Marianske Lazne - Accommodation

Location and accessibility

Accommodation address: Hlavní 390, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně (map)
Distance from school: about 7 minutes on foot through the colonnade



Vlasta Pelíšková – bursar
Tel. 354 622 324
E-mail: vlasta.peliskova@ujop.cuni.cz/ mlazne@ujop.cuni.cz



We offer accommodation in two hotel-like facilities called OSBORNE and BALMORAL.

Students have a choice of a room type (with a foreign student, we can guarantee the type of room only after receiving the information that the student has been issued a visa and after a binding reservation through the study department studref3@ujop.cuni.cz). If the capacity is already fulfilled, the accommodation will be provided in rooms without conveniences)

OSBORNE: 32 comfortable rooms (single, double, triple rooms) with standard equipment
BALMORAL: 3 double room apartments, 33 (double, triple rooms) with separate equipment (telephone, TV)

Room types (prices see below):

Room type A - single room with shared bathroom
Room type B - single room with shared bathroom, non-standard
Room type C1 and C2 - double room with shared bathroom
Room type D - triple room with shared bathroom
Room type E - double ensuite room
Room type F - double ensuite room (larger than room type E)
Room type G - triple ensuite room 

All rooms have access to Wi-Fi (the price is included in the accommodation). Bed linen is changed once every three weeks. Both buildings have a lift.
On each floor there is a kitchen equipped with an electric kettle, microwave oven, refrigerator, and cooker (dishes are not included). Students can use washing machines and dryers.



Students can prepare meals in the kitchen on each floor (basic equipment and a fridge).
Or, they can use a self-service dining room, operated by Restaurant Garden (www.restaurantgarden.eatbu.com). In the afternoon, we operate a buffet – meals to order.


Accommodation surroundings

Dormitories and the school are in the spa centre. Mariánské Lázně has beautiful spa parks, romantic colonnades, charming pavilions and pleasant cafes. The town has a wide range of sports and cultural activities, such as a theatre, cinema, squash, bowling, athletic stadium, downhill course, tennis courts, golf course, and jogging.
Within public transport reach there are supermarkets such as Kaufland, Lidl, and Tesco. 

You can find detailed information on the spa town of Mariánské Lázně here: www.marianskelazne.cz


Price list and files



Accommodation for students is charged from 1st September regardless of date of arrival.

Students in long-term programmes
This price list is valid for students of all semester, yearly and multi-semester programmes of ILPS CU. Prices are per bed per night. The prices for accommodation and services provided are inclusive of the current VAT rate.

A local fee for the accommodation of people in accommodation facilities under applicable law may be added to the accommodation price.

Applicants for studies at ILPS CU who book long-term accommodation (longer than 89 nights) are obliged to pay in advance a set-up payment according to the selected payment mode.

In the basic payment mode, the applicant pays a non-refundable accommodation fee of EUR 150 and a deposit of EUR 450 (total of EUR 600) in advance. The applicant may be refunded the deposit if the contract is terminated more than 90 days before the date from which the accommodation is to be provided according to the contract.

Payment of the fee for accommodation and deposit for accommodation covers accommodation from 1 September of the given year to the date of that year which is stated in the price list.

The price of further accommodation is paid in Czech crowns directly at the centre where the accommodated student is studying.

If the accommodated person pays for the accommodation in advance for the whole winter semester by 30 September, he / she is charged the discounted price according to the price list above. If the student pays for the accommodation in advance for the whole summer semester by 15 February (until the set date), he / she is charged the discounted price according to the price list above.

If the accommodated person pays for the accommodation in advance for the whole academic year (till the set date) by 30 September, he / she will pay the discounted price according to the price list above.

Refunds of already made payments for accommodation in the case of earlier termination of accommodation are governed by the General Accommodation Conditions. In exceptional and justified cases, in the case of earlier termination of accommodation, a proportional part of the accommodation fee may be refunded.

Students in medium term programmes
This price list is valid also for students of ILPS CU six-week programmes. Prices are in Czech crowns per bed per night. The prices are the same as those for long-term programmes.

An applicant for a six-week language course at ILPS CU who books accommodation (more than 30 nights and less than 89 nights) is obliged to pay a non-refundable reservation fee of EUR 40 in advance.

In the case of accommodation of less than 45 nights, the accommodated person is obliged to pay the amount for the whole accommodation in advance at the time of arrival at the latest.

Students in short-term programmes
Students of other ILPS CU programmes pay prices set by the price list for students in long-term programmes increased by 50% of this price.


Accommodation contract

Accommodation terms and conditions

One-time accommodation for students: If a student shows a valid study report or a valid international ISIC student card, they are entitled to a discounted accommodation. The price is set at CZK 200/day for accommodation in any standard room provided that one bed is used. If a student uses another bed, they have to pay it to the full amount. Student discount does not apply to en suite rooms. 

For more information about payment and accommodation please contact the accommodation manager: Vlasta Pelíšková, e-mail:vlasta.peliskova@ujop.cuni.cz.


Information for spa-guests

Accommodation price list for spa guests

1. Rooms  with standard equipment 

Double room 700 CZK/night

Triple room
900 CZK/night
Single rooms No. 51, 52, 55, 57 500 CZK/night                  

2. Rooms with standard equipment

Single rooms 27, 37, 47 300 CZK/night


3. Rooms with standard equipment (shower, WC, telephone, TV)

Double room 1,300 CZK/night
Triple room 1,800 CZK/night
Apartments (2 beds, plus one extra bed)  1,800 CZK/night

Apartments (12, 13, 14)

Apartment 12, 13, 14 (2-4 people) 

3,000 CZK/night

2,000 - 2,800 CZK/night


4. Rooms with separate equipment (shower, WC, telephone, TV)

Double room  1,000 CZK/night

Spa fee per person per day is CZK 15. Children under 18 years of age, students and pensioners over 70 are excluded from paying it (valid also for foreigners).

For meals we offer our own self-service dining room, operated by Restaurant Garden (www.restaurantgarden.eatbu.com). In the afternoon, we operate a buffet – meals to order.
At Osborne-Balmoral reception, there is a non-stop offer of hot and cold drinks as well as small goods (sweets, postcards, etc.).

• All prices are contractual and include VAT.
• Charge for a pet: CZK 100 /day.
• Charge for an extra bed in a room with bedding: CZK 150 /day.
• Children under 2 years of age, if no single bed is required, are accommodated free of charge.
• If the participants of an event which is organized in a rented room stay and eat at the ILPS CU centre, the prices for rent are contractual.

How to book accommodation?

We receive bookings throughout the year at:
Charles University
Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies
Study centre Mariánské Lázně
Hlavní třída 390
353 67 Mariánské Lázně
tel.: +420 354 622 324
fax: +420 354 622 325
e-mail: mlazne@ujop.cuni.cz


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