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Course organization

The preparatory course is divided into two semesters. The winter semester begins in September with a two-week intensive course of Czech. The lessons are assigned to  students according to the date of their arrival.

Following these two weeks, students are split into classes according to their specialization.  Czech language classes naturally take up the greatest number of lesson hours;  the other subjects correspond to the type of field to be studied.

The winter semester ends approximately mid-January. In some of the courses the  students only earn credits. The major subjects, however, in addition require  taking mid-term/semester exams.

The summer semester starts in February and lasts till the end of May. The  requirements for the successful completion of the study programme are similar to  those of the winter semester. Those students who successfully complete the  programme will receive a certificate.

We would like to stress the fact that we offer NO PREPARATION whatsoever for the field of the arts or for  study programmes at different faculties of  architecture or Arts and Crafts Schools!!!


Subject courses on offer

Humanities subjects                 

  • Journalism – a very popular subject, therefore there are several rounds of entrance examinations.              
    The OSP or TSP tests are followed by subject-specific exams in general knowledge and tests in English and Czech.            
  • Philology and linguistics (Czech for Foreigners) – single-honours degree, possible to combine with another subject.              
    Entrance examinations consist of a Czech language test at B2 level and also test knowledge of Czech culture, history and realia of the Czech Republic.

If a student chooses to study a different subject, he/she is assigned to the group which is most relevant to the student's specialisation and the entrance examinations, which he/she must pass to gain admission to university. However, at the same time, he/she must take into account, that we are unable to provide any other premium study programme, due to his/her specific study specialisation.

Technical subjects (various specialisations)

To study technical subjects, you must have a good knowledge of mathematics and the basics of physics.


Economics subjects (various specialisations)

To study economics subjects, you must have a good knowledge of mathematics and English and pass a Czech language test.



Study conditions

The Study Centre tries to create the best possible conditions for study  and to secure all the necessary equipment. Special textbooks are published to  meet students' needs. These take into account the fact that he/she has a  beginner's level of Czech.  A computer room and a study hall are available. Students may also go to the  local library.

Student housing is available at the Charles University Hall of Residence in  Poděbrady. The hall is located near the town center.


Do you need more information?

For more information contact our Student Services Department at:

Charles University in Prague            
Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies            
Vratislavova 29/10             
128 00  Prague 2            
Czech Republic            
tel.: +420 224 990 420            
fax:  +420 224 990 453            


About the centre

The Poděbrady Study Centre is a specialized institution dedicated to preparing international  students for studies at Czech universities.

The one-year course prepares students in the humanities, economics and  technical fields for studies at Czech universities.

This one-year programme is meant for students to whom the Government of the Czech Republic  has granted scholarships as well as for self-paying students. You may obtain  information about scholarships at your local Czech Embassy or Consulate.

+420 224 990 420
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