Engineering – Masters

Follow-on Master´s degree programs are especially designed for Bachelor´s diploma holders with an interest in Engineering. The courses take place in a spa town of Podebrady.

The students intensively study the Czech language first, professional subjects which are required for university entrance exams are added into their program later within the first month. In addition to their regular program, the students are able to attend lectures at selected universities.

Master´s diploma holders who plan to enter PhD programs at universities in the Czech Republic can also take part in this course.

The courses are designed for candidates interested in the following subjects:

  • 0533 Physics (Physics, Optics, Astrophysics, Biophysics, Applied Natural Sciences, etc.)
  • 0541 Mathematics (Mathematics, Mathematics for Information Technology, Mathematical Modeling in Physics and Technology, etc.)
  • 0610 Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) - (Informatics, Mechatronics, Applied Informatics, Information Technology, etc.)
  • 0612 Database and network design and administration (Open Informatics, Software Systems, etc.)
  • 0613 Software and applications development and analysis (Security and IT, Programming and Software Systems, Application Development, Information Technology, etc.)
  • 0688 Inter-disciplinaryprogrammes and qualifications involvingInformation and Communication Technologies (ICTs) (ICT, Applied informatics, Systems engineering and informatics, Security and IT, etc.)
  • 0710 Engineering and engineering trades (Mechanical engeneering, etc.)
  • 0713 Electricity and energy
  • 0714 Electronics and automation (Electrical Engineering and Communication, Cybernetics and Robotics, Control and Information Systems, etc.)
  • 0715 Mechanics and Metal Trades (Construction Machinery and Equipment, Engineering Technologies, Metallurgical Engineering, etc.)
  • 0716 Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft (Cybernetics and robotics - aerospace systems, etc.)
  • 0719 Engineering and engineering trades not elsewhere classified (Nanotechnology, Physical Engineering, etc.)
  • 0723 Textiles (clothes, foot wear and leather - nanomaterials and nonwoven fabrics
  • 0731 Architecture and town planning (Architecture, Building design, etc.)
  • 0732 Building and civil engineering (Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Transport Constructions, etc.)
  • 1041 Transport Services (Logistics in Transport, Air Transport, Road and City Automobile Transport, Intelligent Transport Systems, etc.)

Podebrady Centre

The winter semester concludes with an end-of-semester exam, the summer semester concludes with the final exam. At the end of the course, students have the option of sitting a certified examination in Czech that complies to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

In the winter semester, the students take classes together with Bachelors. The semester is predominantly dedicated to teaching Czech and specialist terminology. During the course students gain basic communicative proficiency and acquire a knowledge of the Czech grammar system to such a level that they can handle everyday situations. Great attention is also paid to writing skills and the ability to express oneself independently. Right from the second month of the winter semester students acquire the terminology required for their studies in the fields of economics and engineering (e.g. by reading and analysing technical texts).

In the summer semester, students already have special Masters´ classes. The condition for inclusion in the course is English at B1 level, which students demonstrate by passing an English exam by the beginning of the summer semester. Students must also pass a Czech mid-term/semester exam. During the summer semester English lessons also form part of the course. Further tuition then progresses according to the directions of the relevant institute (ČVUT) with the possibility of attending seminars and lectures.

Study Conditions

Tuition takes place at the castle. The study centre is approx. 10 minutes away from the student dormitories. A computer room with internet access is available, as well as table tennis equipment and a gym.

We offer accommodation in a nearby dormitory.


Course duration

September 2021 - June 2022


5 740 EUR

Number of lessons per week

1st semester - 35 lessons/week
2nd semester - 30 lessons/week


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