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Tanja, Switzerland, 20 years old: Two years ago I decided to learn Czech at Albertov. I wanted to take it just one semester and now it's already my fourth. It was the best time of my life. I met interesting friends from all over the world, and I even found a best friend. I learned not only the Czech language but also how to talk to strangers.
I would never imagine that I will be able to Czech like I know it today. I cannot forget all the great cultural events at Albertov. I attended a theatre club and students' concerts which was very interesting and helped me with my Czech.
Thank you all for this great time in Albertov!

Nina, Georgia, 20 years old: Magical place! I never knew how rapidly language skills develop, and all this I learned thanks to the best teachers, who teach at Albertov.
Albertov offered me everything that I missed: concerts, singing, theatre, trips to the most beautiful cities in the country. I made friends with impeccable people and excellent teachers.
I love the timetable for Albert - it's not just two hours a day, but almost the entire school day of intensive teaching, speaking, writing, and many interesting tasks. And all this is in the best location in Prague.

Stacey, Netherlands, 26 years old: I recommend to a friend to study at Albertov because when he has time, I think it's the fastest and the best method to learn Czech. The staff is professional and the teachers are qualified and speaks engagingly. Lessons are interesting and I like it. Albertov also offers activities for students.

Tatiana, Russia, 31 years old: Albertov for us has always been an open door to knowledge. Simply just decide and buy a Czech course. It is a great place to learn and I cannot imagine my life without Albertov and Czech.

Nghia, Vietnam, 20 years old: I studied Czech in Albertov for one year. And I think that, thanks to the excellent teachers I have learned Czech, and I now I also know a lot of friends from different countries.

Verena, Germany, 24 years: I suggest to my friend to study in Albertov because teachers are likeable, cheerful and able to teach well. When I have questions, our teacher always tells me everything. Also, books are good and the secretaries are very friendly and accommodating.

Petro, Ukraine, 18 years old: I would recommend to my friend Vladimir to study Czech at Albertov because it's good.

Alexandra, Russia, 23 years old: I would recommend it to all my friends because it is a wonderful school that has great teachers and the teaching is carried out at a high level.

Olga, Russia, 22 years old: At the Albertov centre there are very good teachers, interesting events and it is located in the centre of Prague.

Vladimir, Russia, 27 years old: I would recommend studying Czech at Albertov, because it is the best place in the country, where we can learn to speak Czech.

Kornelia, Ukraine, 18 years old: I would recommend to my friends Albertov, because there are good teachers and I like it here.

Alejandro, Bolivia, 19 years old: Classes are fun. The course is great. I learned everything quickly and knowledgably.

Other video testimonials could be found here: http://www.cestina-na-albertove.cz/clanky/video.html

Samer, 17 years old (Preparatory couse for high school students): I am a Syrian. I studied one year at Charles University in Prague, where it is possible to study Czech language. My class had only 4 people, because so far not many people want to study in high school. But in other classes there were about 15 people in each. When I began to study, I could not talk to anyone in Czech. I gradually improved and now I can speak well. In addition, I applied to high school and they told me that I have first take a test to know my level. I passed the test thanks to the help of teachers from the course. During the course, I took part in several extracurricular activities that also helped me get to know the Czech Republic, learn the Czech language and get to know other students in the school. The only problem fI had was the high price for the course, but in the end it was a good investment.

Galina, Russia, 32 (Individual course student): I attended one of the Czech language courses that the Prague-Albertov study centre of ILPS CU provides. I needed to prepare for my exam in Czech translation, and the course helped me pass the exam. I really enjoyed the classes – the teachers are very good and give high-quality tuition. I would definitely recommend my friends to study there.

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