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Marianske Lazne - Accommodation


For foreign students of our Czech language courses with preparation for university, as well as for Czech students on the post-secondary program, our study centre offers accommodation in two hotel-like facilities called OSBORNE and BALMORAL.

NOTE! The exact type of room where the student will be living can be guaranteed only after the student lets us know that he/she has got the visa, and after a binding reservation at the study department ( Please, note that the study department accepts reservations only for the room type, not for the room number.


  • 32 comfortable rooms (single, double, triple rooms) with standard equipment and Internet access


  • 3 double room apartments
  • 33 (double, triple rooms) with separate equipment (telephone, TV and Internet access)

Price list for students

The accommodation deposit of 600 EUR covers your stay in referant dormitory for duration 62-114 days according to the type of room closen by the student. For more information about payment and accommodation please contact the accommodation manager: Vlasta Pelíšková,


Detailed price list

Accommodation contract

Accommodation terms and conditions


If you are a spa-guest, please, see the table below.


Price list for spa-guests

1. Rooms  with standard equipment 

Single room No. 55 300 CZK/night
Double room 500 CZK/night

Triple room
600 CZK/night
Single rooms No. 51, 52, 57 350 CZK/night                  

2. Rooms with standard equipment

Single rooms 27, 37, 47 250 CZK/night


3. Rooms with standard equipment (shower, WC, telephone, TV)

Double room 1,000 CZK/night
Triple room 1,200 CZK/night
Apartments (2 beds, plus one extra bed)  1,500 CZK/night
Apartments (12, 13, 14) 2,500 CZK/night


4. Rooms with separate equipment (shower, WC, telephone, TV)

Double room  800 CZK/night

Spa fee

The Spa  fee is 15 CZK per person/day.


Accommodation booking

The booking is accepted all-year-round.

Charles University          
Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies            
Study Centre Marianske Lazne            
Hlavni trida 390            
353 67 Marianske Lazne            
Czech Republic

tel.: +420 354 622 324
fax: +420 354 622 325



Price of  boarding for students

Breakfast 50 CZK/day
Lunch 75 CZK/day
Dinner 75 CZK/day
Full board 200 CZK/day



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