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Podebrady - Accommodation

NOTE! The exact type of room where the student will be living can be guaranteed only after the student lets us know that he/she has got the visa, and after a binding reservation at the study department (

Long-term accommodation (year-long, semester courses)

A guest who books long-term accommodation (longer than 89 days) must pay a set one-off payment according to the selected payment method (see table below), whereby such payment must be made in advance.

The guest must pay a non-refundable booking fee of EUR 150. Once the one-off payment has been used up, the guest shall thereafter provide payment according to the type of room and type of payment selected.Payment for accommodation must be made in advance, not later than the 5th calendar day of the month for which accommodation is being provided.

If accommodation is terminated early, the guest is aware that he/she has no entitlement to the return of payments already made for accommodation.

The contractual penalty for delay in making a payment for accommodation is CZK 500 for each commenced month in which the guest is in delay with making a payment for accommodation.

Hall I – Seasonal Accommodation (VII–IX)

Predominantly twin rooms, with common social amenities on each floor.

Hall II – Hotelovy dum

Predominantly twin rooms, with en-suite social amenities.

Single rooms may be granted during the semester, upon request and based upon availability. Quoted rates are subject to applicable taxes and surcharges.

NOTICE: We do not provide accommodation for parents of students from August 20 until October 31. If you are interested in accommodation in Podebrady, book it on:


Pavel Konupka (Vice Director for Finance and Administration)
tel.: +420 325 614 457

Reservations ILPS Podebrady (Halls I and II)
tel.: +420 325 614 941–2 (Main Office)

Lenka Pospisilova (Residence Director)
tel.: +420 325 613 790


+420 224 990 420
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