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About us

About us

We are a member of ALTE

The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies is a member of the international organisation ALTE, which allows us to run the internationally recognised Czech Certificate Exam (CCE). In addition to the exam we also offer high quality preparatory courses. You have the option to take the Czech Certificate Exam in one of our centres in the Czech Republic or
a test centre abroad.

Since 2008 we have been running the Czech for foreigners exam, which is one of the conditions for obtaining permanent residence in the Czech Republic.


The present day

The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, Charles University (ILPS CU) is a scientific and educational unit of Charles University.

It is the only unit in the Czech Republic which systematically deals with the general and specific aspects of language and preparation for students wishing to study at Czech universities. A tradition of preparatory studies, the teaching of Czech and other subjects to foreigners, as well as teaching methodology has been cultivated for over fifty years. In addition to the preparatory programs for university study in Czech, ILPS also organises programs for foreigners wishing to study at universities in the Czech Republic in English. The wide range of Czech courses of varying intensity and duration allows ILPS CU to meet the demand from foreigners living or working in the Czech Republic.

To meet the needs of the Czech public in the study of foreign languages, ILPS CU offers a broad spectrum of language courses of different intensities and style (post-A level courses, evening and weekend courses, face-to-face courses and distance learning courses). Of great importance to ILPS CU is the successful development of "key" language courses for employees and higher -level management in companies operating in the Czech market.


The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, Charles University (ILPS CU) has been developing a tradition of the teaching of Czech as a foreign language for fifty years and as the only such institute in the Czech Republic is devoted to the preparation of foreign students for study at Czech universities. We also organise varied Czech courses for all those interested in the Czech language and culture. Both foreign language courses and post A-level courses on a range of subjects for Czech citizens have a strong tradition at ILPS CU. Classes are held in dedicated learning centres, which also provide students with accommodation and catering. As well as in Prague, we have learning centres in other towns in the Czech Republic - in Dobruška, Mariánské Lázně and Poděbrady. The oldest centre is Mariánské Lázně, maintaining the tradition of the preparation of foreigners since the 1950s.

Closely linked to the teaching are the methodological and research activities of the Institute. A number of specialised theoretical research projects by the lecturers at ILPS CU are dedicated to the question of the teaching of Czech as a foreign language and the teaching of specialist subjects to foreigners, many of which form part of international projects and grants.

The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies was founded in September 1974 as a faculty of Charles University for the organisation and methodology of preparing foreigners for study at Czech universities and for the further teaching of foreigners.

The increased number of foreign scholars during the eighties (an average of 700 a year and in some years over 900) led to the creation of additional learning centres. In 1986 the work of the Institute widened to include the teaching of foreign languages. Attached to ILPS CU was the INTEX department, originally designed for the linguistic preparation of Czechoslovak experts, with a branch in Poděbrady and later in Prague.

The focus and activities of the Institute in the early 1990s were strongly influenced by new conditions. The political and social changes in November 1989 led to increased interest in the Czech Republic and the Czech language. Interested candidates came from expert fields - Czech studies, as well as students and staff of other disciplines. Interest in the Czech language was also shown by Czechs living abroad, employees in foreign companies and foreign businesses operating in the Czech Republic. ILPS CU responded to the increased interest with the organisation of a new range of Czech courses. Since the academic year 1989/90, the Institute organises not only year-long and semester-long courses, but also intensive short-term courses. Among other developments forming part of the new activity of the Institute were new individual courses, Czech summer schools, expatriate courses and Czech for the CIEE. Due to the high level of success and promotion of the courses the number of participants is growing every year. ILPS CU also participates in the international programs PHARE, TEMPUS and SOCRATES.

Since the academic year 1991/1992 ILPS CU has also organised preparatory courses for foreigners wishing to study at medical faculties and technical universities in English. The following year saw the beginning of post-A level courses in foreign languages.

Throughout the duration of ILPS CU the teachers at the Institute have been involved in the teaching of Czech abroad, as tutors of Czech language as part of international and inter-university agreements. A team of ILPS tutors have created a specially designed textbook for the teaching of Czech abroad. The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies also provides foreign language lessons at the Faculty of Science at Charles University.

In the nineties regular publishing of the methodological journal for education professionals of ILPS was renewed, as well as the tradition of methodological seminars which are conducted with the participation of teachers from other departments and faculties of Charles University.

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