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Here are some of our students' evaluations of our courses from May 2014:

Anonymous respondent: „It was a good course, all the teachers were good. Our class was good and we had a lot of fun!"

Anonymous respondent: „The student office's Alena [Mrs Borovičková] is great! She was always there when I needed help. I liked everything about the course, and if I had a chance to study at the Hostivař centre again, I would not think twice."

Anonymous respondent: „I am very happy to have had a chance to study the course. I will miss the school."

Anonymous respondent: „I was very happy with the course, I liked everything about it. I would like to thank Alena for being ready to help anytime. I really liked the trip to the cities of Liberec and Pardubice, which were organized by her. The centre director is a very nice person – he is sometimes very strict and demanding but also cheerful. During the trip, he told us interesting stories of all the places that we visited."

Anonymous respondent: „The courses at ILPS CU are an excellent study opportunity for foreign students. Completing the course made it easier for each graduate to be admitted to a local university, and it taught them useful things. In my opinion, these courses are the best in the Czech Republic."

Erasmus student: Thank you very much for your work, I did really enjoy these 3 weeks. I wanted to learn Czech earlier and now I had the chance to do so in Prague for free! The schedule was okay, the programmes were really nice, and I really liked the company. We allready know Prague a bit, and thanks again!

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