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Prague (Hostivar) - Accommodation

In Prague-Hostivar Centre, we offer accommodation to students of Prague-Hostivar Centre.

In the Hostivar dormitory, students can choose between single-room and double-room accommodation. Single rooms offer a higher standard of living, as there is more space and each of the rooms is equipped with a fridge. Students who live in double rooms have to share fridges which are located on each floor.

All rooms have a toilet and shower. It is possible to bring your own electric appliances. In the rooms, there are no towels and kitchen utensils.

On each floor, there are 10 rooms which have a shared kitchen and a club room. The kitchen is equipped with basic utensils, however, we recommend the students to buy their own utensils in the first weeks of their stay in Prague. The kitchen is equipped with an induction cooker – so think of it when you buy your cooking utensils (pots, pans...).

In the dormitory, there is also a laundry where students can, for a small fee, have their clothes washed and dried. It is also possible to orders meals in a canteen, which is located in the campus.  In the lobby of the dormitory, there is a drink vending machine  as well as a self service copy centre. In the neighbourhood of the dormitory, there is also a supermarket and a restaurant.

In the whole dormitory, it is strictly forbidden to smoke!

Photos of the dormitory you can find in the photo gallery.


Accommodation pricelist

The accommodation deposit of 600 EUR covers your stay in referant dormitory for duration 60 - 90 days according to the type of room closen by student. For more information about payment and accommodation please contact the accommodation manager: Michal Janů, e-mail: ubytovani.hostivar@ujop.cuni.cz


Accommodation Price list

Accommodation contract

Accommodation terms and conditions



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