Important Information

Important Information

Admission conditions for ILPS CU courses

Applying for our courses is really simple

Just fill out an online application form from the official website of ILPS CU. Online application forms can be found on the website of each one of our study centres.

On our website you will find descriptions of each of the centres and the courses we offer.

Further instructions only apply to the preparatory courses (courses which help to increase students' - foreign students' - chances of passing university entrance exams in the Czech Republic) – in these courses we offer intensive preparation (35 hours a week) of the Czech language and the specialist subjects of each candidate.


1) First of all choose your preparation centre. If you are uncertain as to which centre is best for you, contact us via email

ILPS CU offers preparation for university for foreigners at the following study centres:


2) Online application: after you have chosen a study centre, open the online application form (from the website of the chosen centre, see above). After completing all required fields on the application, you must add the following attachments:

a) COVERING LETTER (in English or Russian) - you can write the covering letter separately using the bullet points below, or you can use the attached form (questionnaire)

  • The reason for your interest in studying in the Czech Republic and whether you have ever studied Czech before (and if so, how long for)
  • The SUBJECT you would like to study at university in the future
  • your goals for after graduation,
  • knowledge of other languages
  • a short CV

b) COPY OF THE DOCUMENT CERTIFYING SECONDARY SCHOOL COMPLETION (in English, Spanish, Russian or Ukrainian). The results from your final term in secondary school for individual subjects should be clear on the document. An assistant from the Student Services Department will assess the results of the specialist subjects (those relating to your future studies). If you will not have completed your secondary school education at the time of applying, please attach to the application form confirmation from your school showing which school year you are currently in and in which year you will finish secondary school. Students preparing for a Master's programme (or doctoral studies) should attach a copy of their degree certificate.

c) PASSPORT COPY (the page with personal information, and if applicable the visa page - if you have at this point already obtained a visa to the Czech Republic)

The documents relating to your education and your passport copy can be directly attached to the online application! If for any reason these documents are not available, you can send them later in an email. Make sure you read the instructions in the online application carefully, which tell you in which format and what size files can be attached.

Any additional documents should be subsequently sent to the centre you are applying to (in the SUBJECT LINE ALWAYS ENTER YOUR NAME and the centre name):

After submitting the online application you will receive an email on the address given in the form with a Pdf file with your application, if applicable a message about any documents which failed to attach and the email address of the assistant who will be dealing with your application and the issuing of any documents required for a visa.

Note: If you have any problems with the online application you can also use the application form on the website in the section, document downloads or request an application form by email.


3) After the successful assessment of your application you will receive a preregistration email with the bank details for tuition fee payment.


4) Course payment

Tuition fees must be paid in full in order to receive the official acceptance letter required for visa applications. If you are not applying for a visa (EU students, or those with residency in the Czech Republic), tuition fee payment is required in full no later than one week before the start of the course (if you are booking accommodation you may be asked for an accommodation deposit earlier).


5) You will receive your visa documents (see the Visa and FAQ section).


6) Register for visa application submission using the VISAPOINT system (see the Visa and FAQ section).


7) Submit your documents to the relevant embassy / consulate general (see the Visa and FAQ section).


8) You will receive a visa – the consular office where you submitted the application for a long-term visa / residency permit will email or telephone to inform you of the outcome of your application. If you are granted a visa you will be asked to attend the embassy / consulate general with a valid passport (the passport must be valid for at least three months after the date of your future long-term visa) and a valid health insurance contract (health insurance can be arranged directly through ILPS CU)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Student Services staff.

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