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CDE - Contacts


Jiriho namesti 1/8
290 36 Podebrady
Czech Republic


If you are studying one of our courses and facing any technical problems, please contact directly our IT support team via our iTutor system. This is the only way we can help you solve your problem effectively.

Student services, technical support and tutors provide assistance in English or Czech. Should you need translation of their messages to your language, you can use translation tools such as Google Translate.

Contact persons

Role/department Name E-mail Phone Form.
Head of Department PhDr. Petr Hercik, Ph.D. petr[TEČKA]hercik[ZAVINÁČ]ODSTRAŇTEujop[TEČKA]cuni[TEČKA]cz
Course Administrator Jan Houžvička jan[TEČKA]houzvicka[ZAVINÁČ]ODSTRAŇTEujop[TEČKA]cuni[TEČKA]cz
Czech Courses Coordinator Mgr. Barbora Herciková barbora[TEČKA]hercikova[ZAVINÁČ]ODSTRAŇTEujop[TEČKA]cuni[TEČKA]cz
+420 224 990 420
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