Liberec - Student Testimonials

Quyen, 19, Vietnam
My name is Vu Hong Quyen. I have studied Czech at the ILPS Liberec study centre for 3 months. I like it here. The teachers are very good and enthousiastic. They use very effective teaching methods.

Misha, 21, Ukraine
I would recommend it to my friends because there are many interesting programmes to study here.

Artur, 22, Cuba
Liberec is a great city to study: the living costs are low and you can walk everywhere. Prague is only an hour away, so you never miss a gig and can still live in a quiet and fairly cheap place. Also, studying here is better than in a big city because you can get a more individually-designed education with more contact with the teachers.

Dimitry, 18, Russia
I like the town of Liberec because it lies close to the mountains, and the air is fresh. Liberec is a small and clean town near Prague – about one hour by bus. We do a lot of sports here: every weekend we play volleyball and badminton. I live in a dormitory next to the university, and it's not far from the ILPS centre – only about 20 minutes' walk. The dormitory is nice and it's affordable. Czech lessons are great and the specialized subjects, too: we do mathematics, mechanics, CAD etc. Everything here is good. I like studying both Czech and English – my English is excellent.

Mónica, 19, Cuba
This course, provided by Charles University in Prague, is excellent. It helps us improve our Czech very much. What is more, Liberec is a beautiful town. We do a lot of sports here, e.g. skiing, volleyball or swimming. Liberec is surrounded by a lot of nature and mountains, and it's also a perfect place to ride a bike. Our dormitory is very convenient and pleasant, and the Internet connection is cheap. The ILPS Liberec study centre organizes many interesting activities for its students. I can only recommend studying here.

Gleb, 18, Russia
Liberec is a beautiful and quiet town, not too far from Prague. The town has the best dormitory in the Czech Republic, and you can walk to school. The teachers are good and always helpful. It's the teachers that make our lessons interesting.

Sanzhar, 18, Kazakhstan
I like studying at ILPS Liberec because the teachers have an individual approach to students. They often help students with diploma nostrification or university programme applications. We have a friendly relationship with them. I like the fact that our teachers also teach at Liberec university. This way we can get more familiar with the profile of the university before we enter its programmes.

Dmitry, 19 years old, Russia
Studying at the ILPS Liberec centre is different, compared to other, bigger study centres. The advantage of studying here is that the atmosphere in the class is very friendly, the teachers are warm-hearted and the study centre has great layout and looks very nice. These are ideal conditions in which teachers can take an individual approach to students. Not only am I happy about the studying and living conditions in Liberec, but also about the town and its surroundings, which are beautiful. I enjoy having the possibility to go on field trips, especially to Ještěd mountain, which is Liberec's typical landmark and pride that can be seen from any angle when you travel around. Another aspect of the town of Liberec that poeple can admire is the unusual atmosphere in the streets of the historical centre and the impressive Old-German timbered town houses. Besides learning Czech, I was also able to meet interesting people from different parts of the world. I think it is lovely to be able to speak to a person from another continent. This course has taught me not to be afraid of language barriers. It is a life-time experience that I will never forget.

Loránt, 15 years old, Hungary
What I like about ILPS:
- anytime I need help, I am helped
- our teachers are nice
- the head teacher is also nice
- my classmates are also nice
- we do interesting work in the class, and when there is a festivity day, we make cookies or paint eggs and we are all working together

Duy, 19, Vietnam
My name is N. T. Duy. I come from Vietnam. The ILPS school is the best. I like it here. It was important for me that I had 3 Czech teachers. Now I am studying at the Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic), and I do not have so much time to study Czech. I want to study Czech at ILPS because I can practice my Czech with my teacher. I feel like this is my second home. Everybody is very nice here.

Tai, 19, Vietnam
My name is Tai and I am 19 years old. I am studying Czech at ILPS and I am also studying at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic). I have been in the Czech Republic for 4 months now. The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies is a centre that offers Czech language tuition at a very good level. There are many good teachers who are highly qualified and use effective teaching methods. The price of the courses is very reasonable. ILPS is a big language centre, located in the Czech Republic in Central Europe. You will have a very comfortable life here. I like ILPS. If you want to learn to speak Czech well, come and study here. Try it and you will see that I am right.

Thao, 28, Vietnam
My name is Thao. I am 28 years old. I am a first-year student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic). I have been studying Czech for 4 months. I like it here very much. The univeristy's dormitory is modern and clean. Liberec is a beautiful town. I like the weather, too. Sometimes it is cold, but I am used to cold weather. I like the town's modern libraries, convenient shopping, and the people are nice. But what I like the most is that I am having great fun studying, and the course is very interesting. I am studying Czech at ILPS where everything is perfect. I like our lovely classrooms. My teachers are very good. They are very nice and kind. They are eager to help whenever I have problems understanding anything. I can speak both Czech and English to them. They have a lot of patience with us and teach us many interesting things in Czech. Thanks to them, I am able to speak better Czech and also understand the local people better. I will always say that ILPS is the best school in the world!

Ninh, 21, Vietnam
My name is Ninh. I come from Vietnam and I am a student now. I am studying mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic). I studied Czech for 4 months, and now I continue to study Czech at ILPS. My teachers are amusing, friendly and they can teach Czech very well. Liberec is a charming, historical town. I like it here.

Cau, 21, Vietnam
I am Cau. I am a student. I am from Vietnam. I am 21 years old. I am studying at the Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic) and also Czech at ILPS. I have been studying at ILPS for five months now. It has been an interesting experience for me, and I like the school. There are many good teachers. They are happy, nice and enthusiastic. They use interesting teaching methods which help us understand Czech faster. We do listening and reading exercises and speak to each other. ILPS's classrooms and very nice and they have all the equipment. There are a lot of foreign students. It is a very interesting course for them, and for me too.

Anzhelika, 22, Russia
I know that many students are constantly making a decision where to study. I mean, if you like technical programmes, come to study in Liberec! I guess it is important for all of you to choose the right place and the right school for studying the Czech language. Your choice is really important because it will have an impact on your future university studies. Not many people know that the new ILPS study centre in the north Bohemian town of Liberec has only been opened for two years. However, studying at ILPS Liberec has many advantages. If you decide to study at the Liberec study centre, you will stay at the Technical University's dormitory, which has been voted many times the best dormitory in the Czech Republic, and it only costs 90 CZK a night! Also, the Liberec centre style of teaching puts emphasis on personal approach to students. You will study in a group of 10 to 12 students at a maximum, which gives you more chance to speak, and your teacher will have time to explain anything you don't understand. Our teacher is doing her best to help us understand everything and speak Czech very well. You will also have the opportunity to spend your free time together. We usually go swimming, take trips, and we also celebrate every student's birthday and various national holidays in a very interesting way. Thanks to the fact that Liberec is situated in the north of the Czech Republic, it's easy to travel to Germany or Poland, which is only a few hours' away and it's very cheap! Me and my classmates also often travel to Prague, which is only 1 hour away! There is one more big advantage, which is actually the most important one: you will speak your mother language very little here because there are fewer foreigners in Liberec than in, for example, Prague! And this is the best way to learn a foreign language. I have never regretted making a decision to come and study at the ILPS study centre in Liberec. And I wish you make a good and right choice yourselves!


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