Centre for Language Learning (CLL)

The Centre for Language Learning (CLL) support and improve the quality of learning of modern languages and fulfil the needs for special language competences of university students and the public.

The centre provides:

  • specialized language tuition at universities
  • technical and academic language tuition for the public
  • tuition for English-speaking students as part of their university programmes
  • language courses open to the public

Tuition modules:

Language Courses

Language Exams

Courses for foreign students studying in English:

  • one-semester course for foreign students of economics
  • one-semester course for foreign students of Humanities and architecture
  • Prague Financial Studies

One-to-one language courses

  • English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic
  • Czech in special fields


Payment Details

  • bank account No. of CLL: Account No: 115-1055820297, Bank code: 0100


+420 224 990 420
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