjects. The summer semester is concluded by a final Czech language examination at the B2 level.
Classes of technical subjects aim to teach students technical terminology of individual subjects and train them in presentation. At the end of the semester, students will receive credits for completing a technical course.

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